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Chapter 9 Hijack

Chapter 9 Hijack

Panic stirred in the cabin when a 40 years old woman screamed for a moment and fainted suddenly.

At this moment, another thug stood up, and this person looked just slightly over 20 years old. He was wearing a grey suit and even had a tie. He looked rather pale, and his thin lips were putting on a pretentious smile. His long fringe covered half his eyes while he had white bandages on his hand.

"As long as all of you listen to my instructions, I guarantee that all of you will be able to leave this place alive." The pale youth said in a cold voice.

His eyes then turned to look at Xia Fei's row. "Mister Andre, can I trouble you to hand over your briefcase. Do not let anyone die because of your impulse."

Everyone quickly turned to look at Andre and hoped that he would quickly hand the briefcase to these thugs and allow them to leave.

Andre gritted his teeth and raised his left hand. "The keys are not with me."

The pale youth chuckled and said, "Don't worry, there is always a new way."

He gave an eye signal to the sturdy man. The latter nodded and went into the flight attendants' working area. A moment later, he brought back a knife that was meant for cutting fruits.

The pale youth took the knife and estimated the weight. The knife wasn't big, but it had excellent quality along with being heavy. "Mister Andre, this might hurt a little. I need you to endure for a moment."

Such a cruel method. He actually wanted to cut off a person's wrist!

The lady who had fainted earlier was gradually waking up. When she saw the pale youth wielding the knife, she whimpered before fainting back into her seat again.

Xia Fei scanned the vicinity and noticed a man who was around 30 years old and had a strange body posture.

This man was tall and strong, he had a broad chin and determined expression. He was bald, and his eyes were staring at the two thugs.

One of his feet was at the front while the other foot was pressing hard on the floor. His muscular calf muscles had defined lines, and he looked like a strong and healthy tiger getting ready to pounce at its prey.

'Could he be planning to attack!?' Xia Fei's heart shivered as he quickly turned to the side and tried not to pay attention to the man.

This Airbus A380 was transporting at least 300 passengers, and if there weren't absolute confidence, no one should make reckless moves. If the thug panicked and detonated the bomb, the consequences would be inconceivable.

Andre stood up while trembling and carried the secured briefcase to the two thugs. "I promise you, but I request you to release the other passengers."

The young thug put his hands in his trousers and kept calm. The other thug laughed heartily. "Old man, you are rather sensible. Our seventh young master always keeps his promises."

All of a sudden, that bald man made his move!

He stomped on the floor with one leg and burst up! He then lunged at that thug with the bomb!

"This guy is truly too reckless! Damn it, I have to take the risk!"

At this moment of imminent peril, there wasn't any time to consider. Xia Fei gritted his teeth and rushed over! He might have acted slower than the bald man, but he was the first to strike!

The speed ability had suddenly burst out completely, and everyone could only see a flash of a human figure. Subsequently, it was a splatter of blood!

Xia Fei's left hand was like an iron pincer that grabbed the youth's wrist while the champagne glass in his right hand was like a pike that was stabbed into that person's neck.

The slender crystal wine glass wasn't sharp, but when Xia Fei exerted his full strength, it turned into a sharp weapon for murder.

The main artery and the throat had been completely severed, fresh blood was spraying out like a tap, and there was a rain of blood!

The pale youth revealed an expression of disbelief before his eyes jutted out with despair. He couldn't even reveal any sound before dying pitifully.

On the other side, the bald man grabbed the other thug's head, which was forcefully twisted.


That thug's neck was snapped off cleanly and nimbly.

Before the bald man could stand firmly, Xia Fei gave him a hard slap. The bald man's face was flushed red as he glared at Xia Fei in a rage.

"You moron! You nearly caused our deaths!!" Xia Fei didn't reserve himself and reprimanded the bald man loudly. He didn't even have time to wipe the blood that stained his face, making him look even more sinister.

"Caused your deaths? I rescued all of you! These thugs are from the Black Snake Gang, who are filled with wickedness. Do you think they will let all of you go?! These people don't have any credibility!"

"You rescued us? Come over and take a look at this!" Xia Fei took out the pale youth's injured hand from his trousers. This person was grasping on a black-colored box, which was armed with a red button.

This was the detonator of the bomb!

It turned out that the detonator wasn't on the sturdy man!

The pale youth's wrist had bruises, and it was already broken. It was clear that Xia Fei had used plenty of strength to prevent the pale youth from using the detonator.

Xia Fei's occupation was a bicycle courier, and his physical condition was already in a rather great state. With the gene optimization fluid's reformation, his body's strength was now beyond an average human. It allowed Xia Fei to break the pale youth's wrist without giving him any time to detonate the bomb.

The bald man felt a brief chill in his back as he was indeed too reckless. If it weren't for Xia Fei, he might have implicated a lot of people.

"What are you idling around for! Hurry up and check if the plane has any other accomplices!" Xia Fei yelled furiously at the bald man while hints of saliva spat onto the man's face.

The bald man was at least 30 years old, while Xia Fei was only 17 years old. With the difference of age, it wouldn't be excessive for Xia Fei to address the bald man as an uncle.

However, the situation was completely reversed, and the bald man repeatedly nodded after receiving Xia Fei's instructions. He rushed to the economy cabin at the back while Xia Fei stood in the middle of the cabin and shouted at those passengers who were still in a frightened state. "Please calm down everyone, and don't move randomly!"

He then pulled up the flight attendant who was paralyzed on the floor and said, "Hurry up and bring me to the captain!"

The flight attendant forcefully focused her mind and led Xia Fei to the cockpit. After finding out what happened in the cabin, it was fortunate that the two pilots didn't faint. "Hijack? What is going on?"

"Find an airport to land right now. We need to do a comprehensive inspection to see if there are any other hidden dangers on the plane!" Xia Fei said swiftly.

"Okay, we can reach Hawaii's airport in another 25 minutes. I will immediately inform the ground crew!" The pilot with the large beard replied hastily.

The bald man remained in the economy cabin to patrol while Xia Fei inspected the business class cabin and the non-smoking first-class cabin before returning to his cabin.

The passengers were avoiding the two corpses, and each of them had an awful expression.

The two beautiful flight attendants suppressed their fear and served the passengers strong alcohol to calm their nerves. However, their professional smiles were no longer on their faces.

Xia Fei took two cups of whiskey before sitting back beside Andre.

"Are you okay?" Xia Fei handed a cup of whiskey to Andre, who drank the entire cup in one gulp, allowing him to have a slightly alleviated expression.

"Thank you, thank you." Andre constantly thanked Xia Fei.

"Actually, I was also afraid." Xia Fei smiled and said.

"Really? You did very well earlier. If it were me, I probably wouldn't be as composed as you." Andre spoke bluntly and didn't conceal his admiration towards Xia Fei.

"Alright, let's not talk about this. What treasure is in your briefcase? Why would these people want to hijack the plane for it?"

Andre hesitated before speaking, "I am not supposed to say it, but you saved my life, so I must not hide anything from you."

Andre observed the surroundings. The passengers were all immersed in the joy of surviving a calamity and didn't pay attention to the two of them.

"Do you know of prehistoric relics?" Andre leaned over to Xia Fei's ear and whispered with a shaky voice.

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