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Chapter 851 - Heavenly Leaderboard

Chapter 851: Heavenly Leaderboard

On the way to Dragon Ascension Martial Hall, Oro suddenly said, “To see into a person’s brain region, you can use the Resonance technique, but seeing their cultivation isn’t as easy. Normally, you will have to analyze a warrior’s aura and make an educated guess. The key here is that you’re currently not very different from an ordinary person, so it’s not even possible to guess.”

Xia Fei was surprised. Only after Oro’s reminder did he come to realize that his aura had become very weak. It was as if that mysterious drop of blood had made him even more well-concealed.

Shrugging, Xia Fei said, “Isn’t this good? An enemy easily overlooked is the most terrifying kind.”

Two giant golden dragons flanked the road, each a thousand meters long, their heads raised as they angrily glared at the sky!

Between these two dragons were the two large words ‘Dragon Ascension’!

“This is the main gate of Dragon Ascension Martial Hall.” Zanian Feng raised a hand. He proudly asked, “What do you think? Pretty impressive, right?”

Xia Fei nodded and earnestly said, “It is indeed very imposing, and the carving of the dragons is exquisite. The work was intentionally crude and rough, ignoring the details on the dragons. This makes it so that they’re not very lifelike yet lets them express the aura of a legendary creature more vividly. Before someone even goes in, they first have to face this enormous pressure!

“I’m thinking that the front gate of Dragon Ascension Martial Hall was made this way to remind the common people that outside of these gates is the world of the common folk, but inside these gates is a land of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Those without the daring of tigers and might of dragons shan’t even think about going through.”

Zanian Feng’s eyes gleamed as he excitedly said, “Correct! Dragon Ascension Martial Hall placed these two giant dragons here as a mark of its extraordinary status.”

Xia Fei smiled. “Still, I feel like this gate is just a little too intimidating, so much so that it’s hard to breathe. Warriors who pass through can’t help but grow tense, making them more likely to be hostile to others.”

Zanian Feng frowned, seemingly unhappy with Xia Fei’s review. At this moment, the thoughtless Wolf Shunye said with a big laugh, “I know, right? With these two aggressive fellows, I was given a big fright when I first came here. I’ve even heard of people fainting.

“Your Skywing Clan’s people have always been carefree and relaxed, so it’s normal for you not to like this sort of intimidating aura. It would’ve been great if I had been born in the Skywing Clan. Young or old, you guys can do whatever you like. It really makes a person envious. Instead, I’m constantly being pushed to train every day, and if I try and slack off, I get a good beating.”

Xia Fei patted Wolf Shunye on the shoulder and chuckled. “In truth, the clan isn’t what you think it is. The greater the ability, the greater your responsibility. As long as your rank breaks to the Law Emperor tier, you have to stay in the Wind Garden and follow the clan’s orders, doing all the tough work. As for the rest of the clan, they truly live carefree lives. True relaxation comes from being an ordinary person in the Skywing Clan.”

Wolf Shunye pouted and whispered, “Enough with the lies already! How could the Skywing Clan have ordinary people? You’re all lunatics.”

All three of them laughed. Xia Fei did not care about being called a madman, even treating it as a form of praise. Only the most stubborn people were the most insane, and the Skywings were all people who were hopelessly stubborn.

As they traveled farther down the road, more and more buildings started to appear. Like the rest of the White Horse Constellation, the buildings of Dragon Ascension were built in a pseudo-ancient and somewhat tacky style. The Law Realm seemed to have a special fondness for the traditional. They refused to use the awesome technology at their disposal and, instead, liked acting as if they were living in ancient times.

However, old-fashioned exteriors did not mean that the interiors were also old-fashioned. Dragon Ascension was the Law Realm’s number-one martial hall, and it had all the advanced equipment that one could imagine. After all, this was the elite training base that the God Race had spared no expense to construct, so every part of it exuded pride and extravagance.

Zanian Feng led Xia Fei up to a golden stele. This stele was one hundred meters tall and one hundred meters wide, a large square indeed. It was covered with names, and in front of each name was a number.

Xia Fei glanced at it and saw that there were exactly one hundred names.

“This is the Heavenly Leaderboard! On it are the top one hundred warriors of the martial hall. All of them are Law Overlords without exception!” said Zanian Feng excitedly.

“All of them are Law Overlords?!” Xia Fei asked in shock. “Their ranks are so high, but they’re still studying at Dragon Ascension Martial Hall?”

Zanian Feng replied, “It’s not about the studying. After all, these clans all have their special inheritances, and the only thing Dragon Ascension can do is give them a few pointers and tips. Just like you, the vast majority of them have just registered their name at Dragon Ascension and occasionally come by for a spar so that they can get the attention of those above and get summoned up there a little earlier.”

Xia Fei nodded. “I didn’t think that the Law Realm would have this many Law Overlords. Why don’t I see Patriarch Xia Buyun and Law Overlord Xia Tian here? Are they not strong enough to get on the Heavenly Leaderboard?”

Wolf Shunye and Zanian Feng both stuck out their tongues. After which, Wolf Shunye carefreely explained, “Who do you think Xia Buyun and Xia Tian are? They have no need to register at Dragon Ascension. Those on the leaderboard are all young geniuses of the circle, none of them older than thirty.”

Xia Fei was truly stunned this time. The average lifespan in the Law Realm was extremely long, easily reaching several thousand years. Thirty-year-olds were middle-aged back on Earth, but it did not even count as a teenager here.

Xia Fei was amazed that the Law Realm would have so many young Law Overlords.

“This way.” Zanian Feng waved Xia Fei behind the Heavenly Leaderboard. There were even more names and numbers here, probably a thousand-plus, but these names were all written in a much smaller font!

“This is the full list of all the genius Law Overlords of the Law Realm. All the geniuses below thirty years old who are already Law Overlords are in Dragon Ascension! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Dragon Ascension is a world of geniuses! All of the top-class young talents of the Law Realm are gathered here!”

Pride was written all over Zanian Feng’s face. In the past, Xia Fei had only a fuzzy impression of Dragon Ascension, but only today did he understand just how formidable of a place it really was!

“A total of 1,067! The Law Realm has 1,067 Law Overlords below the age of thirty?!” Xia Fei looked at the last number on the ranking board and exclaimed.

Zanian Feng laughed. “There were even some top-class geniuses who had gone up there at a very young age. There are also Law Overlords like Xia Tian and Xia Buyun who have to inherit heavy responsibilities from their clan, so they won’t come through Dragon Ascension no matter how young they are.

“In White Horse Constellation alone, there are more than a hundred major clans, each one having at least one Law Overlords, and your clan has five! If you put them all together, there will at least be one thousand, and that’s only considering humankind.

“In the Law Realm, the scale of the human population can be considered average. There are species with far greater numbers; those above take a few Law Overlords from them every once in a while. There are probably no fewer than one hundred thousand Law Overlords in total. For one percent of these to be geniuses who are below thirty years old, it is really quite normal.”

After hearing Zanian Feng’s explanation, Xia Fei nodded. After all, the Law Realm was big and had an immense population. It was normal for it to have this many talents.

After some thought, Xia Fei asked, “How many genius Law Overlords do the humans have on this leaderboard?”

Wolf Shunye sighed. “Only one. Dong Wu of the Shatter Wu Clan.”

“So few?”

Wolf Shunye helplessly replied, “There’s nothing to be done. We humans have this thing where we mature rather late. Our bones don’t fully develop until our teens or in our twenties, but most sapient lifeforms are fully mature at the age of ten.”

Xia Fei thought about Oro’s clan. Even children of the Lionheart species who were only a few years old were taller and stronger than a full-grown human. There was simply no comparison. It was clear that there was no such thing as fairness among the sapient species.

“Zanian was so anxious to get you to Dragon Ascension primarily because your progress in cultivation is so fast. In the blink of an eye, you’ve already reached the Great Law Emperor. Once you become a Law Overlord and enter the Heavenly Leaderboard, you’ll raise the dignity of mankind!” said Wolf Shunye excitedly.

Xia Fei said nothing. He was actually already a Law Overlord, though Wolf Shunye and Zanian Feng did not know about this yet.

The Heavenly Leaderboard had let Xia Fei understand the true power of the Law Realm. It was clear that the Law Realm was a powerful place, and even humans and their massive population base was nothing in its eyes.

As the three of them made their way deeper into the martial hall, Oro said, “The advantage of your species is in the later stages. Although its younger generation isn’t that remarkable in the Law Realm, those old fellows are all formidable. ‘Great talent matures slowly’. This is a saying that perfectly fits your kind.

“When you get to the God Race, you’ll understand. The strongest of those old fellows, those undying old wretches, include many human experts. Particularly that one from your Skywing Clan, he’s too powerful!” Oro spoke of the upper plane’s experts as someone with great experience, and he could not help but grumble a little.

“As for that Heavenly Leaderboard, you don’t need to worry about it. Just how many days have you been in the Law Realm? You’ve actually squeezed your way into the God Race’s leaderboard of geniuses already. I’ve never seen anyone advance as quickly as you do.”

Zanian Feng led Xia Fei to the registration desk, where he could fill in the proper forms, and then he gave him an insignia made of silver. On it was the symbol of Dragon Ascension Martial Hall, two dragons emerging from the sea.

“Ordinary members of the martial hall have insignia made from silver or bronze. When you reach Law Overlord, you can get a gold insignia,” Zanian Feng explained.

Xia Fei threw the insignia into his spatial ring, not paying it too much attention. He was just here to register his name and had no plans to cultivate in this place. He had a full curriculum plan back home, so Xia Fei really did not have enough time. He wanted nothing more than to pack two days into one.

Zanian Feng could already tell that Xia Fei had no interest in Dragon Ascension and was absent-minded, so he led Xia Fei to a very mysterious four-cornered building. In front of it, the words ‘Wind Rain Thunder Lightning’ were written.

Upon walking in, Xia Fei saw many Law Overlords with golden insignia, all of them sparring with others.

“This is where Law Overlords test their skills against one another. At Dragon Ascension, you can easily find different kinds of warriors to spar against. Cultivation is important when it comes to laws, but you can’t underestimate the power of actual combat experience,” said Zanian Feng in a soft voice.

Although he was the young lord of Dragon Ascension, this place was full of Law Overlords, and none of them showed him respect. Thus, he was very nervous inside this hall.

The greatest function of Dragon Ascension was that all the geniuses of the Law Realm were gathered here, so they could test their abilities against one another. Finding so many geniuses outside of Dragon Ascension, all of them with different specialties, was simply impossible!

The hall was so large it was impossible to see the end of it. All sorts of law powers were being unleashed, creating a dazzling display of colors and lights! This was Xia Fei’s first time seeing so many kinds of law powers being used in one place, and he felt a sudden urge to test his mettle.


Suddenly, a figure flew through the air and landed in front of Xia Fei. Xia Fei looked down and saw that the one who had been struck was a girl!


When Xia Fei saw that pink face, his entire body shuddered!

Hot blood rushed up to the top of his head, his eyes instantly turning red!

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