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Chapter 633 - Dark Crow Pupa Cavity

Chapter 633: Dark Crow Pupa Cavity

Xia Fei coldly said, “Though I don’t know what species these soft sapient lifeforms belong to, they clearly intend to wipe out the human race from the universe! Such sinister foes can’t be spared. They must be annihilated so that not even a single cell remains!”

Warstar was startled. “I agree with your plan, but 1.3 billion lightyears is an incredibly long distance. Our fleet will take a long time to arrive.”

Xia Fei replied, “I understand. There’s one big advantage of going over from the Hidden Realm: There won’t be any survivors. It will be a complete purge. Before this operation, I will go first to locate the enemy base and develop a comprehensive elimination plan. The army will come after to clean up whatever’s left.”

Dimsky asked in shock, “You’re going? These lifeforms can attach to other lifeforms. What if they managed to get to you?”

Xia Fei smiled and pointed at his armor. “You think that these parasites can penetrate this suit of armor?”

Dimsky shook his head. “That’s true. Edgeless is the finest suit of armor I’ve seen. As long as you don’t carelessly take it off, none of them will be able to hurt you, but Furball doesn’t seem to have as good of a defense.”

Xia Fei glanced at that ball. He naturally did not think that a Holy Beast could be infected by a parasite, but those soft lifeforms were so odd that he could not help but be on his guard.

“Stay behind and keep Avril company,” Xia Fei said as he patted Furball on the head.


The moment Furball heard that he would be accompanying Avril, his adorable face crumpled, and he vigorously shook his head. It was strange. This fellow feared no one else, but he seemed very apprehensive around Avril.

A few moments later, Furball nibbled on an Origin Crystal in Avril’s bosom while glaring at Xia Fei. This was Furball’s revenge. Xia Fei had thrown him away, so he was eating as much as he could, hoping to break Xia Fei’s bank with food expenses.

Alas, Furball had chosen the wrong course and was no match for a cunning character like Xia Fei. Xia Fei did not lack crystals at the moment, and he wanted nothing more than for Furball to eat more and mature quickly so that he could complete his nine evolutions and attain the complete form of the Holy Beast Shatterstar. Rather than making Xia Fei angry, Furball’s revenge made him happy.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Little Furball,” Avril said with a smile. She liked both Pod and Furball. In fact, she wanted a ball of fur to call her own. Alas, this one was a unique Holy Beast and Xia Fei was incapable of finding another, so she would have to settle for Furball.

Once more venturing into the sea of stars, Xia Fei took the demon ship out from his spatial ring and got onboard it.

This ship was truly too small, so small that it could barely fit in two people—something Xia Fei even more keenly felt after getting used to the size and comfort of Nirvana. Whenever he boarded this ship, he did not even have the ability to cultivate normally, so he could not help but find it uncomfortable.

The super-engine developed by the Demon Race took about two-thirds of the space on the ship, and what was left was naturally limited. This was also why this ship had incredible speeds. It could warp ten thousand lightyears every minute, twelve times faster than ordinary warships, making it the perfect option to conduct a search.

“Without Furball by your side, you’re much weaker, so you should move cautiously,” Phantom said to Xia Fei.

Xia Fei nodded. He activated the warp engine and entered the forbidden region that Tiger had spoken of.


The demon ship flew quickly, with Xia Fei keeping his eyes fixed on the radar.

One hour later, Xia Fei arrived at the region of space, which had wiped out Butcher’s fleet and left Tiger with a lingering fear.

On the surface, nothing seemed strange about this region. Red nebulas were not exactly rare, and the radar indicated that everything was normal.


An entire row of deep space mines exploded in unison, knocking Xia Fei’s ship out of warp.

The explosions were not powerful, but they were enough to shut off his warp engine temporarily. This was a common method of intercepting enemy ships. With the warp engine shut down, a warship would have no choice but to travel using its ordinary engines. The drop in speed would also make the ship vulnerable to cannon fire. After all, at warp speeds, even lasers would be unable to hit a warship.

Xia Fei’s fingers rapidly tapped on the screen. He had complete mastery of its controls and could operate it without a problem.

“The warp engine needs fifteen minutes to recover. It seems like this is an enemy trap. The moment a ship passes the deep space mines , they will automatically trigger and intercept them,” Xia Fei sternly said.

Phantom said, “This shows that these fellows don’t mean anything good, laying down mines to prevent any high-speed warships from infiltrating. What’s your plan?”

Xia Fei frowned. “There are probably many more self-detonating deep space mines in the area, so using the warp engine won’t be easy. These mines are probably sensor-triggered, and warp engines produce too much power, making detection and interception easy.”

“Hmph!” Xia Fei grunted. “They came very quickly! Almost fifty unknown warships are heading our way.

“Capturing me isn’t that easy!” Xia Fei coldly said. “The more you don’t want me to enter this region, the more I want to go in and see the truth!”

Xia Fei jumped out of the warship, stored the demon ship back into his spatial ring, and relied on Edgeless’ powerful quantum engine to move around.

Edgeless was a top-class war armor produced by the Fig Corporation, and the quantum engines were also the best of the best. If conventional warp engines were unavailable to him, then Edgeless was actually faster than the ship!


Moving as unfathomably as a ghost and as quickly as a bolt of lightning, Xia Fei charged into several dozen dark golden warships on the other side!


The sapient lifeforms in the ships clearly had not predicted that Xia Fei would appear using a flight-capable suit, and that he would be moving this quickly! His movements were so unpredictable that they began to fire at random!

Cannon fire streaked through space, and Xia Fei zigzagged, avoiding the barrage as he got close to the ships.

At such a close distance, the cannons could not use their power; Xia Fei was just beginning to fight!


The Dragonscale Hectoslasher transformed into a giant saber of more than two meters long. Xia Fei swung the sword, and the blade plunged into the armor of one of the ships!

*Clack!* *Crack!*

There was a screech as the blade of the saber penetrated through the armor. Xia Fei flew in a circle around the ship, performing a mechanical lobotomy! He left a perfect circular cut around the ship.

The warship’s hull had been cut open, but the ship was still in one piece.


Thirty or so punches swung out, blasting open the cut!


Xia Fei cleaved this cruiser in two!

Whether there were humans or ghosts in the warships, there was no path for them except to be buried in the sea of stars!


A round escape pod popped out of the ship. Someone hoped to escape using the escape pod.

“Trying to run?”

Xia Fei raised an eyebrow, his quantum engines sparking with blue flames as he pursued the creature.


With a punch, the escape pod popped like a balloon! Over a dozen figures wearing space suits flew into space and their eyes were full of despair!

Bang! Boom! Crack!

Xia Fei showed no mercy. The moment he was too close for the cannons to attack him, these warships could only suffer from a one-sided beatdown! In the blink of an eye, Xia Fei destroyed three warships!

What did it matter if they were warships? Xia Fei had just come back from the Law Realm, and he wielded law powers! They simply were not on the same level of existence!

One person, a single weak person, was massacring a fleet of warships!

This was the might of Law!

Cannon fire?

Xia Fei’s fist was far more powerful than any bomb, and these ships, which could normally flaunt their might on the battlefield, were powerless to counterattack!

Seeing that the situation was dire, the remaining ships began to flee. One man had beaten the fleet so badly that the ships began to escape. This was an incredibly rare sight!

“Chain Blockade!”

The martial technique of the Law of Space was unleashed on the greatest scale possible!

Seven! Seven hurricanes emerged in the darkness, sweeping toward this fleet!

As the distance was rather close, while the law storms were not enough to destroy the warships, it could cause them to close control and crash against one another!

*Ping pong!*

There was another chaotic din as several warships crashed into and destroyed each other!

The collisions triggered an explosion which radiated through space!

Fifty ships had surrounded Xia Fei, but in the end, fewer than ten managed to escape. The rest were all buried in the sea of stars! Wreckage and the skeletons of ships drifted through the void!

Patting his hands, Xia Fei coldly looked at the fleeing ships. Normally, Xia Fei would light a cigarette, but it was impossible to light a cigarette inside his armor.

“These people aren’t that impressive,” Xia Fei muttered.

“It’s not that they’re too weak, but you’re too strong. Isn’t the reason the Law Realm restricted law warriors from going to the ordinary world due to their law powers being far more powerful than ordinary weapons? The two simply aren’t comparable.

“Not only do you wield Laws with ease, but you are also equipped with Edgeless, this supreme suit of war armor. Even the sea of stars can’t stop you, let alone those people. Let’s keep going. I’m guessing that the soft lifeforms have their king or peak warrior, so don’t get careless,” Phantom said to Xia Fei.

Xia Fei nodded and once more boarded the small demon warship.

He stretched his muscles. His body felt much more relaxed now. Xia Fei had not really gotten much exercise lately because of his injuries, and his hands had gotten restless. Alas, those warships had been unable to put up much of a fight, and before Xia Fei could get his fill, they had fled in disarray.


The ship moved quickly. Perhaps because Xia Fei’s fighting power was too great, he encountered no obstacles this time.

The region gradually began to look strange. The countless stars began to arrange themselves in a spiral shape, slowly moving around some sort of black cloud in the center.

This was not a black hole, but it seemed just as bottomless as one!

“What is this? Why are the stars circling around that black object?” Xia Fei muttered. Xia Fei had traveled the sea of stars quite a lot in the last few years and could be considered an experienced traveler, but he had never seen a scene as bizarre as this.

Xia Fei sensed that he was getting closer and closer to the heart of the secret!

“Oh, this is a Dark Crow Pupa Cavity,” Oro, who seemed to have just woken up from a nap, suddenly commented.

“A Dark Crow Pupa Cavity?” Xia Fei said in confusion. “What is that?”

“A Demon Race term. Just like the Hidden Realm your robot friends live in, it’s a cavity created by the chaos of space, though the Hidden Realm is on a much higher level than the Dark Crow Pupa Cavity. Even Law of Space experts will have a hard time discovering the Hidden Realm, while this hidden dimension can be seen with one’s eyes.

“Look. See how that black cloud looks like a crow with its wings spread? The entrance looks like the crow’s head, too. That’s where the Dark Crow Pupa Cavity gets its name,” Oro explained.

Xia Fei was taken aback, asking, “How big is the Dark Crow Pupa Cavity? What could be inside?”

Oro casually said, “They normally aren’t that large. As for what’s inside, I don’t know. Those soft little fellows probably have their base inside. This Dark Crow Pupa Cavity isn’t very stable, and if someone attacks the entrance, it will probably disappear. Those little fellows were probably worried about the entrance being discovered, so they did their utmost to prevent others from getting in.”

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