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Chapter 46 A Killer Machine

Chapter 46 A Killer Machine

The oval-shaped metal egg laid on the soil depression and shone.

The expression on that shape-shifting Special Ability User changed drastically when he saw the egg, growling with his agitated and hoarse voice, You guys are actually using a Killer Machine! Thats a serious violation of the rules! Even if you kill me, youd also be disqualified!

The disheveled man was not perturbed, pulling out his longsword from the ground, Violation of the rules? Theres no one around us, whos going to know? Instead, you ought to rejoice that were using our precious Killer Machine just to kill you!

With that, the disheveled man laughed uproariously, as if he had already won this fight.

Killer Machine? Xia Fei was relieved. He thought that the egg was a weapon of sorts when it was tossed out, as he had been so nervous that he felt his heart jumping out from his chest.

Whats this Killer Machine, Phantom? Xia Fei asked, puzzled.

A long time ago, there was a completely different civilization in the universe, and they mass-produced robots to service them. But in the end, all the robots suddenly rebelled, forming an army that annihilated this ancient civilization from the face of the universe before vanishing themselves without a trace.

The current Pan-Human Alliance had evolved from the surviving humans of this tragedy, which is why robots are the number one prohibited technology in the Alliance, absolutely banned from being used or produced. The Killer Machine is one such robot, and the attack power they possess is monstrous, though they could only be used just once before becoming worthless, Phantom explained.

A robot! Xia Fei thought about it. But if it were banned, how did they get hold of one?

Phantom chuckled, Whats the point of having something banned? There would still be people who would secretly use them, and there are many people who depend on the income from excavating the remnant ruins of ancient civilizations and selling them in the black market. This sort of Killer Machine is considered a one-time use consumable, so they arent that expensive, priced roughly around 50 million star coins.

Using such an item secretly is fine, but they are really very bold to actually dare to openly use it in the Adjudicator Unions assessment.

That was when the shape-shifter bellowed, abruptly pouncing toward that disheveled man. Knowing that he would inevitably meet his own demise, he decided that he might as well drag that disheveled man with him and perish together.

The disheveled man had already taken precautions against such a situation as he rapidly retreated even while he swung the longsword he had in his hand wildly.

The shape-shifters body was covered in thick scales, so he was hardly afraid of the disheveled mans attacks. He didnt bother evading or dodging the sword, letting the man rain blows all over his body. The shape-shifter only had a single thought in his mind, which was to kill the disheveled man. Even if he had to use his teeth to bite and tear, he was determined to kill him by his own hands.

The disheveled man was a Strength Ability User, so he did not possess high speed. Besides, he still had a wounded leg to deal with. He was having great difficulties dodging, so he ended up having to withstand some of the attacks from the shape-shifter.

The woman was evidently very anxious watching this unfold from the side. Xia Fei watched as she retreated a few hundred meters away before her two legs suddenly exerted force as she went charging right at the shape-shifter!


The woman used her own shoulder and rammed right into the back of the shape-shifter!

This collision was extremely powerful! The shape-shifter had not expected that the woman would actually attack in such an insane manner as he was taken completely off guard.

The shape-shifter violently hurtled dozens of steps forward before collapsing to the ground.

The woman had also bounced out dozens of meters upon collision, falling to the ground with a thud. Fresh blood spat out from her mouth as her face turned pale, looking like she had been quite heavily injured from the blow.

Using your body to slam into someone was not considered a smart move. The heavier the impact, the greater you need to bear the brunt of the force.

Xia Fei immediately realized that this was the best chance to kill her! If he could take the woman out of the equation, then the other two would be completely no match for Xia Fei!

However, Xia Fei glanced over to that oval-shaped egg and decided to exercise restraint. This unknown Killer Machine was full of variables. It would be problematic if it chose not to target the shape-shifter and went for Xia Fei instead.


A crisp sound could be heard as the metallic egg suddenly split into two halves, and a palm-sized little robot came out from it.

Aside from a smaller stature, the robot was not much different from the robots seen in sci-fi movies.

Its body was made up of bright silver mechanical components, eyes were a pair of red sensors, and its arms were like two lancets with thin and sharp blades.

This small robot stood on the spot and paused for a moment before suddenly raising its head up with a pair of red eyes leaking murderous intent!


The little robot brandished its two lancets arms and lunged right at the shape-shifter!

Its two skinny mechanical legs rapidly kicked the ground as he arrived in front of the shape-shifter in a blink of an eye.

The shape-shifter was presently trying his best to stand up on his feet with his two arms on the ground, completely unaware that death had already arrived behind him.

The little robot did not hesitate and accurately stabbed its two lancets into the shape-shifters eyes, causing blood to gush forth from his eyes!

It had instantaneously found the weakest point of defense of the shape-shifter, his eyes!

Though his eyes were protected by thick eyelids, it was still much weaker than any other part of his body, and that made it the vulnerable point to strike a fatal blow!

A stab! Another! And another!

The little robot continued stabbing its two arms into the shape-shifters eyes, as heart-piercing howls could be heard throughout the rain shadow.

After several minutes, the miserable howls had finally stopped, though the little robot continued to unceasingly stab like a maniac.

The eyes of the shape-shifter had already been stabbed thousands of times and were no more than two bloodied holes now. Even the slurry of his brain was constantly leaking out from the two holes.

After a few more minutes, the robot had finally stopped attacking, but it was only because the shape-shifters head had already been chopped into a paste! At the same time, the little robots body had already turned bright red as it was all covered in blood.

Xia Fei had broken into a cold sweat from watching this unfold in front of his eyes. No wonder that the shape-shifter had panicked and was overwhelmed with dread when he saw that silver egg appear. This Killer Machine was simply a butcher!

After the little robot killed its target, it lifted its head up to the sky as the two glowing red eyes slowly dimmed out as if it were a religious extremist that had completed its mission and was now praying.

Puff! The little robot fell to the ground and no longer moved.

The disheveled man limped over to where the woman was and got her up to her feet, affectionately saying, Thank you for saving my life.

The woman tidied her hair and blushed slightly, her eyes filled with warmth, Brother Tao, my body already belongs to you, theres no need for you to be so courteous.

The disheveled man nodded as his eyes shifted to his left and right.

All of a sudden, a dagger extended out from his sleeves and plunged straight into the womans heart!

With a raised hand, the dagger fell. He was actually a cold-blooded killer who would not hesitate to kill his lover!

The womans eyes were filled with unwillingness, indignation and rage. She simply could not believe that the man she trusted and loved the most would actually kill her! She whimpered as she spat out her last word, Why

There is only a single token, which means only one of us can make it through. I have no intention of returning to the hell that the east had become just to search for a second token. Besides, weve already violated the rules by using a Killer Machine, and this matter must be kept secret, The man said indifferently.

Xia Fei witnessed this scene and felt a strange sense of dejection in his heart, wearing a grim expression on his face as he came walking out from the tall grass.

The disheveled man heard sounds from behind him and quickly lifted his longsword, frustratedly shouting, Whos there?!

Xia Fei ignored him as he wasnt interested to speak to such a person.


Xia Fei unsheathed Chasing Light as he went dashing right past the man at his top speed, leaving a mist of red on his neck.

Speed Ability Users are the bane of Strength Ability Users, so the disheveled man barely had the time to make a sound before dying on the spot.

Someone like you doesnt deserve to like, Xia Fei coldly remarked.

Xia Fei wiped his Chasing Light with the disheveled mans clothes and began to clean up the bodies. At the same time, he searched for spoils. If that woman could afford a Killer Machine worth 50 million star coins, she should have other things on her as well. More importantly, there was still that token on the shape-shifters body.

That was when a round of applause suddenly sounded from behind, Big brother Xia, you look so cool when you kill people!

Xia Fei hastily turned around and looked only to find that Xiao Yu had snuck up on him some time ago and was clapping with a big smile, her eyes were looking at Xia Fei with admiration.

Xiao Yu, why did you come over here? Its very dangerous here, Xia Fei said abruptly.

Xiao Yu stuck her tongue out and replied with a hint of dissatisfaction, Im here to protect you. Why do you always have to be so fierce?

Xia Fei looked at the skinny little girl and could not help but find it a little funny, Im an adult, why would I need you to protect me? Why dont you wait till youre all grown up? We can talk about it then.

You dont believe me? My special ability is the Amethyst Guard. Im very powerful! Xiao Yu raised her arm and struck a fighting pose as she said this.

Amethyst Guard? Xia Fei was very curious. He did not have much understanding of the various special abilities, so naturally, he had no idea just what sort of ability was this Amethyst Guard.

At that moment, Phantom burst into laughter all of a sudden, Xia Fei, Ive been curious all this time With your analytic capabilities, why couldnt you tell somethings strange about Xiao Yu? You clearly know her family would not have allowed her to participate in something as dangerous as a Crisis grade assessment if she did not have a superhuman ability, so why didnt you ask Xiao Yu just what sort of special ability she possessed? Phantom asked.

Xia Fei pursed his lips, I didnt wish to know at all. If I knew what special ability Xiao Yu possessed, I surely include her in my plans when analyzing the situation. But shes still just a child, how can I include a child into my plans that involve killing?

Phantom rubbed his chin and contemplated for a moment, before abruptly slapping his thigh, looking as if an epiphany had dawned upon him, I finally understand! So thats your biggest weakness!

You would normally deal with problems in a very clever and organized fashion, but as long as you a child is involved, you would immediately turn into a different person, taking the initiative to bear the burden as the protector without even bother asking if the other party needed protection.

Phantom shook his head and analyzed, Actually, you cant be blamed for this. Everyone wishes to have something to protect, as it is an instinct that youre born with. Its just that your will to protect happens to be far stronger than others, thats all.

Xia Fei was at a loss for words. What Phantom had said was the truth. Ever since Xia Fei was young, he had a soft spot for children, and it was not just a fleeting thought.

Oh dear, a born warrior, who is also an innate protector of children. Im suddenly feeling very inspired. No good, Im going back to compose a poem, Phantom urgently said.

Wait! Xia Fei stopped Phantom, furrowing his brow to ask, Is Amethyst Guard very powerful?

Phantom glanced at Xiao Yu and revealed a mysterious smile, Its not just powerful, its super powerful!

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