Super Gene Optimization Fluid

Chapter 3 Speed

Chapter 3 Speed

In fact, the super gene optimization fluid, Purple Jade, which the top-notch scientist Harris researched, wasn't a poison. On the contrary, its effects were far superior to everyone's expectations.

The Purple Jade successfully unlocked Xia Fei's seventh brain region, as though it had opened a door. Normal gene optimization fluids were only able to open a small gap, while the Purple Jade used a near-insane and explosive method! It simply destroyed the door and didn't even spare the walls!

Without any obstruction, all of the immense power contained within the seventh brain region had been released entirely. Boundless and vast power surged into Xia Fei's brain like a tsunami!

Xia Fei had lost all his senses and had fallen into the bathtub filled with cold water.

Assuming that Xia Fei didn't resist the gene optimization fluid and allowed it to continue surging, the final result would be the same as the others who used the Purple Jade previously and were now sleeping for eternity, never to wake up again.

However, when humans face a desperate situation, they would burst out with an intense desire to survive. It was especially true for those people who looked weak during regular times!

Xia Fei's body was shaking vigorously in the bathtub, splashing water everywhere, as though someone had put a high voltage cable in the water.

He had already lost most of his consciousness, but the final bit of consciousness that survived was telling him, "Don't give up! Never give up, not until the last moment!"

Success was made up of 99% hard work and 1% luck. Xia Fei had already used 200% to struggle, so where was that 1% of luck?

The clean water in the bathtub was gushing into Xia Fei's mouth, nose, and ears, preventing him from breathing. Currently, Xia Fei was being tormented by two fluids, water and gene optimization fluid.

As each second passed, Xia Fei's struggle was less vigorous.


The Moore Stone pendant that had the shape of a drop of fresh blood burst out with bright luster in front of his chest!

The fresh red color was like a flash of red lightning, and it illuminated this narrow bathroom.

The morning sun passed through the narrow window, and it was gradually getting brighter.


Xia Fei sneezed and sat up from the ground.

He had an ashen expression, and his entire body was weak. It felt as though he had just recovered from a serious illness.

*Achoo! Achoo! Achoo*

After three consecutive sneezes, Xia Fei actually felt that his body was much more relaxed, and his body was rapidly recovering at an unbelievable rate.

"Uh, it is so cold!"

Xia Fei got out of the bathtub and quickly ran back to the bedroom before hiding inside the blanket. He did all this with speechlessly fast speed!

Half an hour later, his body was gradually warming up. After changing into a clean set of clothes, Xia Fei went to the living room.

He had completely forgotten why he was sleeping in the bathroom, and he was also completely drenched. He only remembered that he had consumed the gene optimization fluid, and he was currently in a hurry to find out what kind of power he had obtained.

Xia Fei stretched his body and knew that there weren't any residual effects after consuming the gene optimization fluid last night. Currently, Xia Fei's physical and mental state were both doing fine, and he felt that his body was filled with power.

The living room had a sandbag that was filled with patches; it was shabby but heavy.

Xia Fei narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He suddenly punched with his right fist!


The heavy sandbag shook a little.


Xia Fei couldn't believe his eyes as the speed of his fist was obviously much faster than before. It could be considered as the legendary 'Shadowless Hand.'

There were two types of possibilities. The first possibility was that Xia Fei had blurry vision. The second possibility was that the gene optimization fluid had enhanced his speed.

The room was too narrow, and it was impossible for him to test his speed.

Xia Fei walked down the stairs and headed to the backyard.

The backyard was the abandoned leather factory, and one would be able to smell a stench when walking inside the place. Weeds that grew in such an environment had tenacious vitality as they grew from the ground to the roof.

It was still early in the morning, and the backyard was empty. A wild white cat was lazing and yawning on the roof.

Xia Fei opened up his stride and ran rapidly on the path that was filled with weeds. The wind whistled past his ears as he was running. "Such fast speed, this must be an ability! It is the speed ability!" Xia Fei was exceptionally surprised.

Battle type abilities were the most common abilities. Among all the humans that unlocked the seventh brain region, more than 70% of the humans would obtain battle type abilities.

Battle abilities were sorted into three major types, speed ability, strength ability, and special ability.

Among the three types, strength ability was the most common, and it was more than 80%. Speed ability was second and was at around 15%. Only less than 5% of individuals obtained special abilities.

There was a short wall ahead, and the height was around 1.7 meters. Xia Fei exerted a little force on his left leg and jumped over the wall. His form was even more ideal than hurdlers.

What did it mean to run like the wind? This was it!

According to Xia Fei's estimation, he should be able to run 100 meters within five seconds.

A regular person who couldn't exceed the ten-second mark had done so overnight. Xia Fei had transformed from a regular bicycle courier to one of Earth's rare Ability Users.

While feeling pleasantly surprised, Xia Fei was truly amazed by the power of the seventh brain region.

To be able to run 100 meters in 5 seconds wasn't his limit. In the foreseeable future, Xia Fei would undoubtedly be able to reach a faster speed, a speed that was unimaginable for a regular person!

After returning home, Xia Fei used his fastest speed to shower before changing into a new set of clothes as his current clothes were already soaked with sweat.

As riding his Giant Bicycles brand road bike, Xia Fei headed straight for the western part of the city. That was where the Earth Federation's A-class Citizen Management Office was located.

The Earth Federation's A-class Citizen Management Office's Beijing sub-bureau was located in the bustling west city district. That place was originally where all the different countries' embassies were, but it now belonged to the federation. All of the originally 224 countries had been canceled; therefore, embassies were something that people gradually forgot as time elapsed.

A-class citizens were also called ability citizens and were considered a standard new era product. Since humans knew about the seventh brain region, the federation citizens were sorted into different classes.

People who had yet to unlock their seventh brain region were known as ordinary citizens, while those who had unlocked their seventh brain region were A-class citizens.

The Earth Federation was still at the initial stage of the universe civilization, and each Ability User was extremely precious. The government, military, large-scale MNCs would recruit Ability Users without restraints and provide them with extremely generous treatment.

Once a citizen became the federation's A-class citizen, there weren't only special privileges to be enjoyed, the A-class citizen would also immediately receive a cash reward of 100,000 federal dollars.

'Once I get the money, I will move out of the slum area and find a respectable job. I will not need to see Wang Er's wife's miserable face in the future.' Xia Fei had a very blissful thought.

Xia Fei was riding the bike and traversing the streets like a nimble loach. From far away, he could see the impressive structure that was 12-stories tall and the giant golden symbol.

Letter 'A' was engraved on the building, and it was extremely dazzling. It was seemingly trying to constantly remind everyone that this place stood out from the masses.

Xia Fei parked his bike before walking inside with large strides.

A young lady was standing at the reception area, and she looked slightly older than 20 years.

"Hello, I am here to register for A-class citizenship."

After hearing this statement, people who were seated and scattered around the main hall had quickly rushed over. They were holding packages that were packed exquisitely and were stuffing them into Xia Fei's hands.

"This humble one is the representative from Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group. I hope that your distinguished self will be able to join our company in the future. The salary and benefits are definitely extraordinary." A young representative spoke while handing over his company's profile and gift.

'Pfizer Pharmaceutical! Global top 500. The one that invented 'Viagra'!' Xia Fei exclaimed in his heart.

"I am the representative from Exxon Mobil."

"I am from IBM."

"I am the representative of the local company, Sany Heavy Industry. I wonder if your distinguished self has any intention to work at our company?"

"I am a representative of Microsoft Corporation. If your ability is of the intelligence aspect, you must remember to visit our company for a tour. It is fine even if your ability isn't of the intelligence aspect, it is fine as we are willing to conduct comprehensive cooperation with you on other aspects."

"This, sir, I am a representative of Deloitte. If you require a professional to advise you on finance, our company is willing to serve you wholeheartedly and will do it without any charge."

'IBM! Microsoft! Exxon Mobil!' Xia Fei nearly fainted from the sudden rush of bliss.

All of these companies were top-notch and getting into them was very hard. However, right now, these companies actually acted in such a humble manner and begged him to work in their companies. This wasn't a dream, right!?

In a single night, the bicycle courier Xia Fei had turned into an individual with high demand among these global corporations. This was simply the case of a sparrow flying up and transforming into a phoenix.

What was lacking during recent years?

Talented people!

Especially people who managed to unlock the seventh brain region!

They were even more precious than gold!

"Alright, everyone!" A male staff member walked out and thundered, "Your matters can be discussed later. Right now, I need to bring him for a test."

All of the MNC representatives expressed their unwillingness as they backed off to the side.

"Hello, my name is Wang Bin. Please follow me."

Wang Bin led Xia Fei into a very bright room, and there were a few staff members in uniforms who were waiting there. All of their faces had a dazzling smile.

A veteran who looked rather old walked over. He had short golden hair and looked rather energetic.

Beside him was a short lady who looked to be around 30 years old, and was wearing glasses.

The golden-haired veteran smiled while asking Xia Fei, "Beloved federation citizen, congratulations for unlocking the mysterious seventh brain region. I wonder what kind of ability did you obtain?"

"Speed." Xia Fei replied bluntly.

"Eh, you can understand the Ukrainian language that I speak?" The veteran was amazed. He had originally prepared this lady beside him to translate for Xia Fei, but he didn't expect for Xia Fei to speak even more fluently than her.

Xia Fei scratched his head embarrassedly and said, "A little, just a little."

Xia Fei was able to converse with the veteran in Ukrainian all because of the translation microchip in his body.

The translation microchip was a very amazing item. The microchip was able to translate most of the languages in the universe, and it was a smart device. Therefore, it didn't need to be stored with data in advance.

Due to the influence from the microchip, when Xia Fei heard the veteran speaking Ukrainian, his mouth naturally replied in Ukrainian too.

"You are truly a young man with many talents. Hello, my name is Podoski, and I am the Beijing sub-bureau chief of the Earth Federation's A-class Citizen Management Office." Podoski was speaking with a delighted expression.

The federation government highly valued people who were able to unlock their seventh brain region. Coupled with the fact that Xia Fei could speak fluent Ukrainian, Podoski naturally felt added intimacy in a foreign land.

"My name is Xia Fei, Chinese." Xia Fei responded.

Podoski laughed and said, "It will be more suitable for you to say that you are an Earth Federation's citizen."

Xia Fei scratched his head while feeling embarrassed. "Keke, I am too used to it, so it might take some time to change it."

As the duo was exchanging words quickly and fluently, the lady with the glasses couldn't help but prick up her ears to listen carefully. At times, she couldn't keep up with the conversation, causing her to reveal an expression of admiration towards Xia Fei.

'Such fluent Ukrainian. Ukrainian is actually a challenging language to learn, and it is normally neglected. I have learned it for more than ten years, and I am still at this standard today. Could this Xia Fei be a language genius?' The lady with the glasses was in doubt.

"Heavens! An average speed of 23 m/s! The greatest limit is 27 m/s!" Holding the test sheet in his hand, Podoski exclaimed, "Xia Fei! You have already reached the standard to have a rank. You are now a Primary Star Light Ability User!"

Wang Bin and the bespectacled lady had also revealed expressions of disbelief.

Ability Users were divided into many ranks.

The lowest rank was Star Light rank, and then it was the Star Base rank, Star Domain rank, and Star River rank.

Ability Users with higher ranks would enjoy better treatments and were more valued in the universe. After all, the universe was also a place where the strength was supremacy.

Each rank was further divided into Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced stages. Xia Fei's rank was already beyond the Primary Star Light rank, and he was going to reach the Intermediate Star Light rank soon.

"Xia Fei, can I ask, when did you unlock your seventh brain region? It is through natural cultivation?" Podoski asked.

"It is through natural cultivation, and I unlocked it yesterday. To be more accurate, it was last night." Xia Fei intentionally detoured around the topic of him consuming the gene optimization fluid. He didn't want to hide it intentionally, but he felt that it would be troublesome to explain if he said he was captured and imprisoned in the Blue Sea Star. The lesser the complications, the better.


Extreme shock!

People who unlocked the seventh brain region through cultivation were less than 1 in 10,000. Furthermore, when Xia Fei unlocked the seventh brain region, he had already reached the Primary Star Light rank. He was simply a genius.

Unlocking the seventh brain region and cultivating to the Primary Star Light rank were two completely different concepts.

There were plenty of people who unlocked their seventh brain region but couldn't cultivate enough to reach the lowest rank.

As Podoski, Wang Bin, and the bespectacled lady were praising Xia Fei, Xia Fei suddenly heard someone saying, "Fool!"

Xia Fei frowned and looked around. Apart from Podoski, Wang Bin, and the bespectacled lady, there was no one else.

'Who scolded me?'

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