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Chapter 20 Star Base Rank!

Chapter 20 Star Base Rank!

Phantom was right. The consumption of the Fire Dragon Millennial Flames wasn't just painful, it was very painful.

Early in the morning, Xia Fei came out from the tent. An entire night of unending pain had already numbed his body. Dark circles emerged under his eyes, and his mental state was extremely frail.

"I think you should rest for today. Your current mental state isn't suitable for cultivation." Phantom said.

"It's fine, I am already feeling much better." Xia Fei went to the side of the river to wash his face and forcefully lift his spirits.

"Let's start!" Xia Fei slapped his chest and said.

Cultivation, never-ending cultivation!

16 hours were spent each day. 8 hours to practice Breath Control, another 8 hours to practice Crafty Thrust.

Xia Fei was engrossed like a lunatic, and his sweat was dripping like rain.

Just this thrusting motion itself would be repeated 10,000 times a day!

Thrusting from different angles and using different methods.

Sometimes quick, sometimes steady, sometimes in a flurry.

Three months passed by quickly, and it was already the scorching summertime.

Xia Fei stood in the stream. As the river water flowed under his knees, a few little fish were frolicking around him.

Xia Fei was like a woodpile that was nailed onto the shallow water, and his breaths would change along with the flow of water.

He was blending his breath with the flow of the stream water. This was the most different step of Breath Control.

The stream water was ever-changing, Xia Fei's breath had to constantly correspond with the water even if the change was minute.


Xia Fei's figure burst up!

A severe murderous aura abruptly burst out without any reservations!

The Golden Stinger in his hand slid forward in a straight trajectory and thrust forward.

There was a radiance produced at the top of the Golden Stinger that was invisible to the naked eye. It was like a formless sword that ripped three meters of air ahead.

Air Piercing Sword Intent!

In just three short months, Xia Fei started off as a novice and had now comprehended the Air Piercing Sword Intent. This superhuman cultivation speed couldn't be described as anything but horrifying.

Phantom, who was meditating by the riverside, lifted his head and opened his eyes slightly. "Your murderous aura is still too concentrated. The assassination technique is particularly about reserving the murderous aura and not to release it easily."

Xia Fei picked up a bottle of mineral water by the riverside and gulped it down ferociously. He then used his sleeve to wipe his mouth and asked, "What is after the Air Piercing Sword Intent?"

Phantom shook his head slowly. He had been studying the Buddhist scriptures recently, and if he had nothing to do, he would like to sit in meditation and chant the incantations. He felt more like a daoist or immortal instead of an assassin.

"Crafty Thrust isn't a pure martial art, it is actually an assembly of various killing techniques. From now, it will depend on how far your speed ability can reach. The faster the speed, the stronger the lethality of the Crafty Thrust technique."

"Now that the Fire Dragon Millennial Flames' effects have subsided, it is the moment to consume the cell acceleration medicine."

Xia Fei followed Phantom's instructions to blend the cell acceleration medicine after taking down a few large boxes from the off-road car.

The cell acceleration medicine used 27 different raw materials, and the concoction process was much more complicated than cell activation medicine.

With the first concoction experience, Xia Fei didn't have any major mistakes this time and successfully concocted two medicine batches, making a total of 25 bottles.

"After using so many medicinal ingredients, we could only produce 25 bottles? Why would those medicinal ingredients lose so much mass after the purification process?" Xia Fei asked with doubts.

This time, they had purchased over 8 million star coins worth of medicinal ingredients, and the quantity wasn't small. Logically, the huge quantity of medicinal ingredients shouldn't purify and produce this little amount of medicine.

Phantom chuckled and said, "The more precious the medicinal ingredient, the lesser the quantity after purification. Do you still remember that Fire Dragon Millennial Flames?"

The Fire Dragon Millennial Flames was close to one meter in height and had a massive size. After purifying it, there were only around ten drops of fluid. It was totally disproportionate to its size.

Xia Fei twitched his mouth. "Concoction is truly equivalent to the burning of money. But after purifying 25 bottles of medicine this time, it should be enough for use for some time."

"How many bottles should I drink at once?" Xia Fei asked.

"All of it."

"Drink all 25 bottles of medicine!?" Xia Fei's face turned dark. "Are you kidding? This is over 8 million star coins worth of medicinal ingredients!"

Phantom spoke in an indifferent tone, "What's so strange? A bottle of cell acceleration medicine would need one month to be fully absorbed. If you drink all of these bottles at once, you will need six months to absorb them. If you don't wish to increase your rank quickly, you can slowly consume them at one bottle every month."

"But I have to warn you. There is a difference of 37.25% of effects between consuming each bottle individually and reaching the body's acceptance limit of medication by consuming all of them."

It was evident that it was much more worthwhile to consume all these bottles at once. Consuming them individually might save more money, but some things couldn't be measured with money.

"Alright, to make these 8 million over star coins worthwhile, I will drink all of them!" Xia Fei stomped on the ground and asked, "I still have to ask you. How do you know if I can withstand the medication limits of these 25 bottles?"

"Of course, I know because I am a specialist in this aspect." Phantom vouched and said, "You better consume it in the tent. All medicines have side effects, and the cell acceleration medicine's side effects are drowsiness and disorientation."

Xia Fei nodded and carried the stack of bottles into the tent.

Bottles of green medicine were put in a row. Xia Fei then opened each bottle and drank everything in the bottles. In just a short moment, there were plenty of empty bottles on the ground.

Xia Fei's head gradually got dizzy, and it felt as heavy as 500 kilograms. When the last bottle of medicine entered Xia Fei's stomach, he couldn't endure it anymore and lied down on the blanket and slept soundly.

Phantom entered Xia Fei's tent silently and sat cross-legged beside Xia Fei.

"To reach the heights that normal people cannot reach, there must be a price that no normal person wished to pay. In fact, I am totally guessing how much medication your body can endure. My estimation is around 20 bottles, but after the concoction, you produced five more bottles than my expectation. This was your mistake, who asked you to be so precise?"

How could Phantom say it like this? With over 8 million star coins worth of medicinal ingredients, how could Xia Fei not be more precise?

It was fortunate that Xia Fei was already sound asleep and wasn't able to hear Phantom's words. Otherwise, Xia Fei would surely have risked his life to fight the evil Phantom.

"This is truly a good sleep that is free from all worries." Xia Fei stretched his body and sat up from the blanket. He felt unbearably parched and picked up the mineral water bottle that was half-filled and poured it into his stomach.

"You are awake!" Phantom suddenly appeared in the tent and leaned on Xia Fei's face to observe Xia Fei with eyes of disbelief.

"Am I not supposed to be awake?" Xia Fei looked at the anxious Phantom and felt puzzled.

"Do you know how long you slept?" Phantom asked in an emotional voice.

Xia Fei shook his head and leaned back as he tried to stay far away from the deranged Phantom.

"You have only slept for three days!" Phantom said with a stirred up tone.

"What? I have been asleep for three days!? This cell acceleration medicine is truly potent." Xia Fei walked out of the tent, and the bright sun was shining high up in the sky. The fiery sun felt as though it was trying to roast him.

"I originally thought he would sleep for at least one month. He has already woken up after three days. I have truly underestimated the power of the fully unlocked seventh brain region. He still has a huge capacity for advancement. The next time, the medication quantity needs to be further increased, at least four times!" Phantom hid in the tent and mumbled to himself.

After drinking two bottles of mineral water, Xia Fei's thirst was quelled, but his stomach started to call out unhappily.

There wasn't any time to start a fire and cook the meal, so Xia Fei ate directly from the cans.

Canned tuna, canned beef, canned turkey, canned peas, canned mushrooms, canned peach, canned apple... countless cans were stacked up at the ground. Xia Fei then patted on his stomach with satisfaction and felt that his body was filled with energy.

Xia Fei stood up and stomped on the ground before sprinting at high speed.

The terrain at the side of the stream was bumpy, and there were plenty of trees. After Xia Fei's reaction speed was enhanced, he was like a supercomputer and was rapidly processing the information in his vicinity.

His figure was moving high and low, left and right. He was even more agile than a cheetah.

His speed was like a gust of wind and could only be described as frightful. By the time you see him, he would already be in front of you.

Xia Fei's endurance had also improved as he was able to run for two minutes continuously. Xia Fei stood at the peak of the Grand Canyon and saw that his tent was already like a small black dot, and it was basically impossible to see it clearly.

"Oh my god, this is already 20 kilometers away?" Xia Fei didn't expect his speed to be this fast, and it was at least two times faster than before!

"These 8 million star coins are truly worth it!" Xia Fei said excitedly.

After resting for a moment, Xia Fei sprinted back to the camp.

"Phantom, how fast was I just now?" Xia Fei asked anxiously.

"Around 185 m/s. Primary Star Base rank."

He improved from 85 m/s to 185 m/s. The increase in speed was more than twice!

"Star Base rank! This is great! I have finally reached the Star Base rank!!" Xia Fei yelled out excitedly while his voice was constantly echoing in the canyon.

The Star Base rank and Star Light rank were two completely different concepts, and it wasn't possible to make comparisons.

The rank and stages of abilities had a very harsh and severe standard. Each rank and stage would mean absolute superiority in strength!

The average of the Primary Star Light rank for Speed Ability Users was at 17 m/s, while the Intermediate stage was at 35 m/s!

Each difference in one stage had a difference that was at least two times!

The higher the rank and stage, the harder it was to cultivate.

Currently, the number of Star Base rank Ability Users on Earth was probably less than 100.

185 m/s!

Xia Fei was now among the most powerful Ability Users in the Earth Federation!

After resting for a moment, Xia Fen opened up the AI computer to check on his account balance.

The previous time when he checked, his account had over 5 million star coins, and after transferring 4 million star coins to Andre, his account balance was left with slightly more than 1 million star coins.

Over 1,300 poems had been uploaded on the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website for three months. It was unknown what the situation was now.

If Xia Fei didn't have money, it would mean that he couldn't purchase medicinal ingredients and wouldn't be able to increase his rank. That would be a detrimental disaster to Xia Fei.

After logging into the Endaro Poetry Hobbyist website and entering his credentials, Xia Fei's eyes turned straight for a long time while he was speechless.

"Phantom, can you help me to take a look at how much this is? Is it enough to purchase a space battleship?" Xia Fei asked with a rather excited tone.

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