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Chapter 1631

1631 Scarlet Blaze Demon King Stanley, Heavily Injured!


A black beam appeared like a sharp sword, slitting through right between the masked duo. It instantly broke past the 50,000 meters per second mark, a strange dagger in its hand and bearing an extremely fierce momentum.

The blade of the dagger was a black that gleamed in a cold light. Blue lightning instantly descended from above, as if it was drawn toward the dagger, lighting up the entire cavern instantly.

This was Xia Fan’s signature surprise assault. Not only was it fast, it was very powerful and targeted at a strange point; right between the masked duo!


It was like he wanted to attempt a double assassination; neither had a clue which he would target in the next moment.

The sound of an explosion rang out in their ears. Neither of the masked people imagined that a speed so high that either could react in time could exist. It was only thanks to their mental reflexes that the two managed to leap to the side in the next instant.

‘Success!’, Xia Fan celebrated to himself. He had no intention of engaging in combat with either, since the key right now was to rescue Icy Wind. As long as Icy Wind did not fall to the enemy’s hands, their plot would not succeed. That was the most crucial aspect of this plan.

Not good! It was a feint!

The two masked individuals had the cultivation of peak war gods. The moment they reacted to the flash of black, they immediately regretted it. That was because Xia Fan had very clearly not come for their heads, but was actually aiming for that black sack on the ground!

A shrill whistle rang out from the masked man. He had blown a whistle right at the crucial moment.

Instantly the Bipedal Lizard Drake standing guard at the side flexed its two legs and charged at Xia Fan at an even greater speed.

Its huge body was surprisingly fast, leaning forward abruptly as its razor-sharp mouth was pointed forward, turning itself into a razor-sharp sword.

At the same time, it possessed a powerful Speed ability, and Xia Fan did not even have time to think. Without hesitating, he threw the black dagger in his hand right at it.

The dagger had no name. Ever since Xia Fan had learned how to forge one, it had become the most powerful weapon in his arsenal. It was able to absorb beast crystals, calling forth lightning from nature.

If a blue thunderbolt struck an enemy, it was powerful enough to burn bones to crisp!

Nevertheless, his target this time around was a peak rank Demi-dragon, a variant that had both the blood of a dragon and a lizard.

The Bipedal Lizard Drake was far more powerful than Xia Fan had anticipated. It actually did not dodge and bore the brunt of the blue lightning.


An insanely loud clap of thunder echoed in the cavern, feeling like it shook the entire world. The glare made it impossible for anyone to open their eyes.

Along with that loud noise came the sound of metal shattering.

Xia Fan’s dagger had struck the Bipedal Lizard Drake in its teeth, breaking them! At the same time, the extra-hard teeth, as well as the force from the incoming Demi-dragon, had completely destroyed Xia Fan’s dagger.

Xia Fan was startled. With how powerful this creature was, about to lunge right at him, Xia Fan had no choice but to face the creature head on!


A pure contest of strength. Xia Fan used his shoulder to press against the Demi-dragon’s neck, and in a split second’s time, the sound of a clear crack and the immense pain in his shoulder reminded Xia Fan that his shoulder had broken.

His was a body that had been consuming Grade Nine energy crystals since infancy, and Xia Fan’s bones had unparalleled sturdiness. They were even harder than metal, yet they actually broke?!

However, Xia Fan grit his teeth and persisted. He borrowed the inertia of his charge to sweep the black sack off the ground and headed straight away.

There were two powerful masked individuals behind him, as well as that speed-type Bipedal Lizard Drake. Xia Fan had no chance at victory. All he could do was keep moving ahead. Anyway, the buffer zone was like a beehive, with plenty of caves and tunnels. There must be another route that could lead him back to Holy Spring City.

The Bipedal Lizard Dragon had not expected the impact from Xia Fan to be so fierce, and it was sent tumbling away on impact.

The Demi-dragon let out a roar in its rage, intent on giving chase.

But after taking a few steps, a sharp whistle rang out again.

The whistle seemed to have a fatal control over the Demi-dragon. The giant creature unwillingly shook its head, viciously clawing at the rock wall to vent its anger. It then lowered its head and returned to the masked man’s side.

“Why did you let him off?” the masked woman asked, confused.

The masked man shrugged, “Don’t be silly. Isn’t it just fine that he sent the Water Elemental in on our behalf? Unless you’re willing to be the one going in?”

The masked woman was startled, and shook her head.

“That’s what I thought. By the time Lord Stanley returns, perhaps he would force the two of us to send the Water Elemental in. The chances of us surviving entering that cage are slim to none.”

“Now that some insignificant guy has come and taken our place in taking the Water Elemental in, what use do we have to give chase? Heck, I could not even express my gratitude in time for his sacrifice, am I right, my little baby?” the masked man asked the Demi-dragon, who was stewing impotently. It had actually been injured in that confrontation against Xia Fan’s sturdy bones. Plenty of the bones in its neck and chest had broken upon impact, and it was in such anguish that it could not even answer the masked man’s question!

“That human is rather impressive,” the masked man muttered. “This is a legendary-ranked Demi-dragon, and its combat prowess is nearly that of a real dragon. Even if a dragon faced off against it, they also have to be careful…. To think that a human managed to heavily injure it with one charge..”

The masked woman walked several steps over to where Mousse was standing motionless.

Unfortunately, she found that the tragic Mousse had already died. A dagger that Xia Fan had secretly thrown was stuck right in between his eyebrows before he could even let out a scream.

People weren’t afraid of failure, but were afraid of ignorance. Mousse had blindly wanted to save his race, only to end up being fooled by Stanley, greatly harming the Shimmers as a result.

No matter what reason he had to betray Holy Spring City, Xia Fan was not about to let a traitor live, so he killed him when he had the chance!

The masked woman kicked Mousse’s body to the side, letting him die like a wild dog at the side of the curb. She did not spare even a glance at his corpse afterwards.



The sound of labored panting could be heard from afar.

The masked duo hurriedly stood up straight and adopted the posture of subordinates receiving their superior. Even that Demi-dragon that Xia Fan had heavily injured obediently lowered its head, not daring to make a sound.

“Come over… and help me,” Stanley wheezed.

The masked duo were shocked as they hurried over!

It was only now that the two realized that Stanley had actually been heavily injured!

A black trident had been plunged deep into his chest, its handle sticking out. Stanley was pale as he leaned against the wall, panting heavily.

This was the Scarlet Blaze Demon King Stanley!

He was one of the strongest war gods in the Lower Realm! When Xia Fan and the others had him surrounded, Stanley had not been even the least bit injured, yet he was actually gravely wounded right now!

Just who could have dealt such grievous injuries to Stanley? Who in the Lower Realm could threaten the life of a Demon King?

“Are you alright, my lord!?”

“My lord, just who could have done this?!”

The masked man and women shouted in the cave full of white stalactites. Stanley had finally returned to his underlings’ side, so he relaxed slightly and his head went limp, having fainted.

“Oh my. Our lord has actually fainted?! Just what should we do?!” the masked man shouted.

“Don’t panic!” the masked woman hissed through gritted teeth. “No matter what, we need to leave this place with our lord immediately.”

“Then what about the Old God?” The masked man raised his hand and pointed in the direction Xia Fan had run off to.

The expression of that masked woman was ice cold, “Even if the Old God gets resurrected, who would be able to subdue him, given how heavily injured the lord is right now? Without Lord Scarlet Blaze, we’ll only be throwing our lives away by staying here!

“We need to retreat with our lord immediately! Drag things out any further and we won’t have the chance to leave anymore!”

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