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Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418: The two Heroes of the Logistics Division are Born!

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Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha headed underground in the blink of an eye. After closing the entrance behind them by lowering the mechanism, Traveling Buddha led Xia Fan along as they moved quickly along a long corridor that was sloping downward.

“Where is this place?”

“A tomb. Old Blue’s ancestral tomb,” Traveling Buddha explained.

Xia Fan was shocked, “Are you assuming that someone has suddenly broken into the training camp, with Camp Commander Blue’s ancestral tomb as the target?”

Traveling Buddha glanced at Xia Fan and shrugged, “It’s not an assumption; the ancestral tomb of the Blue Clan is the most valuable object in the entire Training Camp! There are the remains of the family’s ancestors and a large amount of unknown burial objects.


“In the past 170 years, there’s been a band of crazy grave robbers who have specifically targeted the tombs of the various major clans and assaulted them. Old Blue’s Clan is famous in Ashen Moon, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people have set their eyes on it.”

Xia Fan was suddenly reminded of his experience in the Holy Tomb. Blind Grandpa had told him at the last second that his enemy was targeting the tomb of the Twin Golden Pupils Clan, and as the remaining inheritor of the clan, he swore to die protecting the remains of his ancestors!

From a certain point of view, what had happened on the Holy Tomb planet could be seen as premeditated tomb raiding. But today, Xia Fan was actually crossing paths with a band of grave robbers intent on assaulting the Blue Clan’s ancestral tomb. Could these bunch of men be in cahoots with the enemy who had assaulted the Holy Tomb a year ago?

If his speculation held true, then why were these people so interested in whatever could be found in these tombs? For the fortune inside? Or was there something else that he knew nothing of?

In the blink of an eye they reached the end of the corridor. He saw a stone tablet, the words ‘Resting Place’ carved on it. As the clan that had founded the Blue Boiling Point Training Camp, many of their ancestors had been laid to rest here.

There was no going back. There was a metal Broken Dragon door leading into the tomb proper, and though Traveling Buddha had been entrusted to take care of the tomb by Blue Shield, he did not have the key that would let him gain entry to the place.

Traveling Buddha also had a spatial ring of his own. Xia Fan saw him use it, but he had no idea of the volume it could hold, and whether it was larger or smaller than the one Blind Grandpa had given him.

In Blue Boiling Point Training Camp, plenty of the cadets came from nobility, so people like Soul Flying Bird, Jaden, and Heizi all had spatial rings of their own, while it was something rarely to be found on ordinary cadets.

Traveling Buddha took out a set of hard metal war armor, as well as a pair of golden chakrams, before telling Xia Fan, “It can’t be helped. If the grave robbers barge in, we’ll have to hold them here. The local Special Bureau members and garrison should be arriving very soon, so we’ll be fine as long as we hold out until reinforcements arrive.

“I recall you’re quite adept at fighting, right?”

“Passable,” Xia Fan answered with a slight smile.

As they exchanged words, Traveling Buddha had already changed into the suit of hard armor, which was high in defense but not very flexible. He lazily limbered up his neck and arms, as he held onto the set of rarely-seen golden chakrams.

To think this lad would still be as unserious as he always was, even in such a tense situation. Xia Fan truly could not tell if he was simply careless or if he was that reliable.

After some thought, Xia Fan changed into the pair of Light Cloud Boots that the Dancer Couple had given him. He did not have any hard armor because he was a speedster who needed flexibility, explosive force, and balance. Hard armor was something unsuitable for him, despite providing great defense.

Speaking of which, Xia Fan truly lacked a high-grade suit of combat attire. He needed something that was tight-fitting and could protect him from the elements. Though the scoundrels of the Holy Tomb had given him many gifts, none of them had the Speed special ability. So while the Light Cloud Boots suited him, Xia Fan had kept most everything else solely as mementos.

Hiding the set of surgical scalpel that Doctor Grandpa had given him about himself, Xia Fan crouched low, ready to kill any potential trespassers.

Traveling Buddha laughed, “There’s no need to be so nervous. With me in front of you as your guardian, all you need to do is make some sneak attacks on them when the opportunity arises. But you must still remember to keep your safety as top priority.”

With that, Traveling Buddha actually felt lethargy momentarily overwhelm him as he stifled a yawn, saying, “So slow. Why aren’t they here yet?”

Xia Fan was speechless. Weren’t the nerves of Traveling Buddha a bit too big?


Suddenly, they heard a loud explosion. The underground tomb shook along with it, with loose dirt and sediment falling down from the ceiling.

It seemed like the grave robbers had not managed to locate the entrance, and had decided to use explosives to blow up the snow plum garden!

A series of hurried footsteps soon echoed through the passageway, sounding like there were seven or eight of them. The smell of blood was growing thicker, most likely because they had already assaulted people from the Training Camp, killing some of the security guards assigned to the camp.

They appeared! The real enemy appeared!

Xia Fan determined through his powerful vision and sense of smell that there were twelve of them in total, with eight having barged into the Blue Clan’s tomb, while the remaining four had stayed outside.

These eight individuals were all wearing the same clown mask. The person taking the lead was an older gentleman than the others, still not even past his forties.

Among them was someone with a full head of black hair. That person was a woman, and another was a big and tall man carrying a bag on his back. The smell told Xia Fan that explosive devices were packed inside his bag.

They ran into Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha after racing down the passageway, and were immediately stunned. They likely had not imagined that there would be someone waiting for them inside!

“You guys are finally here. Yours truly had gotten bored waiting,” Traveling Buddha drawled.

His attitude and tone made the masked elder in the lead laugh. He said in a mocking tone, “When did being in the distinguished Blue Boiling Point get to the heads of you two b*st*rds from the Logistics Division? Who’s going to kill them?”

Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha both belonged to the Logistics Division, their uniforms quite different from the other divisions. The elder viewed them in a contemptuous light after he saw that. After all, the Logistics Division was the weakest division in Blue Boiling Point!

“I’ll do it!” a slightly plump warrior shouted out from behind the elder. He was wearing a clown mask so it was hard to make out his face underneath, but from the sudden expansion of muscles and the agility he demonstrated, he was probably a fairly decent Strength-type special ability warrior. The moment that he shot out, the muscles on his chest and arms suddenly bulged, as if his entire person had abruptly enlarged.

The Strength-type masked man carried a half-meter long heavy blade in his hand, wielding it wildly as the air howled with every motion.


The blade came slashing down, a flash of silver aimed right for Traveling Buddha’s head.

Xia Fan was wondering if he should attack when all of a sudden he saw Traveling Buddha’s arms shine with a bright light from the pair of mystical chakrams he was holding in his hands.

The moment that the golden glow reached its peak intensity, it disappeared instantly with a loud crack. Xia Fan did not even see what Traveling Buddha had done, but that Strength-type masked man was sprawled on the ground, his head split open, blood and brain matter spilling out!

“That’s Battle Buddha’s Golden Light!” someone in the group of masked individuals yelled out.

The elder leading the team froze. His voice was trembling as he asked, “Don’t tell me… you’re the Little Old Buddha?!”

Traveling Buddha smiled lazily, and slowly raised the two golden chakrams. Xia Fan saw the eyes of the seven masked individuals immediately turn green! The smell of fear permeated their very beings immediately.

Traveling Buddha was truly an enigma. Just what was his background? Just his identity alone was enough to inspire such great fear into their hearts!

Xia Fan deduced that the Strength-type masked man whom Traveling Buddha had just killed was at least at the Advanced Starbase rank, yet he still was completely unable to withstand Traveling Buddha’s attack, dying on the spot. What frightening combat strength!

Traveling Buddha licked his lips as he said, unperturbed, “That’s right. This old one is none other than…”

Before Traveling Buddha even finished uttering his line, something unexpected happened!

The long-haired woman standing behind the elder let out a burst of mirthless laughter, and with a light brush of her finger over her spatial ring, a shoulder-mounted ion cannon appeared in her hands!

She placed the cannon on her arm and pointed its barrel, thicker than a tree’s root, right at Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha!

The expression on Traveling Buddha’s face instantly changed!

A shoulder-mounted ion cannon was a military weapon that not even the black market could get their hands on, yet this woman actually had such a killer weapon!

As the saying went, no matter how skilled someone was in martial arts, they would still fear the kitchen knife! Here in the Ashen Moon Universe, special ability users were practically invincible existences. Because of how difficult it was to create miniaturized versions of laser, particle, or ion weapons, there was no way to create a handheld beam weapon. As a result, the military mainly utilized kinetic weapons, which were hardly any threat to special ability users.

But a shoulder-mounted ion cannon was different! Such a weapon was not only cumbersome, at well over two meters long and weighing half a ton, but it possessed a ferocious explosive force and a projectile speed close to the speed of light!

It might be ineffective against special ability users who had cultivated to a very high rank, but against a young special ability user like Traveling Buddha, it would very likely result in him dying or becoming disabled. It was absolutely terrifying.

“Be careful!”

It was at this critical moment when Xia Fan suddenly yelled out and went at full speed!

He leaped out from behind Traveling Buddha. His powerful body allowed him to reach his top speed from an almost stationary position, reaching almost 300 m/s!

The distance between Xia Fan and that masked woman was no more than fifty meters. Given Xia Fan’s speed, he needed merely 0.2 seconds to cover it, scarcely more time than it took for someone to blink their eyes!

It was an insane speed!

Xia Fan inserted himself diagonally, and at the last second, shoved that shoulder mounted ion cannon of the masked woman aside hard.


The ion cannon shot out a terrifying blue light. Although it had fired, the barrel was at least not aimed at Traveling Buddha thanks to Xia Fan’s interception, and instead shot the two unfortunate souls who were standing on her right.

These two burly msk-wearing men were instantly torn apart by the force from the ion cannon, despite wearing sturdy war armor!

Broken arms, charred innards; a body without its head was sent flying into the air!

Xia Fan had saved Traveling Buddha from the clutches of death by pushing that ion cannon away with his left hand, and in the next moment, his right hand burst forth in an astonishing speed to grab that woman by her neck.


A sharp scalpel stabbed into her tender neck and proceeded to pierce through her throat completely. With a jerk of his wrist, he opened up the wound around her neck like he was carving a pumpkin, and completely severed the head of the damnable woman.

“This old one wants your lives!” Traveling Buddha bellowed in rage. A mystical golden light erupted from his entire body as he came stomping over toward the robbers.

Indeed, golden light!

Xia Fan had no idea what special ability it was, but he immediately could feel Traveling Buddha’s temperament undergo a drastic change! It was like the Lord Buddha had truly descended upon the mortal realm, and a war god had possessed him!

Traveling Buddha’s entire body had turned gold, looking like a golem made of gold. The chakrams in his hands were raised high, and with a downward swipe, he drew a cross in the air.

The masked elder who had been standing at the forefront tried to raise his cane to block the attack, only for Traveling Buddha’s attack to turn the metal cane into three segments!

To cut into metal through sheer force alone? God knew just how much strength that would take!


The person behind the metal cane was torn apart along with the metal cane by Traveling Buddha’s hands! The elder was promptly chopped into irregular pieces, dying right there and then without even having the chance to let out a cry of agony.

Traveling Buddha had exploded in his anger, and Xia Fan did not dawdle, either. With his speed and agility, he slashed the enemy beside him twice; one thrust was buried deep into someone’s temple, while the other was driven right into where their heart was, as precise as a surgeon doing surgery.

In the blink of an eye Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha had turned these eight masked intruders into corpses with great ease, no different from chopping vegetables!

That was especially true for Traveling Buddha, whose enemies did not even have completely intact corpses after he was done with them!

There was no way for any of the eight to flee, either, since Xia Fan possessed astonishing speed.

There was no way for them to block the attacks, either, given the insane strength that Traveling Buddha possessed, as if he was the mortal incarnation of the Lord Buddha. There was nothing in this world that Traveling Buddha could not cleave apart!

In the history of Ashen Moon, this battle was later known as the first Battle of the two heroes of the Logistics Division!

The ultimate duo of Traveling Buddha and Xia Fan started in this fashion, and was the start of their complete domination of Ashen Moon!

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