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Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416: Circulation Technique

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In no time at all, Traveling Buddha carried the badly beaten Mr. Shui back, shaking his head at Xia Fan, “The man did not lie. He really is the grandson of Shui Tianyi.”

Xia Fan frowned. It looked like his guess was wrong, but he was unconcerned with how the grandson of a supreme doctor could have harmed Blue Shield to such a degree. Instead, what truly mattered now was to devote his fullest attention toward saving Camp Commander Blue Shield.

“Let him go,” Xia Fan said.

Mr. Shui was infuriated after he had been beaten to such a state. He stomped his foot as he yelled, “An affront, this is a huge insult to the entire Shui Clan! The both of you have to take full responsibility! I intend to report you to the Special Bureau!”

Xia Fan ignored him as he force-fed a green bottle of medicine he had previously prepared into a three-meter long python. He then placed the Blood Leeches onto the back of the python.


The black Blood Leeches latched onto the python firmly, their sharp jaws breaking its scales as they began to absorb the blood of the python. Slowly, the color of the Blood Leeches changed, turning from black to completely red, looking like pieces of red ruby. As the leeches sucked its blood, the medicinal concoction that Xia Fan had made the python drink also entered the Blood Leeches, making a subtle yet significant impact on them.

Circulation Technique!

Mr. Shui was stunned. Though his medical skills were only average, he was rather knowledgeable given that he was born into a family of doctors. This Circulation Technique that Xia Fan had employed happened to be a peak technique that poisoners would employ, and shocked him greatly.

Thinking about the disdain that he had shown toward Xia Fan from yesterday to now, Mr. Shui instantly broke out in cold sweat. To demonstrate such a high level of proficiency when using the Circulation Technique meant that Xia Fan’s master was definitely a supreme poisoner of the grandmaster level!

This Circulation Technique was one of the secret techniques that peak poisoners would impart from generation to generation. The medicinal concoction that he made the python drink, transferred into the blood of the snake, was the first circulation.

Going from the body of the python into that of the Blood Leeches, would be the second circulation.

Transferring that from the Blood Leeches to Blue Shield would make the third circulation!

The three circulations were closely linked to one another, and each of them was indispensable. After the medicinal concoction had undergone repeated circulation in biological creatures, its properties underwent a complete change and it became a unique and amazing existence.

The highly toxic Blood Leeches very quickly killed off the python. Xia Fan very carefully transferred those leeches filled with snake blood onto Blue Shield’s back.

Blood Leeches were gluttons. They were already full from the snake’s blood, but now that they were suddenly presented with an even more delicious food source, just what would they do?

Their greed was determined by their biological characteristics, and they chose to unload the blood that they had collected before, so that they could start over and absorb Blue Shield’s blood. As such, the medicinal concoction in the blood and the anti-toxin would be able to enter Blue Shield’s bloodstream!

The more toxic a creature was, the greater their ability to resist toxins. The blood that was being unloaded into Blue Shield’s body would thereby contain their antibodies, since it had been circulating in the bodies of the Blood Leeches.

Though the Circulation Technique seemed easy on paper, the key to the entire process was actually the inducing agent that Xia Fan had force-fed the python at the beginning. This inducing agent was also a poison, its purpose was to introduce toxins into the Blood Leeches’ bodies so that they would release a large amount of antibodies to counteract it. It would then piggyback off those antibodies from the Blood Leeches to treat the poison wreaking havoc inside Blue Shield’s body.

The inducing agent that could so ingeniously enable the deployment of the Circulation Technique was no doubt a secret that peak poisoners imparted only to their disciples. If any layman were to attempt to recreate what they saw Xia Fan doing, the only result would be failure, since they had no idea how to concoct the inducing agent!

Mr. Shui did not say another word, and gingerly retreated to a corner.

The art of toxicology was one of the most ancient professions in the Ashen Moon Universe. Not only was it secretive, it was also very insular. Essentially, a single poisoner would only take in one disciple at a time. It was why poisoners were extremely rare, while grandmaster-level existences were even scarcer!

What was the most frightening thing in this world?

Of course, it was something so secretive that others had no way of understanding. Poisoners were precisely such an unfathomable group of people, and any poisoner who was of that high a standard would have that mysterious halo over their heads.

The reason Mr. Shui had gone very silent was entirely out of fear. Since Xia Fan was an inheritor of some master poisoner’s legacy, and concerning how poisoners would surely not be ethical doctors, he would surely be capable of killing people, as well!

If Xia Fan happened to be someone who held a grudge, then all it would take was for him to concoct some poison with Mr. Shui’s name on it…

Mr. Shui was trembling non-stop the moment he thought of that. No one in this universe would be willing to incur the wrath of poisoners, seeing them as a bunch of mysterious and sinister individuals who were to be avoided at all costs!


After some time, the sound of Blue Shield snoring could be heard from inside the room. The antibodies were effective, and there was already a remarkable improvement to the color on his face. After an entire night of torment, Blue Shield’s body had been weakened to the point that he had fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Having personally watched Xia Fan save his father from such a critical state, Blue Arrow’s attitude toward Xia Fan made a 180-degree change. He was now showing Xia Fan utmost respect, instead of the scorn he had shown him when they first met.

“Mr. Xia, is your teacher truly a chef?” Mr. Shui asked curiously with a poor smile.

“He is, though the food Chef Grandpa cooked tasted absolutely terrible,” Xia Fan returned his answer with a smile as well.

‘He must definitely be an extraordinary expert!’, Mr. Shui thought to himself. A master of minor importance secluded themselves in the forest, while a true master finds peace hiding in the city; Mr. Shui was certain that Xia Fan’s teacher was most definitely a grandmaster of the highest realm!

The more he thought about that, the more humble he acted before Xia Fan, almost to the point he was fawning on him.

Xia Fan did not like Blue Arrow or Mr. Shui, so after he carefully took note of the condition of Blue Shield and deduced that he would not have too much of an issue making a recovery, he returned to attend his lessons with the Logistics Division with Traveling Buddha.

When evening came, Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha made another trip out to visit Blue Shield. The old man had managed to regain consciousness by that time. The old servant emotionally informed Xia Fan that Blue Shield’s appetite was great, eating double the amount of food as usual. He even appeared to be far more energetic than how he had been in the past.

“Don’t be too hasty to deem this a success,” Xia Fan told everyone. “The technique I used is rather slow-acting, but it’s more stable. The reason why the Golden Featherflight poison was so toxic is precisely because the essence of the poison takes the form of bacteria. Given how much this toxic bacteria has already multiplied in your body, there’s no way for us to eliminate it all at once right now.

“Blood Leeches are also a form of poison, but compared to the Golden Featherflight, Blood Leeches are mere child’s play. That is why by relying on them to treat the poison, it is important to do it many more times, as it requires a large amount of antibodies. I went back and concocted you a batch of inducing agent, which I’ll hand over to you, so others can follow the treatment I did when I’m not around. It will take at least half a year, or at most two years, before you can truly get a clean bill of health.”

The father and son of the Blue Clan were elated. They knew just how huge a favor they now owed Xia Fan. The reason why poisoners were so overbearing was mainly because they would always maintain a sense of secrecy about them. It was a show of immense trust for Xia Fan to be willing to leave a batch of that inducing agent in the hands of the Blues!

“Rumor has it that the Golden Featherflight ought to have been a Divine Beast that has gone extinct. I wonder just how the elder came into contact with one?”

Xia Fan could no longer resist and asked the question that had been bothering him for a long time. Hunter Grandpa was a beast tamer, and claimed to have traveled all across the Ashen Moon Universe when he was younger, yet he had never come across an existence like the Golden Featherflight.

Blue Shield chuckled, “Well, you have only worked for a local branch, so you wouldn’t have any idea about the true strength the Special Bureau wields. In truth, the Special Bureau is far greater than ordinary people imagine, and our responsibility isn’t just limited to the handling of cases involving special ability criminals.”

“Ruins, secret realms, unknown space: these are the three biggest problems plaguing Ashen Moon, and the Special Bureau has an exploration department that investigates all these unique phenomena. This was the organization that I worked with before I came back to Blue Boiling Point.”

Blue Arrow puffed out his chest and pointed to his badge. “You’ll learn that Ashen Moon has plenty of forbidden regions once you get this badge. These regions will not allow just anyone in, and only Special Bureau investigators like us can gain access to these places.

“The exploration department that my father belongs to is an organization dedicated to the investigation of such secret realms and mysterious events. Aside from the Golden Featherflight, there are also plenty of other unimaginable existences out there, but ordinary folks will never learn about these due to the confidentiality directives the Bureau observes.”

Xia Fan nodded repeatedly. No wonder the Special Bureau wielded such great authority; it turned out that they were also involved in plenty other missions that ordinary folks were unaware of.

Traveling Buddha maintained that nonchalant attitude even after hearing all this, almost as if he found the idea of secret realms to be nothing impressive.

Changing the topic, Blue Arrow sounded a little upset as he went on, “It’s just too bad that there are three major federations in Ashen Moon. In addition to us, the Special Bureau from Starcloud and the Special Bureaus from both the Republic and the Sacred Federation also have the qualifications to enter these secret realms and ruins. Conflict between the three bureaus often breaks out as a result.

“You guys know about the Skywings, right? They were a group of speed special ability users, just like yourself. Furthermore, they also had the surname of Xia, and once caused pandemonium in Ashen Moon. Even the distinguished Ashen Dragon and Hidden Moon met their demise at the hands of those Skywings.

“My father was investigating a Secret Realm that the Skywings had once been in when he got into a fight with the warriors from the other federations. In the process of maneuvering, he inadvertently ran into the Golden Featherflight, and we suffered severe losses at that time. Many experts were killed, my father was forced to retire early because he was poisoned, and he had to return back to Blue Boiling Point full-time.

“This is the current state of Ashen Moon. The citizens are of the belief that the three federations are at peace with one another, when in fact a underground struggle is happening in the background, and it has never stopped.

“Speaking of which, you need to be a little careful. You happen to share the surname of Xia, and also possess the speed special ability, making you exactly like the Skywings. Most of the special ability users in Ashen Universe have ancestors who can trace their lineage to Ashen Dragon and Hidden Moon. The Xias of the Skywings happen to be the culprits who eradicated them both, so there will surely be quite a number of people who will detest you.”

Xia Fan let out a bitter smile. Not too long ago, Jaden and his toadies had harbored animosity against him because of his surname, and Xia Fan had to teach them a harsh lesson. Jaden and his bunch had not continued with their small comments and such, but there was no telling if that would remain unchanged in the future.

There was nothing Xia Fan could do about those kin of his who he had never seen before and left such notoriety in their wake, consequently making it really easy for Xia Fan to be targeted by others.

Blue Shield had once been to a place where Xia Fan’s kin had been, and this intrigued Xia Fan greatly. He naturally wanted to go and see for himself, even if there was no telling if he could find traces of his kin there. It was just too bad that Xia Fan had yet to qualify as an official investigator of the Special Bureau just yet, so he was still far away from doing such things.

‘I must obtain a Special Bureau badge as soon as possible!’, Xia Fan swore to himself.

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