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Chapter 1292 - Suspected Yggdragon!

Chapter 1292: Suspected Yggdragon!

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The massive hole leading to the Undercurrent Universe.

In a scene very similar to the one Xia Fei had witnessed before, the Dark Spiritualists had joined together with the Evil Shadow Dragoons to lay down a Six Cycles Array. They wanted to open up the second of the Six Cycles and draw out the beast flood here.

However, this time, they were missing an Annihilator expert, so Nan Shazi, Yabu, and the others were forced to share the load, and they were much slower at opening the array.

The big-mouthed Tianku wiped the sweat from his face and cursed, “That accursed Fengyu! We were supposed not to do anything reckless, but he ran off on his own and lost his life! If he were around, we wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble.”

Nan Shazi was stunned. No wonder the Dragoons were missing a person. He had been killed!

An expert who could kill a Dragoon?

Nan Shazi had questions, but he did not ask them. After all, he had the weakest cultivation among everyone present and had no right to speak.

The bescarfed Dallas looked up at the stars and said sternly, “I don’t feel much about Fengyu’s death, but are those old things up above really going to let us keep making trouble in Alpha? This stance is truly confusing. Are they certain that we won’t succeed?”

The other Dragoons nodded and looked at Yabu, the strongest of their number.

It was very interesting. Even the Devil Shadow Dragoon felt like it was weird that the Annihilator Universe had not sent anyone to the Alpha Universe in order to pacify their rebellion. It was also odd that the other warriors of Alpha, who knew what was going on, did not intervene.

No one dared to say whether this hand was good or not, but it was very weird. They had drawn out the beast flood and thrown the Lower Five Stars into chaos, but Annihilator acted as if nothing was happening. What exactly were those guys, who symbolized the peak powers in all known universes, thinking?

Yabu exhaled and said sternly, “Just focus on your duties. There’s no need to worry about anything else. Let’s put our all into it and open up the second of the Six Cycles!”




A giant ferris wheel appeared in the eternal darkness of space, and then the howls of exotic beasts resounded through Alpha!

The edge of the Red Pine Nebula.

Xia Fei returned to the place where he had been making soul weapons to continue his work. After experimenting with Fengyu, Xia Fei was more confident in his ability to lay down soul arrays.


Xia Guanghai, Furball, and Little Goldie excitedly came up to Xia Fei and threw a Shortbite Burst Snake to the ground. This python with an alligator-like head had already been beaten by Xia Guanghai to its dying breath, and with Furball and Little Goldie around, it did not dare to move.

“This should be enough. The Shortbite Burst Snake is a Divine Beast. Try and see if you can devour it,” Xia Guanghai licked his lips and said.

Over the last two days, Xia Fei had been focusing on making soul weapons, while Xia Guanghai, Furball, and Little Goldie had been hunting exotic beasts. After finding out that Xia Fei could use the Serpent-swallowing Whale manual to eat exotic beasts and strengthen himself, Xia Guanghai had taken it upon himself to catch and bring back many exotic beasts.

Alas, for some reason, Xia Fei felt nothing toward these exotic beasts. This was not like with the Blackstar Toad, where Xia Fei immediately sensed its soul upon its death and felt the desire to seize its soul for himself.

Even more strangely was that, when they returned from dark space, they found that many of the exotic beasts that Fengyu had attracted were gone, and it was all the higher-rank beasts that had gone missing.

Xia Fei nodded. “Hold on a moment. Let me finish this last batch of soul weapons. In addition, the grand ancestor and the others are on their way back. Once they return, we can leave this place.”

Xia Guanghai said reluctantly, “We’re leaving already? Why don’t we stay a few more days to catch some more decent Divine Beasts? Maybe, you’re unable to devour these ones because they’re not on the same rank as the Blackstar Toad.”

Xia Fei replied, “That truly might be the case, but I’m worried about the situation over at the Cosmic Gate. I received word that the Dark Spiritualists had opened the Undercurrent Gate, activating the second of the Six Cycles. It should be our turn next, so we need to get back and lay down a soul array first, preparing all the possible defenses we can muster. We can’t let the beast flood reach the Law Realm.”

Xia Guanghai frowned. “Fine, let’s do as you say. It’s still a pity that we have to leave all these exotic beasts behind.”

A few moments later, Xia Fei finished the last batch of soul weapons. After putting away that mountain of weapons, he grabbed that unfortunate Divine Beast.

“The rank of a Shortbite Burst Snake is measured by the number of teeth it has. With each additional rank, it loses a tooth and grows a silver fang. This snake has two silver fangs, meaning that it’s a rank 2 Divine Beast. Did it take some effort for you to capture it?” Xia Fei opened up the mouth of the snake and asked.

Xia Guanghai smiled. “No trouble at all! Furball and Little Goldie surrounded it, while I came up and gave it two whacks with my axe. Perhaps because your pets know that they’re catching Divine Beasts for your sake, they’ve worked very hard.”

The cunning Furball immediately used this chance to take credit, putting on an exhausted look as he gazed up at Xia Fei anxiously. As for Little Goldie, it smiled sillily.

“Understood. You’ll be rewarded for your work.” Xia Fei placed a hand on each of the two’s small heads as he spoke.

The beast horde gathered by Fengyu seemed savage, but the real high-rankers had seemingly vanished. Xia Guanghai had required some time to catch this rank 2 Divine Beast.


Xia Fei immediately grabbed the snake and pulled, instantly tearing this five-meter-long python in two!

Soul weapons could not be used to kill Divine Beasts. After all, soul weapons would injure the soul, and if the soul of the snake was shattered, Xia Fei would have nothing to absorb.

“Feel anything?” Xia Guanghai asked nervously.

Xia Fei did not answer, spreading his spirit energy through the cave in hopes of sensing the Shortbite Burst Snake’s soul. Alas, after half a minute, Xia Fei did not sense anything.

Xia Fei helplessly drew back his spirit energy, sat on the ground once more, and stared at the Divine Beast’s corpse.

“Strange. Since there’s no problem with the method, why can’t I sense the Divine Beast’s soul?” Xia Fei frowned and muttered.

Xia Guanghai said dejectedly, “It couldn’t be that it didn’t have a high enough rank, could it? Can you only absorb the souls of max-rank Divine Beasts? That will make things much more difficult.”

Xia Fei felt like there was no other reason besides that. After all, he had done everything as per the manual’s instructions. Since he still did not get any energy, he could only pin the blame on the rank of the exotic beast.

Nonetheless, according to the Serpent-swallowing Whale, all exotic beasts had souls, and if one did as the manual said, they could get something. All that differed was how much one obtained.

However, Xia Fei had already torn apart at least one hundred Beast Kings and now this rank 2 Divine Beast, yet there was no reaction.

“Just what could be the reason?” Xia Fei wondered.


A sharp screech came from the depths of space!


The snuggling Furball instantly jumped up and let out a fierce reply. From his excited expression, this was something far above the Blackstar Toad.

“What is it?! Such powerful energy pulses!” exclaimed Xia Guanghai.

It was clear that a powerful and strange energy signal was rapidly approaching the plane that Xia Fei and Xia Guanghai were on. Besides its powerful energy, it was absurdly fast!


Before Xia Fei could understand what was happening, a light charged into the planet and rushed past Xia Fei and Xia Guanghai!

“Such audacity!” Xia Guanghai said, his eyes bulging.

He had met many unruly exotic beasts. Were Xia Guanghai, Xia Fei, Furball, and Little Goldie not all domineering experts, yet a single exotic beast had passed in the middle of them, treating them as if they were empty air?!

Furball was furious!

This was a challenge! A brazen challenge!


Furball and Little Goldie growled in fury and chased after that white lightning bolt. Xia Guanghai also gave chase, swinging around his giant ax as he did!


The planet was cleaved in two!

“Stop it!” shouted Xia Guanghai.

Furball and Little Goldie would normally not listen to Xia Guanghai. After all, they only had one master, which was Xia Fei, and he was the only whose orders they heeded. However, since all of them were currently so enraged, they ended up sharing a common foe.

Xia Fei set off behind the other man, for he was thinking of a problem. Why had this exotic beast chosen to pass by them? It did not make sense!

Furball, Xia Fei, Little Goldie, and Xia Guanghai were all vicious characters!

The number of people that had died at their hands could make a mountain! Let alone exotic beasts, even Divine Beasts and Holy Beasts had to detour around them!

When Xia Fei saw the body of the Shortbite Burst Snake, he immediately knew the answer.

That Divine Beast’s head had been neatly torn off! That exotic beast had risked going between them for food!

When he remembered how there were not any high-ranking exotic beasts around, Xia Fei instantly had a theory. Perhaps those high-ranking beasts had all been killed by this thing!

To be able to clear out all the high-ranking exotic beasts and then rush past Xia Fei’s group, this guy had to be a devilish existence!


Xia Fei was much faster than Xia Guanghai, and he instantly caught up to the one at the front of their group.

That white streak of light had already left them far behind, its speed simply jaw-dropping!

“Go and get the warship! Leave this place to me!” Xia Fei barked an order.

Xia Guanghai nodded and shot off to activate the warship. The warship had a warp engine and could surpass the speed of light! Without it, Xia Guanghai would be quickly left behind.


Xia Fei took Furball and Little Goldie and stuffed them into his chest pockets; after which, he unfurled his Fiendwings, utilizing his maximum speed!

Thirty million meters per second—a speed near light speed!

Gradually, Xia Fei neared that extremely fast exotic beast. Xia Fei was shocked at this speed comparable to his. He could not even recall an exotic beast that could reach this level of speed. It must be understood that Xia Fei was traveling at a tenth of the speed of light! He was already very close to light speed!


The exotic beast let out a joyful cry. It appeared as though stealing food from Xia Fei and killing high-ranking exotic beasts were just a game to it!

Xia Fei gritted his teeth, his fiend energy exploding! He accelerated as hard as he could!

However, the moment Xia Fei accelerated, that white exotic beast also accelerated, always maintaining a set distance between it and Xia Fei.


Furball grew furious. It was clearly messing around with him and his master!

Xia Fei suddenly had a terrifying idea. There was only one existence higher and more arrogant than Divine Beasts: the Yggdragon!

Could this be a living Yggdragon?!


As Xia Fei was pondering on this question, his feet suddenly slipped, and he entered a very strange state. It was as though time had stopped!

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