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Chapter 1220 - Proof through slaughter!  

Chapter 1220: Proof through slaughter!

The ruckus Xia Fei had caused at the base of the mountain was immediately reported to the summit, and countless people began to hold whispered conversations.

“What? The Fufeng Clan’s people went to find Xia Fei, and have already been exterminated at the foot of the mountain!?” Qiu Yang blurted out in shock. “Idiots! Fools! If that was how things were going to turn out, I wouldn’t have told them! It seems that the mighty Fufeng Clan can’t even kill a single Xia Fei!”

“It’s not that the Fufeng Clan is too weak, but that Xia Fei is too strong! A Rank 8 Plant lineage Great Spiritualist is with him! He also took action!” the scout swiftly reported.

“The Plant lineage? Ulan?” Qiu Yang muttered in surprise.

Qiu Yang was quite familiar with this name. Ulan was the most famous member of the Plant lineage. Qiu Yang had lived for more than a thousand years, he had been around the place.

After hearing the report from his subordinate, Qiu Yang was brimming with rage, but had nowhere to vent it. He had established an agreement with Qiu Xingbang this time. If he didn’t kill Xia Fei this time, he would willingly be secluded for the rest of his life!

Qiu Xingbang hated Xia Fei to the bone for killing his cherished disciple in front of him, not showing even a shred of respect for Xingbang. Alas, they were both Dragoons, so Qiu Xingbang couldn’t act directly. Thus, he had agreed to Qiu Yang’s plan to borrow the knife of another to kill him. At the same time, he would see how capable his son was. If he really was no good, Qiu Xingbang would have no choice but to give up on him.

Qiu Yang was being treated unjustly, even more unjustly than Dou E!

If not for Xia Fei, he would at least have been able to become a Spiritualist like Zesyr Night, but alas, the plans of men could not compare to the plans of the Heavens. Xia Fei had come out of nowhere like a monster and taken everything from Qiu Yang. How could Qiu Yang not loathe Xia Fei?

To Qiu Xingbang’s surprise, his younger son Qiu Yue suddenly spoke up. His eyes had narrowed into slits as he said, “Big Brother, what are you so worried about? Look over there. The Xiao Clan and Shui Clan’s people are about to head down.”

Qiu Yang and Qiu Xingbang glanced over where Qiu Yue was looking, and saw that the pack of crazy women from the Xiao Clan and that old man from the Shui Clan were standing up and heading down.

Qiu Xingbang was astonished. His younger son possessed a focus far beyond that of Qiu Yang.

Qiu Xingbang had two sons. Everyone knew Qiu Yang was the little brother and Qiu Yue was the older, but the truth was the exact opposite. Qiu Xingbang had been hiding Qiu Yang’s real age this entire time. In fact, Qiu Yang had been born more than a thousand years ago, while Qiu Yue was only twenty-four this year!

“Good! The Fufeng Clan was finished off at the perfect time! The Serene Jadewater Clan and that pack of crazy women from the Xiao Clan will definitely kill Xia Fei!” Qiu Yang clenched his fists as he spoke, but Qiu Yue remained unmoved, as if none of this had anything to do with him.

Composure! Qiu Yang had lived for more than a thousand years, so was this really all the composure he had!?

Qiu Xingbang was suddenly filled with regret. If he had known this was going to happen, he would have pushed more for Qiu Yue. Compared to Qiu Yang, the much younger Qiu Yue had more of the makings of a great general!

A lack of a successor had always been a sore spot for Qiu Xingbang. He had started off as a mediocre sort himself, and had needed the miraculous encounters within the Expanse of the Founders to achieve his meteoric rise. Qiu Yang had inherited Qiu Xingbang’s mediocrity and foolishness, and only time and countless treasures had been able to make up for them.

Qiu Yang had needed a thousand years to cultivate to the Founder tier, a sign of how lacking his foundations were. Zesyr Night and Hanzhu Night were all normal people in their teens and twenties, but their aptitude was far greater than Qiu Yang’s.

For the sake of his dignity, Qiu Xingbang had spent a thousand years creating this fake genius, constructing an enormous plot in the hopes that Qiu Yang could grow famous in a single night, but Xia Fei had shattered it all with a single punch. The thought of it left Qiu Xingbang seething with killing intent, and he cursed Xia Fei’s name.

As the Shui Clan and Xiao Clan prepared to head down, Basalthastily went up and asked, “Everyone, where are you going? The ceremony is about to begin!”

The Shui and Xiao Clans hadn’t come here for the Unrestricted Spirit’s ancestor. They said a few polite words and made up some excuses before rushing down the mountain.

Once the two clans were gone, Basalt, Lingxing, and Hei Wuji got together. Lingxing inquired, “Is this some sort of trouble that Xia Fei has stirred up for us? This just doesn’t add up! I really can’t get my head around this. Could this kid know that we want to kill him? And then there’s Ulan! Did the Dark Spiritualists leak our plans?”

‘At a total loss’ described the trio perfectly. If there was someone who had a grudge against the Unrestricteds and wanted to ruin their forefather’s ceremony, no one would consider Xia Fei!

He was an outsider who had only recently entered the Alpha Universe, so why would he want to cause a mess at Unrestricted Spirit!? Moreover, he had a close relationship with Fuchen, and Fuchen would not be happy if Unrestricted Spirit was ruined.

Hei Wuji frowned. “It truly is strange. Xia Fei has even killed the Fufeng Clan’s people, as if there was some sort of grudge between them! And now that the Shui and Xiao Clans have rushed off! I’m guessing that they’re also going to cause trouble for Xia Fei!”

Basalt sneered, “I’ve heard that Xia Fei is known for constantly being in trouble; it seems like the rumors are true! But this is perfect. We don’t need to do anything, just let the Shui and Xiao Clans kill him, solving all our problems. We won’t need to worry about whether he’s a madman, or just a fool!”

The rather unintelligent Basalt had spoken the truth. The three of them decided to just ignore Xia Fei. In any case, a nobody like him couldn’t cause too much of a stir. As for the Dark Spiritualists, the three didn’t suspect them at all. While Master Southsand was a ruthless fellow, he was also a prestigious senior whose word could be trusted.

The Unrestricted Sect’s forefather ceremony began in the middle of this hubbub, but it had headed off in a direction no one could have predicted. Bad news always spread quickly, and it wasn’t long before people found out that this Xia Fei fellow had come to ruin the party.

The problem was… who in the world was Xia Fei!? Why did he have such a grudge against Unrestricteds!?

“Grandpa!” After listening to the clan scout’s report, Zesyr Night grabbed Cloud Night’s arm and whispered hoarsely, on the verge of tears.

Cloud Night frowned and said, “Don’t panic. There’s something very weird going on here, so let’s wait and see. Xia Fei is such a smart person, so he can’t be doing this mindlessly. Do you think he called me over to take care of his corpse?”

Xia Fei didn’t know if he needed a corpse-cleaning service, but if he did need one, it definitely wouldn’t be for himself!

As if on purpose, Xia Fei had stopped midway up the mountain. It was like he was waiting for something.

A dozen or so people quickly came down from the summit. Opposite them stood the lonely duo of Xia Fei and Ulan.

“Which of you is Xia Fei!?” a middle-aged woman wearing white gauze snarled, her face savage.

This was Xiao Xiao’s mother, Madam Hai! Next to her were over ten women in the same garb, all of them from the Xiao Clan.

The Xiao Clan was very strange. As if it was cursed, its men rarely lived long lives, to the extent that Xiao Xiao had been its sole remaining sprout.

Alas, Xia Fei had killed this lone sprout, ending the Xiao Clan line and turning it into the laughingstock of the entire Alpha Universe!

“I’m here!” Xia Fei replied, stepping forward.

The crazy women of the Xiao Clan gnashed their teeth, wanting nothing more than to eat him alive. Madam Hai turned pale as she raised a trembling arm and tried to say something.

But Xia Fei didn’t intend to give her a chance to speak.

“Cut the chatter! You want my life, right? If you’ve got the skill, come and get it!” Xia Fei roared at them, forcing back those vicious words that Madam Hai had thought about for many days and nights.


Madam Hai threw up blood in her rage!

Alas, the unsympathetic Xia Fei wasn’t falling for that trick. Today, he was determined to settle accounts with these people!

Explain!? Xia Fei didn’t want to explain, nor did he plan to explain!

Those who fought against him were enemies, and all his enemies had to die!

The Fiendwing erupted!

Dragging the White Dragon’s Screech behind him, Xia Fei charged ahead. Nirvana and Furball had his left and right, while Peacock Blue protected Xia Fei’s front!

This was truly unreasonable to the extreme. Though he was the one being sought out for vengeance, he had gone on the offensive!

Ulan clenched his teeth and decided to go along with Xia Fei’s tempo. Xia Fei had said that he wanted to get justice for Fuchen, but it now seemed like Xia Fei just wanted to go crazy!

“The Skywings are here on business! Unconcerned people should stay away!”

Xia Fei lunged forward with incredible speed. The Xiao Clan women thought to themselves, Since you’re not going to let us talk, then we’ll fight! In any case, killing Xia Fei will vent our hatred!

But they never expected that Xia Fei had laid an ambush!

The Skywing Wolves arrived a split-second later!

They had been hiding in the forest this whole time, just waiting for Xia Fei’s signal! It was no wonder Xia Fei had been waiting. It turned out that he had backup!

Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng led the charge, holding a staff in his hand and smashing it at the nearest white-clothed woman!

The Skywing Wolves were absurdly fast, and this force consisted of the swiftest among them! The worst of them could travel at almost ten million meters per second!


The woman instantly saw stars, and then Xia Guanghai came up and swung his fist!

Speed was king!

The crazy women of the Xiao Clan were attacked from both sides by the Skywing Wolves, and five or six heads were instantly sent rolling on the ground.

There were two things the women of the Xiao Clan could never have imagined. The first was that the Skywings had no appreciation for beauty at all! They even killed women, and very brutally!

An important reason the Xiao Clan had been able to gain an advantage against the other clans in the past was because it consisted entirely of women who were mostly widows, and no one was really willing to kill them. After all, they would be burdened by that reputation, and besides, it was awful to have a bunch of crazy women cursing you out at your front door.

But the Skywings were wolves! They didn’t care who their opponent was! The fiendish blade killed gods and demons alike! Even if these were crazy women, they still needed to be wiped out!

The Xiao Clan women discovered that the Skywings were even crazier than they were! When women went crazy, they wept, raved, and then hung themselves. But when the Skywings went crazy, they took people’s lives!

With a great rumble, a merciless purge commenced on the mountain! A bunch of crazy speedsters began to slaughter a bunch of crazy women! The Xiao Clan women were scared silly. They had thought themselves unreasonable, but it was only when they encountered the Skywings that they realized that they were no match!

“All of you, stop!” This voice was like the roar of a dragon and the howl of a tiger!

An angry old man stood in front of the Xiao Clan women. He pushed his hands forward, and what seemed like a great flood breaching a dam was unleashed!

This was the head of the Serene Jadewater Clan, Shui Niao! He stood at the apex of water experts, and he had been given the moniker of Water Dragon King!

The immense power of the water pushed back the first wave of the Skywings.

Shui Niao’s complexion was ashen as he glared angrily at the Skywing Wolves, Xia Fei, and Ulan! As the clan head of the Serene Jadewater, even without being angry, he exuded majesty. Now that he was angry, it was like an Asura had descended!

Behind him were Shui Guqing, Shui Yazi, and Shui Pingxi!

The three geniuses of the Serene Jadewater! All of them were apex Soul Eaters!

“You…” Shui Niao was just about to speak when his voice was drowned out by Xia Fei’s Fiendish energy and even louder voice!

“I came here to kill, not to hear someone’s nonsense! Old thing, shut your mouth!”


Not letting them talk again!?


The unreasonable Xia Fei was practically frustrating Shui Niao to death!

Reason! There was nothing reasonable to talk about!

Xia Fei had never intended to explain himself to anyone!

Screw your rights and wrongs, your friendships and grudges!

When the sword came out, it would never go back!

Since he had grudges with them all, he would clear them all by killing everyone!

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