Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 933 - Rookies, Weaklings, Bunkers, Too Cool

Chapter 933: Rookies, Weaklings, Bunkers, Too Cool

The bullet had only brushed past Matt’s thigh and hadn’t lodged in his leg, which was lucky.

Luke quickly cleaned and bandaged Matt’s wound.

The side effect of such efficient actions was that it hurt like hell.

Matt couldn’t help but grunt as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Luke, however, didn’t let him go. While cleaning his wound, he didn’t forget to mock him. “It’s good that it hurts now. If you really die, you won’t feel pain anymore. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you still dare to come out when there’s a bounty of ten million on you. There are at least a hundred hitmen in New York waiting for a walking treasury like you to appear.”

Even though Matt was grimacing in pain, his attention was still caught by the words. “A bounty?”

“I heard that Frank D’Amico’s wife put up a bounty in revenge because you and your partners killed her husband and son. The reward for the five masked men, including you, is ten million,” Luke replied.

Matt: “Huh?”

Luke said, “What? Don’t you have any sources? You don’t even know such a big thing. New York is full of hitmen waiting for you every night.”

Matt finally came back to himself. “But… I’ve never killed anyone, much less have a partner!”

Luke shrugged. “I don’t know. In any case, that’s what they say about the bounty. Why don’t you explain to D’Amico’s wife that you’re innocent and ask her to cancel the bounty?”

Matt: …I would be crazy to do something so stupid.

After pretending to be ignorant, Luke said casually, “I heard that the initial bounty was only four million dollars, and the target was the person who killed the father and son. But the wife suddenly added six million dollars the next day, and listed you, Smiley Face, Black Cat, Big Daddy, and Hit-Girl as the targets.”

Matt’s mind whirled. “Are you saying that someone made her put me on the bounty list?”

Luke said, “Only you would know what’s up with that. Maybe you secretly teamed up with your masked friends to kill the D’Amico father and son.”

After a brief silence, Matt shook his head. “I don’t have any friends, and I don’t know them.”

Luke nodded. “I thought as much. He wears a mask, but you wear a cloth head covering. He’s invulnerable, and you get hurt easily. I think your friend won’t be so stingy as to not give you any protective gear.”

Matt smiled bitterly. “Even with that kind of armor, I can’t use it. It’ll affect my movements. Otherwise, it’ll be easy to get a bulletproof vest.”

Luke snorted. “The point is that you’re poor! Don’t you know that some high-quality materials can be bulletproof and won’t affect your movements? Although, 100,000 bucks for a set isn’t cheap.”

Matt: “…”

Now that he knew this, where could he buy clothes made from these high-quality materials?

Luke finished up at that moment. He casually tossed all the bits and bobs into the first aid kit and said, “This is my safe house. You can rest here. You can leave when you’re ready.”

As he spoke, he took out a prepaid phone and placed it on the table next to him. “Keep this phone on you. I’ll contact you in two days.”

Matt: “Thank you.”

Luke waved his hand. “Don’t be in a hurry to come out. Those hitmen have gone crazy. If you don’t want them to take your body for money, you should take a break.”

Matt said, “But this problem still needs to be sorted out, right?”

Daredevil still had to protect Clinton, and it was impossible for him to hide forever.

Luke chuckled. “Do you think you’re the only one who’s good in New York? Are those masked friends of yours deaf and mute, and don’t know how to snoop around? Since this isn’t your doing, do you think they won’t deal with it?”

As he spoke, he slapped Matt’s wound, and the guy groaned in pain.

“Young man, you can’t be too brash when doing good. Learn from your masked friends.” Saying that, he walked out the door with the first aid kit.

Matt watched him leave and relaxed.

As for those masked friends, he wasn’t in the mood to argue about them.

He could tell that Puncher was deliberately using them to mock him.

He had taken the blame for whatever they did.

What was even more unfortunate was that he didn’t even know that he had become a scapegoat. He had crashed into the hitmen’s trap and almost died.

He really needed to reflect on it.

If he had been a little more cautious and asked around first, he wouldn’t have been attacked without any warning.

Next time, he would definitely look for an informant first and ask about the situation before he appeared.

Lying alone in the safe room, Lawyer Matt reflected on his mistake, while Luke returned to the battlefield through the sewers.

When he came out of the sewers, he changed back into his clothes and got into the car waiting at the alley entrance.

“Our vanguard has arrived. The hitmen are retreating,” said Selina as she moved to the passenger seat.

Luke hummed in response. “What did Dustin say?”

“He said he already made the call. We can report in tomorrow,” said Selina.

Relieved, Luke stepped on the gas and returned to the lab.

When he got home, he saved the video footage from the drone in the database, and also had Little Snail scan the stack of information which the bartender Weasel had given to him.

After he came out of the shower, Little Snail reported a piece of good news. “Sir, seven of the profiles you gave me match the targets from the drone footage. Four of them are tagged ‘rookies,’ two are ‘weaklings,’ and one is ‘bunker’.”

Luke was helpless.

This was the original classification method used by Weasel.

Perhaps using these terms made the bartender feel he was “cool.”

“Let me see who the bunker is,” he said casually.

Little Snail immediately pulled up the virtual screen.

Luke chuckled.

This guy was the hitman who had avoided his triple shot. He indeed had professional marksmanship, and he was clearly much better than the others.

Of course, Luke had punched this “bunker” player in the back of the head, and the man was now cold.

Making himself a cup of tea, he sat back down on the couch in the living area. “Find out who were the hitmen who appeared tonight. Also, show me the files on the six rookies and weaklings.”

Looking at the descriptions of the hitmen in Weasel’s info pack, and comparing them with the drone footage, Luke basically understood what Weasel’s labels meant.

Hitmen who were labeled as rookies were either newbies or didn’t have any achievements.

Hitmen who were labeled as weaklings had been in the business for a while, but hadn’t completed enough assignments or they weren’t up to scratch.

As for the hitmen who were labeled as bunkers, they were probably veterans or even “famous” figures.

However, in the list which Weasel had given to him, Luke didn’t find any hitmen from the Fraternity, including Mr. X, who was dead, or any of the ordinary ones from the textile factory.

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