Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 852 - Black Mask VS Kingpin

Chapter 852: Black Mask VS Kingpin

“Only in this way can good people be victorious and the villains lose, and the world be at peace.”

This soliloquy, which sounded like a recital, wasn’t interrupted by the bullets or screams; from beginning to end, the tempo of the recital never changed.

When Luke said the last sentence, the four leaders with Owen all stepped back in fear.

Only the boss, Owen, didn’t back down at all.

His glare was hard, but he couldn’t help but look down at that gray knife.

There were no stains on it, but Owen could smell the thick scent of blood.

That sharp blade was pressed to his throat, and he didn’t even dare swallow.

Doing his best to stop shaking, Owen tried moving his lips without moving his throat. “Who are you?”

“An identity is but a formality, and what I am is just a man in a mask.” Luke smiled. “Now, I’ll ask the questions and you’ll answer them. As long as your answers are to my satisfaction, tonight will be a good memory.”

Owen’s heart sank. “What do you want to know?”

“First, who caused the explosions with the Russians? Second, who is the black mask making trouble for? Third, who incited the police to capture the black mask?” asked Luke.

The Irish gang was older than the rest. While they weren’t well-off, they still had a lot of information.

The other forces were just as well-informed, but the so-called Asian and Russian gangs were involved.

When it came to the black mask, the Irish gang as a bystander was a little more objective since it didn’t really involve their interests. They were the easiest to talk to.

Those who could be leaders in Clinton even as they lived under the shadow of Kingpin were smarter than the rest – those who weren’t as smart were already dead.

Owen hesitated in the face of these questions, but it was only for a moment before he felt pain in his throat, and something warm trickled down his neck, followed by the smell of blood.

He gave in decisively. “It was probably Kingpin who caused the explosions. Recently, the black mask stole several batches of goods from the Russians which belonged to Kingpin. Kingpin wasn’t happy, and wanted them to make up the loss, but the Russians didn’t want to pay for it.”

Using his multiple abilities, Luke confirmed that the guy was telling the truth. At least, Owen believed it.

He nodded slightly, and the knife withdrew a millimeter from Owen’s throat. “Two more questions.”

As soon as Luke said the words, Owen was already speaking quickly and smoothly. “From the information I received, the black mask is actually looking for trouble with Kingpin. He only targeted the Russians because they were helping Kingpin transport the goods.”

He then looked at Luke.

Luke nodded again. “One last question.”

“It’s Kingpin again.” Owen gave the answer that Luke had expected. “He’s the king of the underground here. His words carry more weight here than whatever the mayor of New York says. Many of the cops are his men. The black mask has been harassing Kingpin a lot recently, and the Russians can’t catch the black mask. Kingpin probably wants to use the power of the police to dig out the black mask.”

He then looked at Luke.

Luke thought for a moment before he asked, “Do you know how many people the black mask has killed?”

This time, Owen hesitated for a long while, but in the end, he shook his head and said, “My men have seen him a few times, but he only beats up people with his fists and sticks. He hasn’t killed anyone, and he doesn’t use a knife or a gun. I’ve never heard of him killing anyone. Even with the Russians, only dozens of people were heavily wounded or hospitalized. None of them died.”

Luke nodded. “Thank you for your cooperation.” He then turned around, his cloak fluttering behind him.

Only then did Owen breathe a sigh of relief, glad to have escaped. However, a shadow flashed in front of his eyes, and his wrists burned with pain.

He lowered his head and screamed, just like his subordinates.

How could Luke let the gang leader go?

He didn’t kill Owen because he wanted to leave a permanent impression on the gangsters in the neighborhood: V didn’t necessarily kill people, and liked to abide by the rules of a deal.

It was like with the black mask; few people would fight him to the death because they knew that they would be beaten up at most.

Of course, the black mask didn’t kill people, but he often broke one or two bones of dishonest people.

None of the gangsters wanted to suffer like that. Most of them would admit defeat after a few punches to avoid any additional physical pain.

It was the same for Luke.

In fact, these people weren’t badly injured.

However, after their injuries healed, they would find that their hands shook.

It wasn’t a problem in daily life, but it would be difficult for them to beat up people or use a gun.

By the time they confirmed that their hands were crippled, it would be at least a month or two; they might not be able to stand here anymore.

In keeping with this persona, Luke didn’t destroy the drugs here, either; he would switch to another identity tomorrow to deal with it.

After all, a black mask who was “New York’s Batman” had already appeared in the Clinton area, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there were a few more characters who liked to beat people up.

After leaving the nest, Luke and Selina went to a building near the river.

Looking at the night view of the Hudson River, the two of them discussed the intelligence they had just obtained.

“If Owen isn’t lying, this incident was caused by the conflict between Kingpin and the black mask,” said Selina.

Luke nodded and said, “Owen is basically telling the truth. After all, it has nothing to do with him.”

Selina said, “I remember you saying that Bullseye is one of Kingpin’s men, right? With the black mask making so much trouble, why hasn’t Kingpin’s number one hitman appeared?”

Luke said, “It seems that Bullseye hasn’t shown up in New York recently. He disappeared not long after he returned from Los Angeles.”

He felt some regret over this.

A few days ago, when he heard that the black mask was targeting Kingpin, he thought he would have the chance to run into Bullseye.

Listening to Owen today, he could confirm that Kingpin and the black mask were indeed locked in fierce conflict, but Bullseye never made an appearance.

There were many possibilities: Bullseye was dead, or had run away, or it was possible that he had left Kingpin’s command.

Either way, it meant that Luke couldn’t deal with Bullseye and obtain his abilities.

Luke had never forgotten Bullseye’s abilities.

He had thought the monk wouldn’t leave the mountain, but he now realized that the monk had probably returned to a normal life and gone home to start a family.

However, there were plenty of superhumans in this world.

Luke felt some regret, but not so much.

As long as he stayed in New York, and in Manhattan, the center of the Marvel world, a lot of superhumans would come knocking.

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