Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 696 - Goodbye, and Los Angeles Welcomes You

Chapter 696: Goodbye, and Los Angeles Welcomes You

With a smile on his face, Luke put the sketches back and hugged her. “No, I think what we need to do is deepen our understanding of each other…”

Elena exclaimed, “Wait, I want another cup of coffee…”

Luke chuckled. “Isn’t there some in my mouth?”

The rain outside the window didn’t stop after a night, but grew even heavier.

They didn’t go out to play, even though Paris was a beautiful place in the rain.

In Elena’s words, she had visited all the streets and alleys of Paris already, and all she wanted to do was stay home.

Luke bought a quick breakfast at a coffee shop on the street corner, and the two stayed in the apartment.

Elena looked at the window and suddenly said that it would be great if she could open it directly and look at the rain outside.

Luke smiled and went to Pierre’s tool shed. He found some tools and materials, and after half an hour, he modified her window.

Although Tony Stark’s abilities had to do with machines, it wasn’t hard for Luke to modify the window.

Looking at how the window opened upward instead of outward, a pleasantly surprised Elena asked, “This will work?”

Luke was amused. “A thousand years ago, China had windows like this. I didn’t invent it.”

As he spoke, he latched the metal supports on both sides in place and raised the window. “How about this?”

Elena waved at him with a smile. After Luke put down his tools and walked over, she gave him a kiss. “Are you really a police officer? I think you’re more like a mechanic.”

Luke bent down slightly and carried her into the bathroom to wash off the dust and wood shavings. “Yes, I’m good at fixing certain things.”

For example, people! he mumbled inwardly.

A while later, they sat back down at the table and enjoyed their coffee as they looked at Paris in the rain.

The light rain outside the window cooled the room down.

Elena shivered. Luke covered her with a blanket with a smile. “Don’t catch a cold.”

Elena was about to reply, when she exclaimed, “No, just sit here for a while… ah, forget it, do what you want.”

Luke, however, picked up the coffee on the table and poured her another cup. “Isn’t it more comfortable to drink it like this?”

Elena bit her lip. “Can’t you stay still for a while?”

Luke shrugged. “I’m very honest now.”

Elena was lost for words.

When night fell and Luke was done showering, he looked at Elena, who was dozing on the bed, and kissed her.

She responded sleepily, then suddenly opened her eyes and woke up with a start. “You’re leaving?”

Luke nodded. “I have a plane to catch later.”

Elena nodded. “Got it. Then, go.”

Looking at her face, Luke smiled and stroked her. “You can come to Los Angeles when you have the time. There are a lot of art centers there.”

Elena stared at him. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll interrupt your work?”

Luke said, “Are you going to look at me every day instead of the art you like?”

Elena punched him. “You should learn more from that love master. That isn’t touching at all. Go, don’t miss your flight.”

Luke kissed her again and left with his backpack.

Elena didn’t get up. She simply lay in bed, deep in thought.

A gust of wind blew, and she shivered. Waking up from contemplation of her future studies, she covered her naked body with a blanket.

Looking at the open window and the faint lights outside, she sighed in satisfaction. “It really is beautiful.”

After boarding the flight, Luke didn’t find it boring. He took out the newspaper which he had bought before he boarded the plane and read the headlines leisurely.

What was going on in Europe recently?

Of course, there was only one major incident, and that was the series of events related to Dukhovich at The Hague.

From Coventry in England to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and to The Hague in the end, a string of violent events in these places proved to be related to the butcher, Dukhovich.

What was even more bizarre was that he was thrown down from the courthouse building and pierced to death on the iron railing when he tried to escape.

Photos of Dukhovich hanging on the iron railing was a regular feature in the headlines of European newspapers for the past two days.

Although all the images were basically censored, there were plenty of HD photos online.

At the same time, the hottest topic on the Internet wasn’t the dead Dukhovich, but the Angel of Judgment who had thrown him off the building.

At that time, almost all the reporters in the court square had taken photos of the Angel of Judgment leaving Dukhovich and flying away.

The photos were reposted by more newspapers, and the people who didn’t care about Dukhovich became curious.

There were even imaginative European netizens who proposed a new theory — because of the appearance of American Batman, our superheroes have also appeared! The era of superheroes is coming, so let us cheer!

When Luke read the information on the Internet earlier in the day, he couldn’t help but sigh at how astute netizens were.

The superhero era of this world really was coming!

Even without him around, it would be an era where superheroes and supervillains took turns dominating the headlines.

He wasn’t interested in being in the limelight. He was more concerned about public opinion in the newspapers.

Generally speaking, the news that bigger media outlets divulged followed a trend.

When all the media outlets spoke the same way, it meant that the authorities had reached a clear consensus.

The Western world was a professional at manipulating the media and could play the common masses without batting an eye.

Only with the appearance of smartphones would everything change!

Anyone with a smartphone and some apps could become an eyewitness with “pics and the facts.”

It would be even harder to hide the truth and fool the public.

Luke had been looking forward to this era for a long time!

The plane took off at night and landed at night. Breathing in the summer air of Los Angeles, Luke felt a sense of homecoming.

He was very satisfied with the experience and credit points in the system from his personal operations this time.

Host’s experience: 46,350 / 90,000

Credit: 35,050

He had earned 16,000 experience and credit points in four days, which was very efficient.

After killing Dukhovich, the system gave him 3,000 experience and credit points in one go, which proved that this guy truly was a butcher.

The last day he spent with Elena made him even happier, and the entire journey ended perfectly.

After taking a cab home from the airport, Luke washed up and went to his workshop.

He hadn’t done any work with his hands in the last few days, and they were itching.

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