Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 396 - Learn to Live, Live to Learn

Chapter 396 Learn to Live, Live to Learn

Rolling his eyes, Luke grabbed a frying pan from his inventory and hit the back of this lucky dog’s head hard.

System: You have killed Johnny Mullah. You may now learn all his abilities.

Luke chuckled and immediately learned Quick Reflex.

Almost instantly, he felt that there was something more to his reactions, which were extraordinary to begin with.

It was hard to describe the feeling; it was different from when his Dexterity improved.

This Quick Reflex allowed his body to move more quickly and skillfully.

There was the faint sense of better coordination between his immense strength and swift reactions now.

Sensing the effects of the ability he had just acquired, Luke looked at Johnny Mullah’s body on the ground.

This guy had extraordinary reflexes and marksmanship.

When Luke broke in earlier, the guy had reacted almost instantly and taken out his gun to disrupt Luke’s barrage.

But this Johnny Mullah was too inexperienced. Luke had lured him out with nothing more than two empty MP5S.

Johnny Mullah thought that he would succeed with his surprise attack, but was greeted by the end of Luke’s third MP5.

If Johnny Mullah had been more cautious, it would’ve been much more difficult for Luke to kill him.

Pondering for a moment, Luke stored the unlucky bastard whose head he had smashed with the frying pan into his inventory.

This guy’s body could still be of use.

Thinking that, he walked over to the control panel. Looking at the feed of the hold which was filling up with water, as well as the countless buttons on the CIC, Luke sighed helplessly.

He didn’t know how to operate a battleship.

What if he pressed a random button and made the marines drown faster? Or what if the battleship sank to the bottom of the ocean?

He didn’t plan to find out how many credit points he would lose for making such a mistake.

Taking note of the hold’s location from the screen, he quickly got up and left the CIC.

What he lacked in knowledge, he had to make up with hard labor now!

Sighing, Luke collected all the criminals’ weapons and ammo, and set up a small device in the CIC, before he headed in the direction of the sealed hold.

When he reached the hold at the prow of the ship and saw that the door had been welded shut, he felt like beating someone up. These damn criminals really knew how to make life difficult!

Thankfully, the tool which the criminals had welded the door shut with was on the side.

Luke activated the tool, and it spurted bluish white flames which quickly started to melt the sides of the door.

But after only half the welding points were melted, the bluish white flames quickly diminished and vanished.

Luke was lost for words. No wonder the tool had been abandoned. It didn’t have much juice left!

He dropped the tool and observed the door.

Although it hadn’t accomplished the task, half the welding points had been melted, and the door wasn’t sealed as tightly as before.

Taking a deep breath, he gripped the edge of the door with both hands and slowly pulled it outward.


With a drawn out and unpleasant sound of screeching metal, the remaining welding points were forcefully torn apart.

When the weight in his hands lightened, Luke knew that all the welding points had been broken. Instead of going in, he turned around and promptly fled.

His life would never be peaceful again if they knew he was the one who saved them.

Mission: Rescue the imprisoned marines, completed.

Total experience: 4,200. Total credit: 4,200.

Contribution rate: 100%. EXP +4,200. Credit +4,200.

At least two hundred marines must’ve been locked inside the hold. Luke had to thank the professional criminals who had rounded all of them up in the same place.

For this amount of experience and credit points, this private job had been worth it.

Luke dropped most of the guns and ammo he had taken off the criminals at the door to the hold. He only kept the three MP5s that he had used earlier.

It was now time for him to take care of the remaining criminals.

Laybecker was certainly one tough cook. On Luke’s way to rescue the marines, he had heard the vague sound of gunfire on the deck. Clearly, the man was still fighting the criminals.

Luke snuck off to the CIC again.

This was the control center for the entire battleship. If the criminals lost control of this place, they basically wouldn’t be able to make use of the weapons on board.

Without these weapons, they wouldn’t be able to withstand attacks from the military at all; two SEAL teams would be enough to teach them a lesson.

It had been some time since he eliminated the criminals in the CIC; the rest of them must’ve already sensed something wrong. As he expected, when he arrived at the corridor outside the CIC, he noticed two armed criminals hiding cautiously in one corner, as if on guard against any ambushes. Luke took out his fake phone and checked the surveillance feed of the CIC via his device.

Apart from the two guards outside the door, there were only four people inside.

Also, seeing how flustered they were and hearing them bellow into their walkie-talkies from time to time, they probably didn’t know how to operate the battleship as well.

It seemed that Laybecker had killed a lot of criminals too.

The criminals were short of manpower when they had to deal with two hidden enemies and dismantle the missiles at the same time.

Luke put his fake phone back and breathed softly as he muttered, “Time to test the new ability.”

He pushed off and lunged out from around the corner like a shadow.

The two criminals at one end of the corridor were shocked and raised their guns, but then paused.

The moment they raised their guns, the shadow suddenly changed course and zigzagged toward them quickly and erratically.

The two criminals subconsciously tried to aim at the shadow before pulling the trigger.

Actually, if they were worse shooters and simply pulled the trigger and fired randomly, they might have stopped Luke for a while.

But only for a while.

Luke reached them in less than two seconds, and was disinclined to play around.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Firing the two MP5s at the same time, he blew up the heads of the two panicked criminals.

Crouching on the floor, Luke let the two MP5S dangle from his shoulder on their slings. He then grabbed the bodies of the criminals and charged into the CIC.

Exerting his strength, he threw the two bodies at another two criminals who looked at the intruder in astonishment.

He picked up the MP5s again.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

The last two criminals who hadn’t been hit dropped in front of the control panel from shots to the back of their heads.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

The two criminals who had been hit with the bodies were shot and killed too.

Luke sighed.

There was no expert like Johnny Mullah in the CIC this time. These guys were complete rookies!

Even put together, they weren’t as difficult to deal with as Johnny Mullah!

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