Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Daddy System’s Super Cheat Tool

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Robert could lie on the new sofa like a paralyzed person and he still wouldn’t slide down.

It was an extremely comfortable feeling.

Luke picked up the newspaper which Robert had just finished reading and said with a smile, “It’s good that everyone is happy.”

During the past few days, he had already spent the three stat points he received. All of them had been allocated to dexterity.

After that night, he gained a profound understanding of the importance of dexterity.

It helped him become more nimble, control his body better, and improve his shooting speed.

Although his aim wasn’t very good, he could simply fire until he hit his target with his improved dexterity.

Of course, strength was just as useful.

It helped stabilize his grip on his gun, which made it easier for him when he was sprinting or climbing walls, and improved his sight and hearing, which helped him detect his opponents before they could detect him first.

Strength and dexterity were like a couple that complemented each other, and neither one was dispensable.

If he had allocated all his stat points to strength, he wouldn’t have been able to react in time during the battle with the Mexican gang, and would have wound up rammed to death by the truck. Or the subsequent rain of bullets might have killed him instead.

And if he had focused only on dexterity, his brain might be able to react fast enough, but his body would lack the strength and resilience to execute the commands from his brain, also putting him in great danger.

And if he had allocated all his stat points to mental strength, he would probably be dead by now.

If he treated this like a game where focusing on a single stat was enough, that would be akin to suicide.

Real life wasn’t anything like a game. Since the system had provided him with three different stats, all of them had to be useful.

Strength was the foundation of his body, dexterity determined the efficiency with which he used his body, and mental strength probably had an even bigger effect.

He could prioritize certain stats, but he still had to maintain balance and ensure that no one stat fell too far behind.

Nevertheless, he still decided to allocate more stat points to dexterity for now. Dexterity was much more helpful for when he was using a gun.

But this time, something unexpected happened when he allocated stat points to dexterity.

After he allocated the final stat point to dexterity, it reached 20 points.

Suddenly, the sense of discomfort intensified, and the feeling was even worse than the first time he allocated stat points to dexterity.

Fortunately, he had gotten off work at the time; he only recovered after spending half a day in bed.

He soon discovered that the discomfort had been well worth it.

Luke discovered that after his dexterity reached 20 points, his body had been enhanced significantly.

He tried asking the stupid system about it, but received no response. After many tests, he concluded that when a stat reached 20 points, it would advance to the next level.

Thus, 20 points of dexterity wasn’t as simple as being slightly more dexterous compared with 19 points of dexterity. Rather, he was twice as dexterous now.

But of course, there was no way for him to accurately measure his dexterity; he could only make an educated guess.

But at the next level up, he could consider focusing on strength instead to see if his conclusion was correct.

After all, being twice as strong as an ordinary person or four times stronger than an ordinary person was completely different. Plus, he only needed two more points for his strength to reach that level. The stat points spent would be well worth it.

As he pondered, he flipped through the newspaper.

At that moment, Robert raised the remote control and switched to a sports channel as he said, “Today is the match between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. We can’t miss it.”

Luke’s eyes didn’t move away from the image of a certain handsome bearded guy in the newspaper as he said, “It’s going to be a boring match. The Green Bay Packers are too strong.”

That provoked Robert. “Bullshit. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t afraid of anyone!”

Luke merely hummed a response before he shifted his focus back to the newspaper.

That annoyed Robert even more and he said, “Let’s make a bet. I’ll bet on the Dallas Cowboys.”

Luke: “Hehe.”

After a short while, the bet was set. Each of them put down 10 dollars, and Catherine would be in charge of the prize money while the match was ongoing.

Regardless of who won the bet, the 20 dollars would ultimately be given to Catherine to buy whatever she deemed necessary for the living room.

This development caused Catherine to be speechless.

The two boys were getting all excited over a bet of 10 dollars.

Then again, that was how America was. People enjoyed betting there, and police officers were no exception.

Of course, when betting against close friends or family members, the wager would be small, such as a few dollars. Thus, the result of the bet didn’t matter much.

An hour and a half later, the match ended.

It was Robert’s defeat.

He kept grumbling that the Dallas Cowboys would win next time, but Luke couldn’t be bothered to bicker with him.

Right as the match ended, the system suddenly reacted.

System: You have defeated Robert Greyson. Learning conditions have all been fulfilled. Super learning mode is now activated.

This retarded system had developed a new function.

The name of the new function alone filled Luke with expectations.

Of the numerous systems he had read about, the number one essential function was a storage function.

And the number two essential function was something like a learning space or something that could speed up the host’s learning.

That would help the host quickly learn and master numerous skills.

Suddenly, Luke had a feeling that he should just address the system as Daddy System. After all, although this system had few functions, each of them was very useful.

After interacting with the system for a bit, an odd expression crossed Luke’s face.

He made up his mind. Moving forward, the system would be called Daddy System.

That was because this so-called super learning mode was very different from what he had imagined. This thing was more like a cheat tool.

Super learning mode function: The host may obtain a list of a defeated opponent’s skills, and may purchase the skills with credit points.

If this wasn’t a cheat, then what was? Wasn’t this the same as a copy and paste?

It was also at this moment that the purpose of the final stat given by the system became clear.

The credit was indeed the same as in the other systems he had read about. It was a type of currency for the system.

Luke had a feeling that this was in fact the most important stat in the whole of the Super Detective System since he could purchase skills with it.

The only inconvenience was the fact that he had to defeat opponents to obtain a list of purchasable skills.

Numerous ideas emerged, and certain thoughts that he had long buried in the depths of his mind surfaced uncontrollably.

Perhaps… I can try it out?

He glanced at the newspaper on the side, at the image of the bearded guy who was smiling, and numerous odd ideas filled his mind.

After excusing himself, Luke returned to his room.

When he looked at the list the system had just obtained from Robert, his eyes lit up.

Character: Robert Greyson

Abilities: Basic firearms, basic military combat, basic special combat, basic driving, basic special vehicles piloting, basic tactical command

Holy shit! Robert was indeed a treasure trove! He actually had six abilities!

But of the six abilities, only basic firearms, basic military combat and basic driving were lit up with a note at the end saying that these abilities were available.

The other three were blacked out with “not available” at the end.

The list was shown on an interface which Luke had recently forced the system to use. He really couldn’t get used to looking at only a string of data in his brain with no user interface.

The price was also listed next to each ability.

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