Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Perseverance, and FBI Assistance

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The gunmen who were merrily firing at them were shocked by the return fire and quickly took cover as well.

Previously, they had only dared to fire their guns from right in the middle of the road because of their superior numbers and firepower.

But now, it turned out that their opponents were equipped with heavy firearms as well.

Seline nearly hit two of them.

Those were assault rifle bullets; just one hit would already be extremely punishing.

As Selina fired and kept moving non-stop, the gunmen no longer dared to be as arrogant. They started working with each other to suppress her as they closed in on her.

While Selina opened fire, Luke quickly rushed to the side.

With his immense strength and dexterity, he moved quickly and silently.

Soon, he arrived at the yard next door. Leaning against the wall, he glanced at the ongoing shootout.

He was facing a road about 15 meters wide.

Everything was bigger in Texas, and the roads were wider as well.

If he tried crossing the road just like that, he would probably be killed before he even reached the other side.

From what he could see, they were facing eight opponents, each of them an experienced combatant.

They worked well to ensure that there were six people firing at all times while the other two reloaded.

Luke also noticed that a certain person never opened fire; he hid behind the truck the whole time.

This person was the greatest threat right now.

Luke scanned his surroundings and picked up a round pebble from a flower pot.

He weighed the stone with his hand and found it suitable for the idea he had in mind. It was somewhat heavy, but not overly so.

He focused, and then abruptly exerted himself as he tossed the pebble at the truck and shouted loudly, “Fire in the hole!”

All the gunmen instinctively paused. Unfortunately for them, nobody could see in the dark that the falling round object was in fact a pebble.

The pebble flew straight at the truck and hit the windshield with a thud before bouncing off to land on some metallic object which clanked as the pebble rolled over it.

The gunmen were all greatly shocked. “What the hell? A random small town police officer has a grenade like this on him? Is he a SWAT member?”

The gunfire stopped and everyone leapt for the nearest cover they could find.

And then… nothing happened.

At the exact moment the pebble landed, Luke saw the gunmen’s reactions and how the person behind the truck hid underneath it, and he dashed across the road. In two short seconds, he dove into Bill’s front yard.

The gunmen waited a few seconds, and when they didn’t hear an explosion, they immediately understood that they had been fooled.

One mustn’t think that they were stupid for falling for this. In truth, they had been through too many bloody battles and had witnessed far too many deaths of both their comrades and enemies by grenades.

That was the reason for their hasty reaction.

In any case, they were in Texas, the state with the highest rate of private gun ownership in America. This was also the state with the highest number of army enlistments. Any random army veteran could very well have a grenade or two stored in their home.

Right after Luke crossed the street, he heard a gunshot far in the distance. He narrowed his eyes when he realized that the sound came from the direction of his house.

Exactly how many people had the family sent here? They actually had sufficient numbers to attack three locations at the same time.

Nevertheless, Luke wasn’t anxious at all.

Who was Robert? He was an army veteran who had served in a war zone for eight years. His skill set would be very reliable in their current situation.

Moreover, Robert wasn’t operating alone. Apart from Luke and Selina, Robert still had eight officers ready to move at any time. In fact, they could even face a dozen or so gunmen head on if they wanted.

Thus, Luke wasn’t as nervous as Selina had been earlier.

Instead of rushing to open fire, he waited patiently.

The entire situation had happened abruptly.

In fact, it had been less than three minutes from the moment their car had been rammed until now.

To stay hidden, the FBI agents and other police officers were only stationed at specific locations in town and would only move when required.

Given the size of the town, it wouldn’t take them more than five minutes to reach Luke and Selina.

Sure enough, just as the gunmen stood up and fired at Selina in their fury, a Chevrolet SUV arrived.

The lights of the car were off, and the car thus wasn’t very noticeable under the cover of night.

The car stopped roughly 100 meters away from the gunmen and four agents got out, all of them fully armed with automatic weapons.

They remained silent and were in no rush to open fire. Keeping close to whatever cover they could find along the road, they advanced swifty while staying hidden.

FBI agents naturally weren’t as stupid as the films made them out to be. They wouldn’t do something as stupid as drive right into an active combat situation and shout at the criminals. If they did that, they would have long been turned into a hornet’s nest by the criminals.

Only when the agents were about 50 meters away did the gunmen notice them. Without any hesitation, four of the gunmen aimed at the agents and started firing madly.

At that moment, one of the agents finally shouted, “FBI! You’re surrounded! Lay down your weapons and surrender immediately!”

Luke smiled.

It wasn’t like the FBI agent was shouting because he was stupid. Rather, it was part of procedure.

If even a single enemy refused to lay down his weapon after the FBI agents had clarified their identities, the latter were free to fire.

As members of a law enforcement agency, it was important for them to follow procedure.

For example, officers in New York would have to yell “NYPD!” before breaking into a building.

The shout clarified their identities and was used to frighten their targets. The people inside the building would thus be warned that resistance was illegal, and if they were killed for it, they only had themselves to blame.

The gunmen were professional killers from Mexico, but the FBI agents who had just arrived were also well-trained and cooperated well with each other. Both parties were armed to the teeth.

Across a distance of 34 meters between them, the two parties started firing at each other.

The FBI agents and Selina formed a 90-degree angle that assaulted the gunmen from two positions, making things difficult for them.

As for Luke, his eyes flickered, but he still didn’t open fire. Instead, he moved around Bill’s house and climbed the wall that ran along the street which the truck had rushed out from earlier.

Instead of hopping off, he bent his dexterous body and advanced along the wall.

And from on top of the wall, he was finally able to get a clear look at all the gunmen.

The truck that had rammed into them was in fact a garbage truck. Standing beside the truck was a guy who gave out one command after another, while it seemed that there was also a driver seated inside the truck.

Coupled with the eight gunmen, there were ten of them here.

Based on Chris’s estimate, it was a group of 20 people that had made their way to the town. Thus, that could only mean that only ten other people were attacking both his and Selina’s homes.

The FBI agents and the town’s police officers numbered around 20 people as well, so they weren’t at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Furthermore, they were the ones on the defensive. They only needed to drag this out and more police officers would arrive from Knox City.

At that time, these gunmen wouldn’t be able to escape at all.

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