Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Screw You! I Told You I’ll Blow Your Head Off, I’ll Do It

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Luke was now less than 200 meters from Claire, but it would still take more than ten seconds for him to reach the car. Given his aim, he had zero confidence in stopping the car from speeding off.

Moreover, with Claire in the car now, he was even less inclined to entrust her life to his aim.

If he opened fire and hit Claire instead of the kidnapper, things would get really awkward.

Right at that moment, an energetic old woman’s voice rang out. “Keep your hands off her, or I’ll blow your head off.”

This was followed by a gunshot, shocking the kidnapper so much he froze.

The gunshot caused quite a ruckus.

Luke was pleasantly surprised when he saw that it was Granny Lucy who was aiming a double-barreled shotgun at the car from her window. Smoke was still trailing from the muzzle of the shotgun.

The shot had clearly been fired from this shotgun.

The kidnapper grew nervous. When a shotgun was fired, its pellets spread.

Thus, even if it was a granny who was pointing the shotgun at them, they had no intention of testing their luck with her.

What if they made her so nervous that she accidentally fired the shotgun?

Luke was overjoyed at Granny Lucy’s sudden appearance.

With this interruption, he was confident he could arrive at the car before it drove off.

Noiselessly, he rushed toward the car while staying hidden in the cover along the road.

It was quite late, so he blended well into the shadows.

And finally, the kidnappers reacted.

The person pulling Claire finally dragged her into the car and put her between himself and the shotgun. As he did that, his other hand reached for his waist.

As for the driver, he was also drawing a gun out.

Luke narrowed his eyes and his hand shot out abruptly to grab a trash can by the road.

Then, he tossed the metal trash can out. It spun like a frisbee and streaked across the air straight toward the car’s windshield.

At the same time, Luke dashed forward, his body so low to the ground that he was nearly sticking to it as he moved.

The instant he arrived at the car, he reached out with both hands for the person who had dragged Claire into the car. He wrapped his arms around the person’s neck, bent over, and dragged him to the ground.

At that moment, Luke’s 14 points of dexterity worked to his advantage.

Even as he was dragging this person down, he was still able to twist the person’s neck before slamming his face into the ground.

With a loud thud, the trash can finally hit the windshield and cracked it.

At the same time, another thud sounded as the person whom Luke had grabbed got his head smashed into the ground.

That person passed out before he was able to do anything.

Since Luke had shifted his center of gravity so that the kidnapper’s face took the bulk of the momentum before Luke slammed him to the ground, the kidnapper’s face must be flattened by now.

Claire had also been pulled to the ground along with the kidnapper, and Luke quickly shouted at her, “Stay down!”

Then, he reached for the bag behind him and opened the zip, before reaching inside for his gun.

At the same time, he pressed himself against the car so that the driver couldn’t get a clean shot on him.

As Luke drew his gun, he yelled, “Police! You’re surrounded. Raise your hands and freeze, or I’ll shoot!”

Luke was merely going through the motions when he yelled those words.

In fact, he had already decided that so long as the driver dared to even open the door, he would open fire without any hesitation.

Since the unconscious kidnapper on the ground had a gun at his waist, that was enough grounds for Luke to use whatever force he deemed necessary with the driver.

Luke maintained perfect calm the whole time.

In any case, Granny Lucy was backing him up with a double-barreled shotgun, while his house was right behind him with Robert right inside.

Robert would most likely arrive in less than two minutes. There was no way the driver could escape.

He couldn’t drive off even if he wanted to since the windshield was completely cracked after Luke tossed the trash can at it. The driver wouldn’t be able to see anything through it.

If he dared drive with such a windshield, he would probably crash into something instead.

After yelling, Luke held his gun in front of him as he slowly moved toward the trunk of the car.

With his left hand, he gestured for Claire to move to the trunk as well.

For now, the trunk was the safest spot.

After all, this car was five meters away from the nearest building. If they ran, they would be sitting ducks.

But since this was Luke’s neighborhood, he didn’t mind taking his time and dragging this out.

Abruptly, the front car door opened as a man rolled out. With a ferocious expression, he stared at the rear of the car and prepared to open fire.

Luke’s heart thumped as he retreated without hesitation.

It was obvious that the driver was aiming the gun at him.

He had no intention of exchanging fire with this person at such close range. They would only end up killing each other.

Bang! Bang!


After three bangs, the neighborhood sank into silence.

Luke was stunned. “What’s going on?”

Then, Granny Lucy’s voice rang out. “You scum. Didn’t you hear me? I told you I would blow your head off if you move.”

Luke trembled and walked over to see Lucy lowering her shotgun and reloading it with a smug look on her face.

When Luke looked at the driver, he saw the latter sprawled on the ground with his butt up in the air. His gun was now nowhere to be seen.

And when Luke focused, he saw a bloody hole in his back.

It seemed that Granny Lucy was mistaken. She hadn’t blown this person’s head off, but blasted a hole through his torso.

Only then did Luke say, “Claire, stay low and hide behind the building.” When he said that, he pointed at a nearby house.

Claire was very obedient. Staying low, she ran for cover.

As a police officer, Robert had educated them properly on what to do in a situation like this. Luke only needed to remind her, and she followed, like it was second nature to her.

As for Luke, he stood guard as Claire ran. Only when she got to safety did he sigh with relief. He then rushed forward and kicked the guy whose face he had slammed into the ground earlier.

And when Luke heard a loud crack, he knew that this person wouldn’t survive.

After all, he had kicked the person’s neck in his fury, and he must have broken it.

He wouldn’t spare anyone who dared threaten his family with a gun.

He then walked toward the pitiful soul whom Granny Lucy had shot. He only gave that person a glance to confirm that he was already dead.

The shot had gone straight through his heart.

Only Wolverine would be able to survive such a wound.

Luke heaved a breath of relief as he double-checked the car to make sure that there wasn’t anybody else inside.

When he rushed over earlier, he had already scanned the car. Only after making sure that there were only two of them did he dare attack.

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