Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 2119 - 2119 Are You... Really an Avenger?

2119 Are You… Really an Avenger?

For a moment, the battle in the sky became even more heated.

Hundreds of kilometers away, energy blasts could be seen streaking through the air as the fighter planes exploded like fireflies.

At that moment, the energy cannons of the battleships were like bright meteors, while the explosions on their hulls and protective shields were very distinct.

The Ursa Minor battleships, which were at a disadvantage in terms of performance, had no intention of holding back at all. The order they had received was to move as quickly as possible and force Thanos’s fleet to send more troops.

After firing one vibration cannon blast, their only strategy was to boldly approach the donut battleships and fire with all their might and as accurately as possible at the enemy.

Even if the enemy’s protective shield was broken, it was possible for it to be rebooted.

Given the top-notch performance of Thanos’s battleships, they just needed to wait for the safety overload mechanism to disappear before they recharged, and there was an 80% chance that the protective shield could be reactivated.

The only uncertain factor was how long it would take the protective shield to be reactivated.

It could be half an hour or five minutes, depending on the damage to the battleship.

If one enemy battleship fell now, that was one less ship to counterattack.

Under the crazy pressure from Ursa Minor, the donut battleships could only fire wildly and do their best to resist.

Five minutes later, the remaining four donut battleships were in grave danger and could crash at any moment.

Thanos frowned.

He had been thinking for a while, but he still felt that something wasn’t right, which was why he hadn’t immediately ordered the fleet around him to provide backup.

This opponent was interesting. The galactic tyrant had this subconscious thought.

Half a day ago, in distant space, a little raccoon rocket was cursing wildly in the pilot’s seat. “You’re an idiot, a real idiot…”

Thor looked at him sincerely. “So, can we start jumping now?”

Rocket’s eyes widened. “Do you know that consecutive jumps are very unfriendly for a mammal like me?”

Thor was surprised. “What? Aren’t you a bear?”

“…” Rocket couldn’t help but roar at the idiot, “Bears are mammals too!”

Then, he slapped his forehead. “Fine, nothing good has happened ever since you came along. Buckle up. We’re going to start jumping.”

Thor nodded matter-of-factly and turned his head. “You should’ve just done this earlier. You wasted a few more minutes.”

Rocket was too depressed to be angry with this guy anymore. “When we get to Earth, I guarantee I’ll throw up all my lunch on you. I will.”

Thor chuckled but didn’t say anything. Any vomit would be pulverized by his divine power of lightning.

Rocket didn’t know what he was thinking, or he would’ve definitely threatened to puke on Thor’s head.

At that moment, he simply set their destination and pressed a button.

Boom! The small spaceship flashed through space and shot into a jump point not far away and disappeared.

On the spaceship, Rocket couldn’t help but bellow.

The sensation of continuous jumps was even worse than severe seasickness.

At the 20th jump, Rocket felt like he had been thrown into a blender, twisted apart and then stuck back together.

Thor’s expression was calm as he gripped his newly minted divine weapon, Stormbreaker, with his left hand.

Unfortunately, this was a space jump, and he absolutely didn’t dare use divine power to protect himself. Otherwise, this spaceship might get lost and veer off-course.

By then, it would probably be a few days or even months before he could get to Earth.

Finally, the endless jump was over, and the spaceship left the wormhole and entered a normal flight state.

In the cockpit, one person and one bear were silent.

If anyone could see them, they would see that the co-pilot’s eyes were lifeless.

Thor’s body was stiff, his face was pale, and his lips were pressed tightly together.

The little raccoon couldn’t even close his mouth as he collapsed in the pilot’s seat, foaming at the mouth.

Following a pre-set route, the spaceship entered the solar system after a long while, and Thor finally woke up. He turned his head and puked.

Alarmed by the sound, Rocket shook his dizzy head and looked over. His eyes immediately widened, and he cursed. “My spaceship!”

Thor was throwing up violently and had no time to bother with him.

The little raccoon grumbled for a bit, then suddenly thought of something. He quickly shut up and took out a Light Dagger, which he stuck to his head.

A faint white light pulsed before it turned into a slightly warm current that flowed into his forehead.

The sensation of a kaleidoscope + windmill in Rocket’s little head was quickly dispelled by the warm current.

After a full minute, Rocket finally heaved a long sigh. “Thank god, I’m finally alive.”

Thor, who was next to him, finally raised his head. “You didn’t say that the side effects of consecutive jumps would be this strong.”

Rocket rolled his eyes and threw the Light Dagger at him. “Press this to your head. You’ll be fine in a moment.”

Taking the Light Dagger, Thor obediently did as he was told. Then, he gave a light exclamation. “This thing… looks a little like the Elves’ Spring of Life on Alfheim.”

Rocket said casually, “Oh, I’ll try it out when I get the chance.”

Thor shook his head. “How is that possible? That thing is the lifeblood of the Elves. It’s hard for us in Asgard to ask for it; otherwise, the Elves will think that we want to go to war.”

Rocket was stumped. “Is the Spring of Life very rare?”

Thor said, “Not only is it rare, it’s very scarce. Even if you’re seriously injured, you can recover quickly.”

Uninterested, Rocket turned his head away. “What’s the point of bringing it up then? I prefer what you’re holding. At the very least, we can get our hands on it.”

Thor examined the Light Dagger, before he nodded. “Although the effect is much weaker than the Spring of Life and doesn’t have much effect on me, it’s already pretty good. Hm, where did you get this?”

There were very few things in all of the universe that could work on Thor, who had first-class Asgardian divine power.

It wasn’t a big deal if it wasn’t as good as the Spring of Life. After all, it was basically impossible to obtain that thing.

The Light Dagger, on the other hand, was in his hand.

Hearing the question, Rocket turned around with a strange expression and looked at the new Asgardian king sympathetically. “Didn’t I tell you about the space storage which Big Dipper gave us?”

Thor nodded, then understood. “He gave this to you too?”

Rocket’s sympathy turned to pity. “Of course. Also, Big Dipper said that the Avengers and the Justice League have been using this thing for years. Are you… really an Avenger?”

Thor: …

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