Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1991 - Bad Habits, Time to Leave

Chapter 1991: Bad Habits, Time to Leave

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After obtaining the GPS and the Quantum Suit, Luke wasn’t in a hurry to set off.

Things that were too easy to obtain wouldn’t be treasured properly, not even the Pym Particle.

In any case, it didn’t matter when Scott returned to 2023 – it would only have been five seconds there.

So, during this period of time, the Level 2 clone simply used the Knight alias to take Scott around to ‘inspect’ this world.

Of course, important information wouldn’t be divulged to him, but it was still possible to take him to spar with the Bat Squad and learn about the work of the Justice League, the Avengers, and New SHIELD in this world.

When Scott first heard about the Justice League, he couldn’t help but ask with a pale face, “Um, don’t tell me you have a Daily Planet newspaper here? Is there a young reporter called Clark Kent?”

Luke naturally understood what he was afraid of. “Let me investigate.”

Ten minutes later, he replied, “There is no such newspaper agency, but there are 17 reporters who have this name, and only five of them are under 40. Their backgrounds are clean, and there are no signs that they have superpowers.”

Scott was relieved.

As long as Superman Clark wasn’t a reporter yet, those terrifying villains wouldn’t appear on Earth for the time being.

Besides, Knight had said that there was no one here who fit the criteria, so there might not necessarily be a Superman in this world.

Em… Wait, why did it feel like something wasn’t right? Scott was a little distracted. He was rooted to the spot for a moment, before he suddenly looked at Knight in horror. “How did you investigate so quickly and in so much detail? You… were already investigating those people?”

He suddenly remembered that Batman in the comics had a nasty habit of coming up with plans to deal with every possible enemy.

What was terrifying was that this list of possible enemies included all his ‘teammates,’ including Superman.

Then, was he on the list too? Scott shuddered and forced out an ugly smile. “That, Knight, I’m a very good person. I’ve never done anything bad.”

Sensing his mental fluctuations, Luke couldn’t help but admire Scott’s imagination. Was he that sort of person?

Hm… Fine, he was, a little. But I’m not crazy, Luke mumbled to himself. He could only use his ability to make Scott forget this matter.

After all, it was too easy to arouse suspicion.

More importantly, Luke was very tolerant of his friends and good people. He wouldn’t think about them turning into bad guys every day.

Scott had no idea how hard it was for Luke to train a teammate who could pass the system’s evaluation.

The real Batman would readily clean up his teammates, but Luke, this Batman ‘cosplayer,’ wasn’t willing to do so.

Also, Scott’s name in the panel of good and evil was a radiant green. How could Luke deal with him?

If he was just using Scott, there was no need for him to go to all this trouble. He could just throw Scott into Real Dream and order Scott to take Luke with him.

But this was too crude and had no finesse at all. More importantly, there were huge hidden dangers with this method, and Luke felt it was beneath him.

Just like that, two months passed. After Independence Day, it was finally time to set off.

Luke hadn’t wasted the past two months. He had the bigshot buy more Pym Particles from Dr. Pym to ensure that he still had some left over after paying Scott.

There was no need for other arrangements. The Level 2 clone would be going under the Knight alias, while Luke himself and the Level 1 clone would still be here.

So, Luke didn’t support the tycoon’s idea about going over himself at all.

Luke had the ability to recall his clone; he would be crazy to let Tony get involved.

Sometimes, this tycoon could easily trigger some big event.

For example, he and Nick Fury had been researching the Tesseract, when Loki opened a portal from the other side.

There was also Ultron, Killian and Dr. Maya, as well as Uncle Obadiah. Almost all of them were related to something Tony was working on — although he couldn’t be blamed for most of it.

It was Nick Fury who had insisted on keeping the Tesseract to research high-energy weapons, and it was Loki who had opened the passage.

With Ultron, it was the little witch who had planted a suggestion in Tony’s mind. Killian and Dr. Maya had their own motives, while Uncle Obadiah had wanted absolute control.

Most of these were problems with other people, but Tony’s inexplicable luck was still a little scary.

If a man like Obadiah past his prime could still turn into Iron Monger, space and time collapsing in the Quantum Realm wasn’t impossible.

Luke could take responsibility for whatever mess he made, but with Tony around, things would definitely snowball.

Apparently, half of the people in the world died in 2023. No matter how strong Luke and the tycoon were, if they joined hands and created some ‘curse,’ the entire world might die.

Furthermore, every time there was a major incident, Luke would rack his brain for ways to protect more innocent people, and the consequences usually weren’t that serious.

In this regard, he was much luckier than the tycoon.

In the lab, Scott looked at his watch and asked Luke, “Are you ready?”

Luke said, “Okay, let’s get started.”

Scott adjusted the time on his GPS system, and Luke’s GPS automatically connected and adjusted to the same time.

This was a function to allow team members to advance and retreat together, which made things easier for Luke.

This way, he wasn’t using the GPS system created by Tony to travel independently to 2023, but was ‘wired’ to the return node on Scott’s original GPS system.

This way, there wouldn’t be any errors.

The next moment, they instantly shrunk and disappeared from the lab.

Outside the observation window, Selina and the dog head stared at the empty room and counted down in their hearts: 5, 4, 3, 2…

On the other side, Luke felt like he had suddenly entered an indescribably complicated world. Then, he automatically followed Scott through all sorts of strange cracks.

Everything was like light flying past. He saw a lot of things, but didn’t understand what they meant at all.

Luke, however, was very calm. Apart from the prodigy that was Scott, who else would be able to obtain huge benefits from entering the Quantum Realm on their first try?

Luke was very self-aware. Some things seemed destined for certain people, or rather, God gave special existences exclusive cheats.

For example, no matter how strong Scott was, he didn’t have Luke’s Super Detective System.

As he lost track of time, Luke suddenly felt his vision go dark. At the same time, there was a flash of orange-yellow light.

The next moment, he was standing on a big, round metal platform.

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