Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Arrest, and First Big Haul

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On the other side of the car, Selina was already two meters away from the driver’s seat with her right hand on her gun. She yelled, “Hands where we can see them! No unnecessary movements!”

Luke narrowed his eyes as he could see the man in the driver’s seat move his right hand. A black metallic object appeared before Luke’s eyes.


The man in the passenger’s seat also started to raise his right hand. At that moment, Luke yelled, “They have guns!”

On reflex, he threw the unopened can of Coke in his left hand through the car window.

He currently had 18 strength points. Although his throw had been too sudden, he was close enough to the car.

A can of Coke had a certain weight to it, and in a sense, it was almost similar to a brick.

The red can flew in a straight line, and with a loud thud, it smashed into the passenger’s face. The hard impact caused the man’s vision to darken as he was knocked out.

The impact was so hard that the can of Coke was even bent out of shape. With a bang, the can exploded and foam sprayed everywhere, drenching the driver’s face in foam and Coke as well.

The sudden attack caused the person to panic, and he even forgot to raise the gun in his hand.

Luke abruptly stepped forward and pushed the passenger to knock into the driver.

Fortunately, not only had the two been speeding and smoking weed, they also didn’t have their seatbelts on.

With Luke’s current strength, it wasn’t hard for him to even lift an adult.

Within moments, one person was knocked out in the car while the other was left unable to move under the weight of the unconscious passenger.

As for Selina, the moment Luke yelled that they were armed, she pulled her gun out and aimed it at the driver as she yelled, “Freeze! Freeze! Raise your hands slowly! Do you hear me? Do it, or I’ll shoot!”

At that moment, Luke finally pulled his gun out as well. Similarly, he aimed it at the driver through the window on the passenger’s side.

The driver, who had been about to resist a moment ago, finally sobered up somewhat.

With two pitch black muzzles aimed right at his face, he stood no chance.

This was Texas. Since he had already revealed his gun, if he dared move again, he was sure he would be immediately pumped full of lead.

Although his mind was still somewhat hazy, he still understood the police force well.

If he dared move in this situation, he would definitely die. If he allowed himself to be arrested, he could live, and might even be free in a few years.

He quickly shouted, “No, please don’t shoot. I’m raising my hands. I’ll raise them slowly. Please don’t shoot.”

As he spoke, he slowly raised both his hands.

Selina didn’t lower her gun. Rather, she kept it up in one hand while she reached over with the other and pulled the car key from the ignition before she quickly took two steps back. “Step out slowly. Keep your hands up and no unnecessary movements, or I’ll shoot.”

The driver replied with a sullen face, “But I’m stuck here because of this fellow.”

Selina replied, “You still need to come out. Open the door slowly and crawl out of the car.”

Thus, the driver could only helplessly do as told. The two guns pointed at him were less than three meters away. He didn’t dare disobey in such a situation.

With great difficulty, he slowly moved and crawled out of the car after opening the door.

Selina didn’t step forward. Rather, she yelled, “On the ground! Lie on the ground! Hands on your head! Don’t move!”

As she yelled, she signaled to Luke with one hand.

With his gun raised in one hand, Luke dragged the unconscious passenger out of the car with his other hand. Then, he quickly put his gun away and took out his handcuffs to cuff the man’s hands behind his back before tossing him on the ground.

Next, Luke jogged around the car and pounced on the driver, keeping him on the ground.

Selina kept her gun on the driver and only lowered it when Luke was on him. With her free hand, she took her handcuffs from her waist and tossed it over.

Luke caught the handcuffs and cuffed the hands of the person under him. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief. “Done.”

Selina finally put her gun away, stepped forward, and rubbed Luke’s head. “Good boy. Well done.”

Luke rolled his eyes and stood up. “Alright, alright. I’m not Dollar.”

Dollar was Selina’s golden retriever and a very obedient dog.

Selina laughed heartily and said, “You’re much sturdier than Dollar. He can’t catch criminals.”

As she spoke, she gestured at Luke to deal with the driver while she walked back to the police car. She lifted the radio and dialed in. “Front desk, we caught two armed suspects. Please send a squad over. We suspect that they have something in their car, likely drugs.”

As for Luke, he carried the driver over and plopped him down beside the passenger. It would be much easier to keep an eye on both of them in the same place.

After Selina was done talking on the radio, she walked over.

When she saw that Luke was watching the two, she bent down and started looking around the somewhat damaged Ford.

After a while, she cheered. “Ohhh, I see. These two are indeed criminals. Look what I found!”

Luke looked over and saw a bag of white powdery stuff. Inside the large bag were over 20 smaller pouches.

“Cocaine?” he asked.

Selina nodded and placed the bag she was holding on the driver’s seat before she continued her search. Next, from the glove box, she found a box packed with cigarette-like items.

She sniffed at them and said, “Some weed. Nothing much.”

Luke nodded.

Compared to the bag of cocaine, the weed was indeed nothing.

At that moment, their reinforcements arrived.

Just by listening to the engine, Luke knew it was Robert. Sure enough, Robert’s loud voice soon rang out. “Haha, let me see what our hardworking lad and girl found this time.”

Selina stepped away from the car and laughed as she beckoned at Robert. “Chief, we got a big harvest.”

Robert walked over for a look. “Ohhh, not bad indeed. From the looks of it, there’s almost one kilo here?”

Selina nodded. “Almost.”

Their tiny town of Shackelford was a quiet place, and wasn’t part of any major smuggling route. It was very rare for a player of this level to be caught here.

Of course, among true drug smugglers, the amount these two were trafficking was certainly nothing.

But for a tiny town, this could already be considered a big case.

What happened next wouldn’t have much to do with Luke and Selina.

Robert would be the one to handle the items they’d seized, while someone else would be in charge of the interrogation. As for Luke and Selina, they got the largest portion of the credit for this arrest.

The two didn’t go straight back to the police department. Rather, they got into the car and resumed their patrol.

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