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Chapter 1884 - Harvest and Probe

Chapter 1884: Harvest and Probe

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The chance of getting rid of the last Ultron body himself wasn’t high, nor did Luke have much hope of doing so.

But he didn’t even get a share of the experience and credit points at all. How annoying!

However, he wouldn’t screw his teammates over just to steal points.

When he had destroyed Ultron’s semi-vibranium body earlier, he hadn’t been thinking about the contribution rate, but about safety.

After all, only by eliminating Ultron as soon as possible and putting an end to any possibility of a counterattack could they achieve their goal of saving Sokovia’s civilians.


Acting too selfishly would instead easily create an opening for the enemy.

Thankfully, he had gained a lot this time.

He had no use for the vibranium for now – it was the key for the tycoon to catch the big fish that was Wakanda.

As the saying went, it was better to teach a man to fish for himself. What Luke needed wasn’t a one-time deal with Wakanda, but more knowledge related to vibranium.

Using it just to make armor would only be on par with Ultron’s semi-vibranium body.

Two of these bodies had been destroyed today; clearly, this wasn’t the way to go.

What Luke was most interested in was nanotechnology, which could increase an armor’s defenses to a large extent without the need for too much vibranium.

With the right technology, he might be able to make a set of armor with the vibranium in the three old weapons.

The biggest gain was still the experience and credit points from the system.

This mission was worth 24 million experience and credit points for saving millions of lives.

Contribution rate: 37%. EXP +8.88 million. Credit +8.88 million.

He also got a share of tens of thousands of experience and credit points from Tony, Selina and his other teammates, which added up to another 2.43 million.

Luke had obtained more than 11 million experience and credit points. The host was now level 27 in the system.

Strength: 35 (Level 1 Star of Justice +10, Level 2 Star of Justice +20)

Dexterity: 27 (Level 1 Star of Justice +10, Level 2 Star of Justice +20)

Mental Strength: 34 (Level 1 Star of Justice +10, Level 2 Star of Justice +20)

Extra stat points: 8

Host’s experience: 250,000 / 50 million

Credit: 38,020,000

Faith value: 970,000

In the last three to four years, he had spent more than three million credit points on cultivating the Kunlun Chi Refining Technique, and his stats had finally increased a little.

His heart didn’t ache at all.

Compared with obtaining tens of millions of experience points, exchanging millions of credit points for additional stats was pretty good.

He was pretty much stuck on the experience required to level up, but he couldn’t feel depressed for long.

That was because his Dexterity could reach the 60 threshold at any time, and he would be charging toward 80 Strength after that.

Looking at the current situation, he could achieve this goal before he reached level 29.

So, it would only take three… five… seven years? Luke wasn’t sure.

But this matter couldn’t be rushed.

Over the last two years, Luke had diligently earned more than ten million experience points.

It was impossible for him to level up just based on the harvest from this mission this time.

As he wrapped things up, he savored the happiness of leveling up so that all his stats would finally be 60, and he no longer felt depressed.

While Big Dipper was diligently treating people, he suddenly sensed a mental fluctuation.

Raising an eyebrow, he snapped his fingers.


Mental Resistance was released, and it promptly cut off the unknown mental energy which the system detected was trying to link with him.

Not far away, a woman cried out in pain.

Big Dipper turned his head and strode in the direction of the cry.


In a flash of gray, Pietro stood between Big Dipper and Wanda. “It’s, It’s a misunderstanding, Mr. Big Dipper, my sister was just curious…”

This guy was good! Luke was lost for words. He was quite… straightforward, and readily admitted his fault; he didn’t try lying at all.

Big Dipper turned his head slightly and looked at Wanda behind Pietro. He crooked a finger at the witch, who was frowning.

Then, he looked at the energetic young man in front of him. “You come with me too. There are some rules both of you should know.”

Big Dipper leapt lightly to the top of a wrecked five-story building.

Pietro turned to look at his sister.

Rubbing her aching head, Wanda stretched out her hand. “You still want to refuse? Take me up.”

The siblings didn’t have a deep understanding of Big Dipper’s combat ability, much less know that he held the title as one of the three leaders of the Bat Squad.

But from what the superheroes said, it was clear that Big Dipper wasn’t a ‘passer-by’ superhero like Frank, Alice, and the little turtles and their teacher.

Damon could be considered one, but Pink Bear was too famous, and had brought Black Bear a lot of daddy fans.

No matter how they looked at Big Dipper, he was one of the superheroes who had a lot of sway.

He even argued with Tony Stark over the team channel.

Of course, Tony didn’t back down and gave back as good as he got, but it wasn’t like the two of them would really get hostile with each other.

This was enough to make the witch like Big Dipper — she was happy to hear someone curse out Stark.

Luke had only been on the wrecked five-story building for several seconds, when the siblings appeared in front of him.

As expected of the fastest man on Earth – he took care of everything in less than a second. Murmuring to himself, Luke opened his helmet to reveal the face of the bearded man.

Pietro only looked at his face curiously, but Wanda was a little suspicious.

Just now, she had seen Big Dipper use Light of Life, while the Dark Knight had also used Light of Life to treat Pietro.

It was supposed to be a secret between her and the Dark Knight. How come Big Dipper knew it too?

She immediately felt cheated, like a little girl whose Barbie doll had been stolen.

There was another reason why she had acted rashly.

The other members of the Bat Squad were basically remote-controlled robots. She could tell that they were all machines.

The Dark Knight and Big Dipper were real, but she couldn’t sense any of their emotions.

Their mental landscapes were practically identical, and it was a strange feeling.

That was why she had secretly activated her ability to pry into Big Dipper’s thoughts.

Her ability to sense thoughts was a passive one, but she had actively tried to read his thoughts this time. However, Luke caught her instantly and used Mental Resistance to deal with her.

Luke raised one finger. “First, don’t ever pry into the thoughts of anyone else on the team, whether through the use of superpowers, technology, words, or anything else.”

Then, there was a second finger. “Second, never reveal your real identity and superpowers to strangers – this includes your background, the use of your superpowers, weaknesses, restrictions, and so on.”

Then, there was a third finger. “Third, before you complete your safety training, speak and ask less, and watch and listen more. Alright, that’s it.”

At that point, his gaze fell on Pietro. “If you have any objections, you can ask now. I don’t usually beat up newbies who don’t know anything.”

Pedro wasn’t too scared.

Compared with the Dark Knight, who was like a pillar of morality, Pietro truly didn’t think that Big Dipper was scary; no matter how scary he was, Pietro could outrun him.

He coughed and said, “What I want to say is that Wanda and I ran around the city today, and a lot of people already know our names and superpowers.”

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