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Chapter 1861 - A Small Issue at the Family Gathering

Chapter 1861: A Small Issue at the Family Gathering

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Unfortunately, the old man had a bad temper, and Robert, this son-in-law, could only pretend that he hadn’t heard Drax ‘take credit.’

What this father and grandfather, who were obsessed with stealing credit, didn’t know was that if Luke hadn’t come back to train Cindy every now and then in the last two years, the kiddo would have been ten times more naughty.

Cindy, who had an innate sense for chi, was definitely gifted.

By the time she was three, she had already reached an extraordinary level. One punch from her wouldn’t fell just another kid.

Thankfully, Luke now had Real Dream, and it wasn’t difficult to make his little sister comprehend and familiarize herself with this power.

Cindy was very smart. After half a month of special training in her dreams, she didn’t use the chi in her body in her daily life.

It was just that the strength brought about by chi couldn’t be hidden.

In the end, it had been left to Luke as her big brother to convince the rest of the family that Cindy was stronger than they were.

Robert had thought that Luke was talking nonsense at first, but in the end, he quietly observed Cindy’s training.

With a full burst of chi, Cindy’s small fist directly blew up a sandbag.

At that time, Robert swallowed hard and despaired when he realized that his precious angel… was really stronger than he was.

This time, everyone came back not only to celebrate Cindy’s fifth birthday… but to celebrate the fact that the little fiend would finally be going to kindergarten.

Nobody was afraid that Cindy would be bullied. It was only right to observe a moment of silence for the other kindergarten kids in advance.

A super fiend was about to descend on the kindergarten, and it was expected that in the future, she would rule the kindergarten until she left.

However, those kids wouldn’t suffer for long.

With Joseph, this second brother who had left home at the age of eight to pursue his studies, as an example, Robert and Catherine were already mentally prepared.

Cindy probably wouldn’t remain at home for long.

Going to kindergarten was just to get her used to interacting with her peers. She would skip grades and go to primary school in half a year at most.

After achieving a high enough SAT score in his first year of high school, Joseph was already a student at Columbia University in New York, so Cindy’s jump in grades wasn’t worth mentioning.

Furthermore, Joseph had gone to Columbia because he wanted to be Mindy’s teammate – that was what Mindy said, but Joseph hadn’t uttered a word to refute it.

Cindy didn’t have a boyfriend. Even if she wanted a boyfriend now, there was no way.

Her grandpa, father, and brother often looked at the little boys around her with ‘loving’ eyes.

The little guys who got any funny ideas were all pulled over, and sandbag-like fists were shook warningly in front of them.

That was how Texan men did things.

During the party, Luke suddenly looked at the shadows of a house in the distance.

Without telling anyone else, he picked up two bottles of beer and a plate of roasted meat, and walked around the crowd to the house.

There was nobody in the shadows, but Luke sighed. “Don’t you know that the security equipment at home has been upgraded several times?”

Nobody responded.

He turned and looked at a particular spot. “Alright, it’s not like I’m making you go over. Since you’re already here, we can chat, right?”

A moment later, a person came out of stealth mode and waved at him with an awkward smile. “Long time no see, Luke.”

It was none other than dear Uncle Phil.

Luke gestured at what he was holding. “Try my cooking.”

Phil didn’t hesitate anymore. He sat on a pile of hay with Luke and drank his beer as he looked at the noisy crowd 100 meters away.

After a brief silence, Luke asked, “Why don’t you go over?”

He didn’t have much to worry about right now, and was too lazy to pretend to be understanding.

Phil knew about the situation here.

He hadn’t discovered the shares which Luke held, but it hadn’t been hard to discover the Stark Industries shares that were in Catherine’s name.

This was the ‘protection’ which Luke had obtained for his family back then.

Ordinary people wouldn’t have been able to uncover this, but Phil wasn’t ordinary.

During their previous chats, Luke had specially mentioned that he had invested in tech for the Titanium phone… such as the navigation app.

Many people knew that Jenny had gone around looking for buyers for the first version of this app back then.

It had been a joke back then that a rich heiress wanted to sell a lousy app for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, the app had become a classic story in the American business world.

Miss Jenny became the heavenly queen who had keen vision and far-reaching goals, while the executives of the big companies who rejected her were all idiots.

In Phil’s opinion, the way Luke had grown beyond his beginnings as a small town sheriff made sense.

His nephew was good-looking, skilled, and lucky.

Ever since he saved Miss Jenny from her abduction, the two of them hooked… hm, collaborated and used the navigation app which Luke developed to join the high-tech empire early on.

As Titanium Phone Company prospered, his nephew just needed to ‘work’ a little harder to soften that young lady’s heart; it was normal for him to be worth billions now.

Phil wasn’t making a blind guess; it was just that Luke’s tone when he mentioned CEO Jenny was a little too familiar.

Coupled with Luke’s shut-in persona, Phil wasn’t surprised that he was so blunt.

He shook his head with a bitter smile. “I invite trouble too easily. It’s fine to meet you in secret, but meeting them… isn’t safe.”

Luke understood this mentality very well.

If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t make such a clear distinction between his real identity and his aliases.

Phil had worked in old SHIELD for more than ten years. Coupled with Hydra’s lack of scruples, he really couldn’t take any risks.

This uncle had a female ‘friend’ who played the cello, but he rarely saw her.

Thinking for a moment, Luke said, “Drax, Catherine and I all know that what happened to my parents had nothing to do with you. They actually really wanted you to come to this party.”

After a brief silence, Phil still didn’t agree. “I’ll think about it.”

Luke didn’t force him.

It was because Phil wasn’t strong enough.

Otherwise, if he could build an air base, why would he need to worry about gatherings like this?

Phil’s enemies were basically Earthlings, while aliens had no time to bother with a nobody like him.

Passing over this topic, Phil and Luke chatted about other things.

The main subject of conversation was naturally the beloved daughter of the family and the most favored child, Cindy.

They also talked a bit about Claire and Joseph.

Phil had been paying attention to the family, but only knew the basic situation. He hadn’t sent anyone to monitor them.

He listened to the details of daily life with great interest.

After the bottle was empty and he finished his meat, he stood up reluctantly. “I have something to do.”

Luke didn’t ask him to stay. He simply stood up and gave him a half-hug. “When our family goes on vacation to New York or Los Angeles one day, it should be fine for you to switch identities to carry Cindy, right?”

Phil hesitated; he was very tempted by the suggestion.

Luke rolled his eyes. “If you use that ‘mask,’ who would notice if we talk a little in public?”

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