Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1676 - Not a Single Ordinary "Person"

Chapter 1676: Not a Single Ordinary “Person”

Naturally, the throwing knife was the work of Luke, this sniping expert.

He didn’t use a gun this time, but the effect was better.

Putting the blonde into Space 2, he clicked his tongue in wonder. “She didn’t die even after her brain was pierced? She really isn’t normal.”

Thinking that, he put away the black throwing knife and let things run its course for the blonde woman in the space.

If she lived, she would stay in Space 2 as a live specimen; if she died, Luke could dissect and study her.

Space 2 also had Claudia, who was half-plant; she was also proficient in poisons and could grow plants.

The blonde woman’s poison hadn’t even breached the air filter in the Big Dipper armor; it was far inferior to the biological viruses in Claudia’s body.

Once Luke was done with his research and analysis, even if they amounted to nothing, he could still get credit points out of it.

Luke wouldn’t treat innocent people, or even those who were bright red in the system, like that.

It was those who were so dark red in the system that they were almost black, especially those who liked to perform illegal experiments on living people, who got what they deserved.


After putting away this live specimen, Luke put away Yashida’s samurai armor and the two giant silver blades into his inventory.

This samurai armor was interesting.

Seeing what Yashida had done with it, it definitely had some special functions. At the very least, Yashida had a deeper purpose for capturing Shredder.

Of course, Luke had to confiscate this armor, along with everything from the research institute. This was all for world peace.

Putting away the most valuable spoils, Luke sped up and headed toward where Shredder was.

In just a few seconds, Shredder had gone crazy.

Luke flew 30 meters over the rooftops to the front of the courtyard.

Shredder, who was greenish-yellow and rotting all over, lunged at the bodyguards in the courtyard.

The bodyguards yelled and fired, their faces full of fear.

Just now, Shredder had grabbed two guards with ten-meter-long hands and “swallowed” them.

He literally engulfed them.

The two bodyguards had only been able to give short cries of alarm before they were wrapped up in that squirming greenish-yellow body and disappeared.

Luke cursed inwardly. D*mn it, that’s my small fry! My experience and credit points!

Most of the bodyguards in the yard were bright red in the system, and a small portion was a light red.

According to Luke’s usual practice, the light red ones hadn’t done anything bad enough to deserve death, while the bright red ones were worth at least 100 points each.

Even if he had gotten 5,000 experience and credit points for killing Shiro Yashida, small fry was still meat!

How could he let Shredder eat them for nothing?

Without any hesitation, he drew his gun and fired.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The four bodyguards were instantly killed.

Stumped for a moment, Shredder then grabbed the bodies of the four bodyguards and absorbed them into his body.

In less than two seconds, his greenish-yellow body swiftly swelled up, and several pieces of greenish-yellow rotten flesh broke off.

Luke exclaimed in surprise. How interesting! He could actually excise the poison like that.

Now that there was less of the greenish-yellow color, it was no longer so eye-catching.

But the next moment, both Luke and Shredder’s expressions changed slightly.

The greenish-yellow color slowed down for only a moment, before the flesh continued to swell again at a visible rate.

The six people Shredder had swallowed had probably only staved off death for ten seconds or so.

Luke frowned and tossed the bodies of the Experimentals that he had just put away in his inventory into Space 2 so that Claudia could study how to neutralize or control the poison.

At the same time, he took out a giant silver blade from his inventory and lunged at Shredder, who was charging forward to swallow more people to preserve his life.

Sensing the bright silver light, Shredder subconsciously used Blood Transformation.

His body turned into a long, dark red lump of blood with greenish-yellow spots and shot out.

The giant blade cut the blood lump in half.

However, Luke’s eyes flashed and he cursed inwardly.

When it was cut in two, the front half continued charging forward, while the other half suddenly exploded to cover Luke in a mix of dark red and greenish-yellow filth.

At the same time, half of the greenish-yellow color on the first blob suddenly receded, and the effect of the poison was also significantly reduced.

Shredder had broken off his tail to escape, peeled off the poison and stopped the enemy all in one go.

But Luke wasn’t someone who was easily duped. Dropping to the ground in a flash, he turned a corner, steered clear of a large dirty expanse of poison and blood, and continued to give chase.

But during this short delay, screams rang out again, and two light red bodyguards who had just escaped were swallowed up and became part of Shredder.

After turning into a blood lump, Shredder moved at an even more astonishing speed. In the blink of an eye, he reached a pond in the courtyard.

When Luke arrived, a huge dark red blood mass two meters in diameter burst out of the pond to fuse with Shredder, and he turned into a four-meter-tall giant.

In the face of Luke’s giant blade, it simply raised its hand, and dozens of sharp tentacles wove a huge net around it.

Almost all the tentacles were greenish-yellow. Clearly, Shredder was once again going to use the poison that was in his body.


The giant blade cut through all obstacles and landed on the blood giant’s head.

The blood giant was cut in half.

“Hehehehe!” The two halves of the giant let out monstrous roars and writhed wildly.

No matter how they fluctuated, however, the two halves remained in their original form, and they glowed with a faint golden light.

After the first time, Luke had already gathered the power of faith on the giant blade to make Shredder experience unimaginable pain.

The drone of countless people echoed in the consciousness that had been split into two, pulling it apart into countless fragments.

Shredder felt as if his soul was being hacked to pieces.

After fusing with the Blood God Experimental, he now had most of its characteristics.

It had taken a lot of science and technology to develop the Blood God Experimental, but it was still based on the vampires’ “descent of the Blood God.”

This involved fusing the power of many bloodlines to create a powerful body which could break past limits.

The Blood God’s recovery, attacks, movements and reactions were outstanding. Also, because of its vampiric properties, it was fairly resistant to most energy (chemical) damage.

Its only weakness was that because it was a created hybrid, it didn’t have pure mental strength.

Hence, the Blood God could easily split its body and escape, but its resistance to mental attacks dropped to nothing.

Luke’s power of faith was an extremely high-grade energy and mental attack, and the typical bane of “magic types.”

Even the ancient Enchantress hadn’t been able to withstand the power of faith, to say nothing of the messy, fragmented consciousness of the Blood God Experimental.

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