Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1010 - I’ll Take You to the Hammer

Chapter 1010: I’ll Take You to the Hammer

The old man who had been silent the whole time said, “I’m Professor Eric Selvig. I mainly study astronomy and physics, and I’m also an astronomy fan. How can you tell?”

Luke turned his head and looked at the jeep on the side of the road. “I don’t know many things, but that telescope isn’t cheap.”

Professor Selvig said, “As expected of an officer. You’re very observant.”

Looking at Professor Selvig, who had a bit of a scientific air about him, Luke asked decisively, “How should I address you?”

“Jane Foster,” said the older woman.

“Darcy Lewis,” said the younger woman.

“Thor,” said the tall blond man with a beard.

Luke simply looked at them and didn’t act out of the ordinary. He just nodded and said, “Nice to meet you. There haven’t been any meteorites here recently.”

Looking at everybody’s disappointment, he added unhurriedly, “But a huge pit appeared in the hills twenty kilometers northwest of town this morning, and there’s a hammer in the center of it, like it fell from the sky and smashed a hole in the ground.”

Stunned for a moment, the blond man placed one hand on Luke’s shoulder. “Which way is northwest?”

Sensing the pressure on his shoulder, Luke was still a little surprised. This strength was far beyond what a regular person had.

His smile didn’t waver. “I’ll take you there, or you might head in the wrong direction, since there aren’t any road signs.”

The other three were a little surprised. His attitude seemed a little too good.

But that was exactly what small town officers were like.

Those with good attitudes were as friendly as good neighbors, while those with bad attitudes viewed everyone as criminals.

Twenty minutes later, they reached the hill.

Luke told everybody to get out, and they started climbing the hill.

The four of them looked at the construction site not far away and found it strange.

Darcy, the girl with black-rimmed glasses, was the most lively. She couldn’t help but ask, “What are they doing there? Digging for gold?”

Luke said, “No, they’re just building a cowshed.”

Darcy exclaimed, “Your cowsheds are really unique. Is that a wall? It looks several meters thick.”

Luke said, “They’re probably thinking about the load.”

Darcy didn’t know much about civil engineering, so she didn’t continue asking questions.

The others weren’t focused on the construction site, nor did they care why the walls were so thick. It felt like a stone platform.

Luke and Darcy walked in front.

Thor and Jane walked behind, followed by Professor Selvig and Selina.

Luke and Darcy chatted quite happily. At the very least, by the time they crossed the hill and saw the pit, he had learned that she was a freshman at Yale and was studying political science.

Hm, even though Luke knew a lot about college majors, he didn’t know anything about this particular one.

But it was a common major at a place like Yale.

That didn’t stop him from chatting with Darcy, who didn’t seem interested in his profession and was more focused on his private life.

For example, what did town officers do every day, and whether they frequently killed people.

Luke gave the right answers to the questions, and made the girl laugh.

In terms of looks, Darcy was a level lower than her teacher, Jane Foster.

However, they had different styles. Darcy had a sharp face but a very normal jaw.

Jane’s features were more angular.

Darcy’s mouth was wide and her lips were plump. Coupled with the bright red lipstick, it was quite eye-catching.

Jane, on the other hand, had only applied lip gloss to her thin lips, which made her look cold.

More importantly, as a freshman, Darcy had a size F bust which beat out her teacher several times over.

Of course, that wasn’t the main reason why Luke had chosen to chat with Darcy.

He could clearly see Jane and Thor flirting with each other; there was no need for him to get in the middle of that.

Also, the younger the lady, the less troublesome it was.

Darcy wasn’t on her guard at all. She simply answered whatever question was asked of her.

The freshman was clearly much easier to deal with than the female doctor.

A female doctor was a magical creature. A female doctor in her twenties was definitely very intelligent.

Thus, Luke had chosen Darcy as his breakthrough point.

Dr. Selvig? Sorry, Luke would never choose an old man in his fifties as a breakthrough point if he could help it.

They had come from New Mexico.

They had met Thor while astronomy shots in New Mexico.

During breakfast, Darcy had found news and photos of a meteorite in Shackelford on her F2F. Her supervisor and Dr. Selvig had promptly rushed over to take a look.

They just so happened to run into Thor, who hitched a lift with them.

However, Darcy would occasionally look embarrassed; clearly; there was more to them running into Thor and giving him a ride.

Luke didn’t ask any more questions. He simply asked the questions at his own pace.

When they reached the top of the hill, the pit was clearly visible, but they couldn’t clearly see the hammer in the middle.

Their expressions varied, but they were all excited.

Of them, Darcy was the most excited. She exclaimed, “Wow,” and took out her phone. “Hm, I’m going to take a photo and post it on F2F.”

Luke kindly reminded her, “You came here because you saw a photo on F2F. I think it’s more meaningful if you at least take a photo with the hammer.”

Darcy gave an “ah” and clutched her phone to her chest. “That’s right. It’s useless to take such a long shot.”

Luke couldn’t help but look at her phone and nod. “They’re going down. Let’s go. I can take a few photos for you later… Hm, if I can do better this time, you might be able to keep them.”

Darcy followed Luke down the stairs. “Do better?”

Luke reached out and helped Darcy, who had lost her balance. “Generally speaking, the photos I take of other people turn out strange.”

“How so?” Darcy’s face was a little hot, as if she had overexerted herself.

Luke let go of her hand and continued down the small path that had just been eked out. “For example, anyone I take pictures of always has their eyes closed, or their heads are turned, or their faces are twisted, so the photos can’t be used.”

Darcy was stumped. “You do it on purpose?”

Luke spread his hands. “It’s precisely because I don’t do it on purpose that it seems weird.”

Darcy shook her head decisively. “That’s impossible. We’ll give it a try later. How can there be such a coincidence?”

Luke said, “Fine. In any case, you can delete the photos anytime.”

Darcy: “…You’re really confident.”

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