Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 760 - A Reunion with an Old Friend

Chapter 760 A Reunion with an Old Friend

However, Xiaoyu was not totally right either.

There were many things that had to wait till she got to Lieyun and see for herself before making any decisions.

Now she just got a rough scope on things. So that she would not be completely in the dark when she arrived in Lieyun.

Although they were traveling in a hurry, Lin Zhongyu could sense that his sister seemed to be a bit absent-minded.

All along the way, she was either in a daze or lost in thought when talking to him.

Every time he asked her what was going on, she would always just smile apologetically.

Lin Mengya had made him feel uneasy. He was afraid that she would regret it one day and just leave.

In the past, Lin Zhongyu had never been so anxious about gains and losses. For some unknown reason, he was thinking so much now.

Fortunately, the Lieyun Empire was getting closer and closer, and Lin Mengya’s mentality was getting better and better.

Finally, after crossing the borders of the Nation of Dongxia, Lin Mengya was smiling a lot more and she seemed more cheerful. Xiaoyu was finally at ease.

“The territory of Lieyun is just up ahead. Do you think you will like it here sis?”

Although he tried his best to make it look like he didn’t care too much, Lin Mengya could still feel that as they got closer to Lieyun, Xiaoyu’s mood would improve quite a bit.

Leaning in the carriage, enjoying the exotic scenery, Lin Mengya just smiled and nodded, then shook her head.

“It is your homeland after all. I think I can never love it as much as you do. However, it will be a special place for me as a foreigner.”

Lin Mengya said it casually, but Xiaoyu’s eyes suddenly dimmed.

Fists were clenched in his cuffs, and a touch of aggression that belonged to a mature man suddenly flashed across those clear black eyes.

Fortunately, it was only for a moment, so Lin Mengya was not aware of it.

“You’re right, it’s not your homeland, but it doesn’t matter, as long as…”

The rest of the words were buried by the sound of horseshoes approaching.

Lin Mengya was also distracted by the sudden burst of people and horses, and did not notice the second half of Xiaoyu’s words.

She did not know these people, but the leader of the pack was an old acquaintance.

The carriage stopped in front of these people. After Lin Mengya fixed her clothes, she slowly opened the curtain.

There was a very polite smile on her pretty face.

“It’s been a long time, Mr. Lie, or, I should call you, Lord Nanshao.”

Wanyan Lie was stunned. He scanned the stranger’s face with his serious eyes and remembered how difficult it was to deal with the person before his eyes the last time they met.

Immediately, his face changed.

He would never forget that the reason he was able to take the young master away was that the woman had allowed him to do so.

Then, the usual coldness on Lin Zhongyu’s face appeared again as he helped Lin Mengya to dismount carefully.

Now that they were in the territory of the Lieyun Empire, he no longer needed to disguise himself.

Now his greyish white hair was tied neatly behind his head. He was still wearing the jade crown given to him by Lin Mengya, but the once simple and good-tempered boy was now stained with the smell of blood.

Even Wanyan Lie felt a little guilty.

However, this was a matter concerning the nation. Even if he had to sacrifice his life, he would not blink.

He naturally knew how much the young master depended on this woman and how obedient he was towards her.

Now that she was brought back by the young master, could it be that their great plan would be ruined because of a woman?

Judging by the hesitation evident on Wanyan Lie’s face, Lin Mengya had figured out what was going on.

After snorting coldly, she lifted her head and looked into their eyes fearlessly.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. I’m not the nation-destroying Empress. You think too highly of me. Since I asked Xiaoyu to come back with you, of course, I want him to return to his ancestral home. But I didn’t expect you to be so anxious.”

Apart from Xiaoyu, everyone else’s faces changed in an instant.

Wanyan Lie’s reputation in Lieyun was just as well-known as that psycho from the Xin family.

Now, a delicate woman dressed as a man dared to speak to him in this way. Immediately, some of the men disliked her and wanted to come out to defend their idol.

But just as they were about to do something, they were backed down by a cold and ruthless glare emanating from a pair of slightly tender eyes.

Everyone craned their necks, waiting for Wanyan Lie’s next move.

His face was dark momentarily, but then unexpectedly, he just turned to Lin Zhongyu and said something.

“Your mother has something to discuss with you. Don’t make her worry.”

Lin Zhongyu nodded, but his protective stance towards Lin Mengya did not change at all.

Wanyan Lie knew it was useless to say anything more. According to the young master’s character, he would protect that woman to the end.

Helpless, he could only suppress the anger inside of him and ride back on his horse.

Everyone was stunned. In the entire Lieyun Empire, even if that monster of the Xin family would be courteous when he saw Wanyan Lie.

But this woman not only insulted him but also came out unscathed.

The man riding on the horse was obviously sulking. Was he really Wanyan Lie, the famous lord of Nanshao?

“Sis, are you alright?”

Frowning, Lin Zhongyu looked Lin Mengya up and down and finally felt relieved.

He knew Uncle Lie’s temper, and he knew that Uncle Lie had always been against him bringing his sister back.

However, rather than saying what he was doing now was for the sake of his tribe and his family, it would be more accurate to say that he was doing it so that his elder sister would have someone to rely on.

Only when he had full control of Lieyun could he then truly provide Lin Mengya with a safe haven.

Even though Uncle Lie was very loyal to him, he would unhesitatingly draw his sword if Uncle Lie dared to hurt Lin Mengya.

“He wouldn’t dare do anything to me, don’t worry. Right now, he’s probably thinking that I’m the kind of evil woman who could destroy a whole empire. But as for what will happen in the future, no one knows.”

In fact, it was impossible for Lin Mengya not to be angry when she saw Wanyan Lie.

After all, when he had taken Xiaoyu away, she had repeatedly warned him not to allow Xiaoyu to get into any dangerous situations.

Yet now her baby brother now had a head of greyish hair. Not to mention all the other things her brother had been through.

Even if he was eager to make it, the pain Xiaoyu had had to endure was far beyond the bottom line for a teenager.

Lin Mengya thought that she let him off too easily.

“Well, let’s hurry up. It will take at least another month to get to the Capital of Lieyun. Uncle Lie will be guarding the border these days, and won’t go back with us.”

Lin Zhongyu had always enjoyed his sister’s bossy and protective attitude.

After helping his sister into the carriage, the two of them headed straight for the capital.

After a month of bumpy travels, Lin Mengya almost could not bear it anymore.

However, what she saw and heard along the way neutralized most of her exhaustion.

Because the Lieyun Empire was really a heaven for Poison-making Doctors like herself.

Along the way, Xiaoyu was telling her about the local customs and practices of Lieyun.

In fact, this place was not as exclusive as rumored. It was just that most of the people who practiced poison had weird tempers.

It was not their fault that they were weird. Her teacher once said that if a Poison-making Doctor wanted to be good at poison, the best way was to personally test the poison in the beginning.

What’s more, at that time, people did not test on small animals either. And apart from a few weirdos, most of the Poison-making Doctors were not the kind of lunatics who would secretly use people for experiments.

Therefore, generally speaking, the passing of knowledge of traditional poison-making doctors was within the limits of the human body. They would test the medicine on their own bodies first and observe the medicinal properties of the poison and the various reactions of the human body.

As time went by, the body would naturally develop resistance and then increase the dosage.

Of course, every Poison-making Doctor had their own way. Although no one had been poisoned to death, there would still be some residual problems.

Just like her teacher, although he treated her like his own daughter, he was very cold towards others.

Most of the poison-making doctors in Lieyun were similar in that sense. And everyone understood each other, so there was nothing strange about it.

Some foreigners, though, would probably feel that there was something wrong with the situation.

Moreover, regular families would plant fresh vegetables and fruits in their gardens.

People in Lieyun, by contrast, would plant poisonous plants and flowers.

However, they were mostly herbs that were harmless to the human body and had the effect of expelling bugs and snakes.

Actually, they were not that terrifying. It was just that some people were ignorant towards foreign things.

People had a reason for twinging at the mention of Lieyun. It really was an unusual place.

But as Lin Mengya saw it, the strangeness around Lieyun was seemingly just a massive misunderstanding.

Along the way, all they saw were people living a carefree, rural lifestyle.

Perhaps there would be disputes between people, and there would also be bloodshed caused by power struggles. But for the people here, no matter what happened, Lieyun was still a safe haven for them.

Lin Mengya kept stopping and walking all the way to the Capital. By the time she arrived, she had already changed into a new set of clothes.

She was rather beautiful, with a hint of cold charm between her eyes.

She did not make people feel that she was too frivolous, nor indifferent. If she was dressed in bright colors, she would emanate a kind of breathtaking beauty.

However, if she was dressed in plain-colored clothes, she would look like an otherworldly fairy.

Lin Zhongyu specially prepared a cyan-colored dress for her. The dazzling color complimented her stunning beauty.

She wasn’t wearing any shiny hairpieces. There was only a red jade-peony in her hair. The two colors were extremely bright, but it made her look extremely elegant.

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