Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 696 - The Court of the Government Office

Chapter 696 The Court of the Government Office

Long Tianyu sat still with his dashing eyebrows knitted.

The woman in front of him showed a lovely and ingratiating smile and her eyes were full of sincerity.

However, based on his understanding of Lin Mengya, he had an intuition that there must be a catch.

“What’s more, our relationship isn’t determined by marriage, right?” As Lin Mengya said, she kept drawing circles on Long Tianyu’s chest with her finger in a seductive way, which was so fascinating that it turned him on gradually.

“Do you really think so?” He asked in a low and hoarse voice. Lin Mengya showed a charming smile and pouted her light pink glossy mouth, arousing the deepest desire in his heart.

She said with a seductive smile, “Of course I think so. You won’t doubt my affection for you, will you?”

Lin Mengya knew Long Tianyu too well, including his weakness and all his habits.

Finally, Long Tianyu was overwhelmed by desire.

Even so, Long Tianyu was still aware that he probably had fallen into the trap she set.

Nevertheless, he was quite contented.

It was late in the morning, but Lin Mengya was still lingering under the quilt.

It was not that she wanted to stay in bed, but her waist ached unbearably when she moved.

It was only now that she realized that seducing a man was quite a difficult job.

For example, she had made tremendous efforts last night to convince Long Tianyu to divorce her at the cost of—

Well, she had better not mention it so as not to feel ashamed.

“Miss, it’s time to get up.” Hongyu, who came to help her to dress, whispered outside the door.

After thinking it over, Lin Mengya struggled to get up and put on her underwear so as not to embarrass herself.

She didn’t have to wear those luxurious fineries after returning to the Lin’s Mansion.

In fact, she was just a girl, who was going to turn twenty half a year later.

In modern times, she should be enjoying her prime at this age.

But now, she had long been married. Well, she didn’t mind being Long Tianyu’s wife.

“Miss, you seem to have some good news. Otherwise, why do you look so cheerful?” Baishao said. She, who was lively and bold, usually liked to joke and chat freely with Lin Mengya.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Lin Mengya picked up the eyebrow pencil on the dressing table and carefully drew her beautiful eyebrows.

Meanwhile, she said, “I’m going to be single again soon. Isn’t it good news?”

At first, Baishao did not understand what she meant.

However, a moment later, she turned to look at her master with her face turning pale with fright and asked, “Miss, what do you mean by saying that?”

Lin Mengya glanced at her silly maid. After making sure that she was flawless in the mirror, she turned around and spoke composedly, “I said I’m going to divorce Prince Yu soon and be single again. Got it?”

After kindly explaining to Baishao, Lin Mengya patted Baishao’s head, walked past Baishao, who was stunned, and strode out of the room.

Di… divorce?

In that instant, Baishao froze on the spot as if her spirit had freed itself from her body.

Lin Mengya got out of the Lin’s Mansion. Along the way, everyone in her family stared at her, who was at ease, in a daze after getting the news, as if she were a monster.

No one other than a few people close to her knew Long Tianyu slept in her room every night, as they had done a good job in keeping it a secret.

However, they, who had seen how much Long Tianyu doted on Lin Mengya, were astonished after getting the news.

Moreover, Lin Mengya could only get a divorce after she filed a petition and it was judged by the local authority.

Only one tenth of ordinary people could get a divorce, let alone Lin Mengya was going to divorce Long Tianyu, who was a noble prince.

In the twinkling of an eye, the news of Lin Mengya’s divorce with Long Tianyu spread all over the Capital City.

When Lin Mengya’s sedan arrived at the gate of the government office, there were some people craning their necks to peer and waiting to watch the farce.

It seemed that people of all ages considered watching farces as an entertaining way in both ancient and modern times.

Of course, Lin Mengya didn’t mind being regarded as part of the farce. After all, more witnesses could make her divorce with Long Tianyu more convincing, right?

Lord Xu came out spontaneously before the gatekeeper reported.

However, his bitter smile embarrassed Lin Mengya a little.

Although Lord Xu worked for the Emperor, he was very impartial. At present, she really needed to ask Lord Xu for a big favor.

“Greetings, Your Excellency,” after being led into the government office, Lin Mengya greeted Lord Xu politely.

Lord Xu greeted her back immediately. Seeing Lin Mengya smile joyfully, he secretly complained in his heart.

He didn’t know if he had owed her. Why did she have to trouble him again and again?

“Madam, you don’t have to be over courteous. I’m wondering what are you here for?” Lord Xu asked.

Hearing Lord Xu ask knowingly, Lin Mengya said with an increasingly amiable smile, “I want a divorce. Your Excellency, please help accept and hear the case quickly!”

Hearing her words, Lord Xu pulled a sorrowful face.

She was simply trying to put him in a dangerous situation by filing a petition for a divorce with the Emperor’s son! How should he handle it?

Noticing Lord Xu’s troubled look, Lin Mengya composedly looked away.

Didn’t the Emperor instruct his followers to inform Lord Xu about her divorce?

The Emperor probably was still trying to maintain his image as a benevolent monarch. But Lord Xu was going to have a hard time. Anyway, her petition for divorce could be a knotty problem to any official.

Lin Mengya lowered her eyes and didn’t give any instruction on purpose.

Lord Xu, whose master kept trying to plot against her, deserved this.

“Madam, I make bold to ask if His Majesty has given his consent to your divorce,” Lord Xu asked.

Back then, Lin Mengya’s marriage with Long Tianyu was arranged by the Emperor. Therefore, even if either of them wanted a divorce, they had to ask the Emperor for instructions first.

The problem was that the Emperor would naturally be reluctant to issue the decree easily. If they really went to ask for instructions, the Emperor would try to reconcile them on the surface.

Lin Mengya glanced at Lord Xu and shook her head quietly.

By now, she had made it public.

Everyone knew that it was Lin Mengya rather than Long Tianyu who wanted a divorce, which was tantamount to bringing shame on the royal family.

Perhaps the Emperor had already flown into a rage.

Didn’t he want her to leave his son immediately? Well, she made a scene so that he would never forget her, his incredible daughter-in-law.

“This… is a serious matter. Moreover, it requires both you and your husband to be present. In my opinion, why don’t you allow me to make some preparations and invite you two to discuss your divorce later? What do you think?” Lord Xu asked.

It was quite a good idea to put it off.

But before Lin Mengya said anything, a constable, who was sweating profusely, rushed in and reported, “Your Excellency, Prince Yu is here.”

Well, now that both parties were here, Lord Xu had no choice but to hold a court trial.

Lord Xu glanced at Lin Mengya in trouble. From the latter’s mocking smile, he could sense her desire to watch the fun.

Alas, why was he so unfortunate?

In the court of the government office, the constables stood on both sides, looking dignified and stately.

The Magistrate Lord Xu, dressed in a dark purple official robe, sat up straight in the seat of honor and looked pleadingly at Lin Mengya and Long Tianyu with a frown.

Why did they have to give him a hard time?!

“Uh… you… you two, why do you come to the government office today?” Lord Xu asked.

As soon as he began the court trial, he felt cold sweat ran down his back from his hat, as a pair of deadly sharp eyes was glaring coldly at him.

He was the most innocent person, okay? Why did they both make things difficult for him?

“Your Excellency, you don’t have to be afraid. We actually come here today to get a divorce,” as Lin Mengya said, she rolled her eyes at Long Tianyu.

From the moment he got in, he looked as if everyone owed him money.

They were just getting a fake divorce. He didn’t have to scare an outsider.

“In that case, have you thought it through? Marriage is destined by fate. Do not break up on impulse, otherwise it will be too late to regret.” Lord Xu tried to persuade them to drop the idea in earnest.

Although Lin Mengya didn’t change her mind, she discovered Lord Xu’s new talent.

Unexpectedly, he did quite a good job in reconciling a couple.

If it were not for the fact that there was no divorce registration office in ancient times, Lord Xu would have been a suitable officer there.

“Your Excellency, we’ve already thought it over. We want a divorce as we have been on bad terms with each other,” Lin Mengya said.

She was obviously making an excuse. Even Long Tianyu rolled his eyes in his heart.

On bad terms? It was she who kept clinging to him last night.

At this moment, he could only suppress the impulse to kill her, who was talking nonsense.

However, the dangerous look in his dark eyes clearly showed Lin Mengya that he was definitely going to teach her a lesson tonight!

“Ahem, ahem, on bad terms?” Lord Xu said.

He had handled cases of divorce before.

However, this was the first time he had heard this reason for divorce.

He opened his eyes wide and stared at Lin Mengya, who was obviously lying through her teeth. Poor Lord Xu could only complain in his heart.

He obviously had seen that from the moment Prince Yu came in, he had fixed his eyes on the legendary Vice Princess Yu.

Vice Princess Yu acted like the mistress of Prince Yu’s Mansion and didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

On bad terms? In his opinion, they were deeply attached to each other!

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