Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 393 - Going To the Water To Find What Mo Jiangye Had Brought Her...

Chapter 393: Going To the Water To Find What Mo Jiangye Had Brought Her…

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Ye Erruo gave this some serious thought before replying, “I think something is missing.”

“What’s missing?”

“This is rushed.” Ye Erruo furrowed her brows.

When she’d woken up, she had not been able to remember anything except for her fiancée Bo Jinyan and her brother. She had not remembered anyone else.

It was strange. Too many things were missing.

Bo Jinyan heaved a sigh of relief. “This is not rushed, my little princess. I’ve been preparing to marry you for many years.”


Seeing that she was unhappy, Bo Jinyan took a step back helplessly. “Alright, alright. Let’s put our wedding off for now. Let’s take the wedding photos first.”

He was indeed a little anxious. He had yet to get along with her well, but he had allowed her to marry him although she just had a small part of her memory. This was a little unfair to her.

“You can rest now,” he said gently.

“Yes, yes.”

When Bo Jinyan left, he took another glance at the jacket on her bed. He was very concerned about this jacket. It was just like the hairpin another man had given her. He had already gotten rid of her hairpin. If he were to dispose of this jacket of hers, she would probably get even angrier.

As soon as he left, Ye Erruo ran out of the door, dashed to the stream outside her window, and searched carefully.

The stream outside her window was very clear, but the water was a little deep and there were a lot of water plants inside. After searching for a long time, she only saw oily green water plants.

Forget it. It was just a hairpin. Why was she so concerned about it?

Upon returning to the room, Ye Erruo watched television in a bad mood.

That man owed her a toy rabbit. Would he really be waiting for her on that street? If she went, would he really appear?

At night, Ye Erruo could not sleep. She tossed and turned, her mind filled with scenes of her time with Mo Jiangye during the day. It was not until late at night that she climbed out of bed in frustration. For some reason, she took the torchlight to look for the hairpin.

After removing her shoes, Ye Erruo used a wooden stick to test the depth of the water. She realized that it was not as deep as she had imagined.

At most, it could only reach the bottom of her thighs. It was alright…

It was late at night, so the water was cold. Ye Erruo rubbed her hands and legs as she carefully entered the water. It was cold and refreshing, but it was still acceptable and not particularly bone-chilling.

She bent down and searched the place bit by bit. After a long time, a flash of light made her eyes light up. Ye Erruo excitedly held the torchlight as she walked forward.

When she pulled the hairpin out of the water, she was overjoyed.

It was dazzling under the lights.

When she climbed ashore and realized what she had done, she fell into deep thought. She wanted to regain her lost memories.

She knew her own heart very well.

A stranger could not turn her into a different person in just one day. Something had to be wrong with this man.

Perhaps, she would have agreed to Bo Jinyan’s request to marry her before this man had appeared.

Now, she would not.

She wanted to get back all the memories she had lost before falling sick.


Holding the hairpin in her hand, Ye Erruo returned to her room to take a hot shower. In the end, she hugged the jacket and slowly entered a deep sleep. She was infatuated with the smell of the jacket.

However, her actions that day had caught the attention of the servants, so Bo Jinyan naturally found out about it immediately.

When Ye Erruo woke up at daybreak, she saw Bo Jinyan sitting by her bed. He was holding her hairpin in his hand as he rubbed it with a sinister, dangerous look in his eyes…

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