Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 23 - Classmates Gathering

Chapter 23: Classmates Gathering

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He held her hand and gazed deeply into her eyes. “You like it? Let’s go back to the room. My smile is only reserved for you.”

Ye Erruo rubbed her slightly hot fingers over his thin lips. She suddenly leaned over to kiss his lips deeply, before quickly sitting back down, pretending as if nothing had happened and lowering her head to have dinner.

Mo Jiangye concealed his true emotions. He touched his lips lightly, staring dangerously at the woman who sat next to him.

Suddenly, he grabbed and pulled her into his arms. He placed one hand behind her head, pressing her tightly against him, prying open her teeth to take in her sweetness and softness.

The orange soft lights shone on the top of their heads. They basked in soft and romantic colors. Everything around them seemed to have melted in this deep, beautiful kiss of theirs.


The neon lights were resplendent and there was dancing and singing in the background.

“I wondered who organized the classmates gathering this time.”

“Who cares. Let’s have a good time today.”

“That’s right. More importantly, I heard that Ye Erruo will be coming today as well.”

“Wow, seriously? Ye Erruo? Ye Erruo who is a kept woman?”

Lee Suran came walking over with a glass of fruit juice. “Of course it’s real.”

Lee Suran clapped her hands to gather everyone.

“Quiet. Everyone be quiet. There is something that I want to tell all of you and that is our former school belle, Ye Erruo will be attending the gathering as well. Let’s do our best to make the school belle feel welcome.”

“Ye Erruo? Ye Erruo is coming?”

“I heard that she is an impotent old man’s kept woman.”

“There’s more to it. Are you in the group chat? Didn’t you see the photos and videos that Lee Suran sent last time? Lee Suran witnessed Ye Erruo with her a man in the supermarket last time. Although she had a sugar daddy, she is involved in a secret relationship with the old man’s son.”

“Oh! Crap! That disgusting? How is she different from a prostitute?”

The classmates talked amongst themselves and they made harsh and ugly comments about her.

“Have you seen any former school belles who lead a happy and blessed life? The saying is very true, all of them lead a licentious life~”


Suddenly, the door to the private room opened and Gu Feirou walked in with an off-white short dress. She put on a brilliant red lipstick and her alluring makeup made her especially eye-catching.

“W-who is this beauty?”

“Isn’t this Gu Feirou? She has grown prettier after a year.”

“Gu Feirou?”

“Hello!” Gu Feirou put on a brilliant smile and greeted everyone.

“Wa~” The whole room exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s really you!”

“Where is Ye Erruo? Didn’t Ye Erruo come with you?”


Speaking of Ye Erruo, Gu Feirou’s smile froze and she felt uncomfortable, looking awkward.

“She should be here soon.”

Everyone could tell from her reply that Gu Feirou could not possibly come with her since she did not follow her bad example of being someone’s kept woman.

With that, everyone had a good impression of Gu Feirou. On the one hand, she was pretty and everyone liked pretty ladies, on the other hand, although she was on good terms with Ye Erruo back then, they had gone their separate ways now. After all, Ye Erruo was a promiscuous lady. Everyone would be shamed by being friends with her!

“Waaa! Gu Feirou, isn’t your dress one of MTR’s newest limited editions? There are only two pieces worldwide. One is long and one is short. The royal princess of the United Kingdom has the long dress. Don’t tell me the short dress is with you? I have seen this dress in the magazine.”

Everyone’s gaze fell onto Gu Feirou’s dress. MTR! It was one of the biggest brands in the industry!

Gu Feirou felt very proud of herself. “Yes, my boyfriend gave it to me. He said that I will only look pretty wearing his brand.”

“Boyfriend? His brand? Gu Feirou, don’t tell me that you boyfriend is from the Lin Teng Corporation…”


“My goodness!!!”

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