Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 10 - I Can Sneak Out

Chapter 10: I Can Sneak Out

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“What!!?? Moving out of the old mansion?”

“Yes, you better come over to take a look.”

“I will be right over. Jingxuan, calm down.”

Lin Jingxuan paused. He was about to say something else but he stopped himself. He just had the feeling that something seemed odd about Ye Erruo.

After the bath, Ye Erruo blew at her red and swollen palms, feeling helpless. Humph! She had hurt her hand from the slap just now. It was still burning and in pain now.

She had yet to blow dry her hair. It was still half-dried. She put on a snowy white dress, feeling an unexplainable delight. Finally, she no longer needed to stay under the same roof as that man.

When Gu Feirou hurried over to the old mansion, Ye Erruo had just come down the stairs, getting ready to leave.

“Xiao Ruo!”

Ye Erruo halted in her steps and looked up. Gu Feirou!!!


She never expected that the last two people that she wanted to see would be here that quickly.

“Xiao Ruo, I heard that you want to leave the Lin family’s old mansion?”

“Yes,” She sneered.

Gu Feirou was stunned by her cold and sharp gaze. “W-why?”

“I just feel like moving.”


“But what?”

“But if you move out of the Lin family’s old mansion, it will be difficult for you to see Jingxuan in the future. Don’t act in a pique of anger. Jingxuan told me about what happened. Mo Jiangye has to be blamed for everything that has happened. He is the one who hindered you and Jingxuan from being together, isn’t that what happened? I can tell that Jingxuan really loves you, otherwise he will not give up his identity as the Second Young Master to collect the marriage certificate with you and live with you.”

As soon as she saw her, Gu Feirou was anxious and could not stop talking.

“I didn’t blame him.”

“Then why do you have to move out of the old mansion?”

Ye Erruo looked at her with a vague smile on her face. “Mo Jiangye insisted that we move out. I had no other choice.”

“It’s him again!!!”

“Yes. We just collected the marriage certificate and he could not wait to take me away from the house.”

Gu Feirou sighed. “Xiao Ruo, I understand now. Don’t worry, even if he forced you to collect the marriage certificate, Jingxuan and I will help you.”

She asked languidly, “How are you going to help me?”

“You can cooperate with Jingxuan, helping him to be the person in power in the Lin family. In this way, you will be able to be with Jingxuan forever.”

“Jingxuan?” She asked in a high pitched voice.

Gu Feirou was stunned. “W-what’s wrong?”

“Feifei, are you on very good terms with Lin Jingxuan?”

“Ah? Jingxuan is the man that you love the most and I am your closest friend. I will be happy if he is good to you. I am around whenever the two of you go on dates. Therefore, it’s natural that we get along well. I sincerely wish that you and Jingxuan will lead a happy life together. After all, he is genuine to you.” Her eyes kept darting, looking as if she had a guilty conscience.


Ye Erruo directed her sharp gaze at her. “Is that so?”

“Yes, of course. Xiao Ruo, what’s wrong with you today?” She trembled under her gaze.

“Nothing. How do I cooperate with you to help Lin Jingxuan become the person in power in the Lin family?”

“Jingxuan will tell you. Can you come out tomorrow night?”

“I can sneak out.”

“That’s good. Jingxuan said that he has a surprise for you.”

“Really? What surprise is that?”

Gu Feirou mocked Ye Erruo inside her head. What a stupid fool she was. She was really easy to coax. Even if the fool was angry, she could think of a way to deceive her and she would be well-behaved.

“I don’t know what his surprise is. You will find out tomorrow night.”

“I wonder what surprise he has for me,” Ye Erruo spoke softly.

Gu Feirou tried to sound her out. “Xiao Ruo, Mo Jiangye brought you back forcefully yesterday, forbidding you to be with Jingxuan. Are you very angry with Jingxuan?”

“Why would I be angry with him? I am angry at Mo Jiangye. I hate him to the core,” She spoke through clenched teeth.

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