Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2086 - Return To Broken Realm

Chapter 2086 Return To Broken Realm

Ye Mo knew that the bead probably noticed his words didn’t sound like an oath at all and so didn’t react. He was planning to break open this grey world. He didn’t care if this world would be destroyed in the world.

The instant Ye Mo turned, a dark ray suddenly shot out of the bead and struck the wall. In a buzz, a black whirlpool formed.

“Boss, it worked.” Shadowless said.

Ye Mo rejoiced. It was best that the dark lightning bead could conform. At least he didn’t need to waste time in the void.

“Go into the golden page world first. I’m fine alone.” Ye Mo sent shadowless into the golden page world and then he went into that whirlpool without hesitation. His spirit sense already reached inside and knew there was no danger inside.

As soon as Ye Mo stepped in, he felt a powerful rotational force lift him up. Even with his powerful spirit sense, he couldn’t see completely clear.

The spinning force didn’t last long. It seemed to have built a tunnel in the void and in just five minutes, Ye Mo landed in a black room.

Spirit sense scanned with his spirit sense. His spirit sense couldn’t find a way out. There was a stair in the middle of the room and it expanded into the infinity.

How could Ye Mo not know it? When he was at the estate at the bottom of the Cheng Zheng river, this was the stairs he saw. His power was too low at the time and couldn’t go down the stairs. This dark room was probably the place Duanmu Yuebo connected to the underworld.

Ye Mo didn’t know if this passage was opened or not.

Ye Mo didn’t think about how to find the underworld tunnel. He just went on the stairs. He was worried if he could go up these stairs. If he couldn’t he would have to find another way out.

Clearly, Ye Mo was worrying too much. He found it required much less power to go down than go up. Plus, his cultivation level was much higher than before but the stairs weren’t short. Ye Mo’s speed wasn’t slow but he still used two hours to come to the top.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to take out the metal card and open the yin yang fish entrance, it opened automatically. A powerful cold power instantly filled the place and brought Ye Mo landing on the empty palace. Luckily Ye Mo_s power increased and although this was sudden, he didn’t face plant in the middle like before.

After Ye Mo fell in the palace, the yin yang fish painting closed automatically.

Ye Mo looked at this familiar palace and was speechless. Many years ago, he left from here. Many years later, he came back.

The palace was empty and the paintings were still there. Ye Mo knew that if he used the metal card, he could return to the Divine Dao Realm with the seventh painting.

But this time, he was in no rush to leave. When he saw the first painting, he almost sunk into it but now, he could look at a few more.

The first painting was a servant carrying water. When Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned in, he felt that powerful suction force again. If he was still immortal emperor, he wouldn’t be able to stop this suction but now that he vindicated dao, he could feel a primal dao wave from the suction force.

As the dao wave chi spread, it was like a Primordial Essence Divine Emperor teaching him dao waves. Ye Mo soon broke free from this. He was certain that if it was someone who hadn’t vindicated dao, he would immediately give up everything and sit here to derive his dao.

Ye Mo had his own dao law. Of course, he wasn’t going to learn Duanmu Yuebo’s dao. He didn’t care about the dao wave laws. He saw messages from this painting. The servant carrying water was Duanmu Yuebo. If he used the metal card, he could teleport to the realm Duanmu Yuebo used to live in.

Ye Mo’s eyes moved to the second painting. It was of someone running rapidly. On this painting, Ye Mo could feel the hardship of Duanmu Yuebo’s cultivation.

These paintings recorded the bits and pieces of Duanmu Yuebo’s cultivation. It was the source of his dao vindication.

He drew out perfectly his dao vindication. Ye Mo wasn’t interested in looking at the third painting and just walked to the seventh and took out the yin metal card.

This was the second time Ye Mo appeared before the Xu Yue divine dao sect. The first time he came here, he didn’t feel anything but the second time he came here he had to rebuild the sect.

The place was still ravaged and filled with broken landscapes and dried rivers.

This time Ye Mo didn’t leave straight away, he valued his promise. Although he didn’t make an oath since he agreed he would do it.

Ye Mo walked in the sect. Broken law chis ravaged the ravines but they couldn’t harm Ye Mo at all.

Clearly, the Xu Yue divine dao was intentionally made like this. Not only were the god spirit ranges ruined but even the nearby landscape was completely cut off.

“This is cruel indeed.” Ye Mo sighed. Rebuilding the sect wasn’t easy. He needed to rebuild the fallen mountains and broken rivers as well as add god spirit range here.

Duanmu Yuebo helped him but it seemed he needed to give quite a lot. Ye Mo shook his head and began work.

Ye Mo saw what the sect looked like on the painting and could refer to that.

At this moment, Ye Mo stood amidst the rubble of Xu Yue divine dao sect and thought about how to recover it. The mountains and rivers gradually formed in Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness.

At this moment, a light flashed in Ye Mo’s mind and that was when he reached a certain cultivation level, he could recover the sect in the wave of a hand and not form a model in his sea of consciousness first and then build it.

Ye Mo dazed with such idea and stopped. He was thinking about a higher state. Was this primordial essence state?

However, that idea flashed too quickly and Ye Mo wasn’t able to grasp it.

Ye Mo suddenly woke up and shook his head. His cultivation level was too far from third step of dao vindication primordial essence.

He had decided to go find someone to build the sect first and then get revenge at Chang Fei divine dao city. Then, he would return to the immortal realm. He needed to seal the passage completely shut.

Ye Mo believed that with his current power, even if he couldn’t understand that formation immediately, he would be able to perfect it with time.

After he perfected that formation, he could return to the immortal realm and study about how to go back to the cultivation realm. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t go back to the cultivation realm when Truth divine emperor could.

Just when Ye Mo moved, he caught a subtle chi. Ye Mo flashed and disappeared. When he appeared again, he was in front of a man and woman.

They were both immortal emperor and were defenseless to Ye Mo. They knew that Ye Mo’s power was far greater than theirs.

“Who are you? What are you doing here at Xu Yue divine dao?” Ye Mo sneered as his powerful divine emperor force crushed over.

The two couldn’t take Ye Mo’s powerful force and immediately wanted to expand their domain.

“hmm…” Ye Mo looked at the pretty woman and said “You’re from Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect?”

Ye Mo had fought with Ji Xi countless times and could immediately sense the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect cultivation method.

Hearing this, the woman’s face went pale as snow.

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