Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 9 - Magic Princess Dress

Chapter 9: Magic Princess Dress

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Xiao Jinning walked back to her friends and one of her friends immediately asked fawningly, “Jinning, is that your Second Aunt? She looks really elegant. And who is the girl beside her?”

Xiao Jinning was fine with the first half of her words, but when she heard the other half, a grim light flickered across her eyes and she said in lowered voice, “That is my second uncle’s daughter who was lost for many years. They found her recently… ”

“Their lost daughter?” Suddenly, a friend of hers said in a low voice, “I heard that a month ago, a girl visited your Xiao Family, claiming to be an illegitimate daughter of someone in your family, but then she was driven out for theft. Is that girl your second uncle’s illegitimate daughter?”

Illegitimate daughter?

An excited gleam flashed through Xiao Jinning’s eyes. Yes! If Xiao Rou was labeled as a b*stard, everyone would despise her!

Thinking of this, she appeared anxious and said hurriedly, “What are you talking about? My second uncle isn’t that kind of person. Let’s not talk about this, or else my second aunt will be sad.”

As she expected, the eyes of her friends suddenly lit up and they began to whisper to each other, “So it’s true!”

Xiao Jinning frowned, walked towards the styling room and grumbled, “I told you not to talk about this. It’ll damage my family’s reputation. Besides, my second uncle will hold a press conference and reveal Xiao Rou’s identity.”

“How can your second uncle be so shameless?” one of the girls said in a righteous tone. “Did your second aunt agree?”

“How could she not?” another girl said. “After all, they’ve already had three sons, and as a politically influential family, the Yang Family won’t allow her to divorce!”

“Oh, stop discussing it!” Although Xiao Jinning tried to stop them, she was laughing in her heart. ‘Look, Xiao Rou, I’ll make you regret returning to the Xiao Family. Even though those people will protect you, so what? You’ll never be able to enter the upper class!’

On this side, after ‘communicating’ with Tang Xi for quite a while, the foreign stylist finally presented a beautiful princess dress of a very small size to her. He looked at Tang Xi and said with a smile, “My dear little princess, care to try my masterpiece?”

He had designed this dress for his future daughter, but it seemed that he had to give it to this girl now.

Tang Xi stared at the princess dress he was holding in both hands, the corner of her eyes twitching. Wasn’t this a dress for children?

Yang Jingxian also frowned. Although this dress was very beautiful, it looked just like children’s wear!

Seeing that Tang Xi and Yang Jingxian had misunderstood him, the stylist hastily explained, “I think maybe you’ve misunderstood me. Although the princess dress looks cute, it’ll give you a different feeling after you put it on. Wearing it, you are the only princess in the world.”

Moved by his words, Tang Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at the stylist as she asked, “Are you sure?”

“Of course, I have a lot of confidence in my design,” the stylist said proudly. “Although you don’t have a good figure, I have the confidence to transform you into a different girl.”

On the other side, being ‘pressured’ by her friends, Xiao Jinning told them about Tang Xi’s past life and ‘accidentally’ leaked that Xiao Rou stole her necklace. Just as she expected, these women disdained Xiao Rou’s behavior.

“My god, she stole your necklace? How could she be so shameless?”

“Yes, yes, and she didn’t even admit it.”

“How dare she still return to your family after being driven out for theft?”

“What nerve! What is your grandfather thinking? I wouldn’t have recognized a grandchild like her. She is nothing but a disgrace!”

Xiao Jinning said softly, “Grandpa is old. Maybe he doesn’t want to see his granddaughter homeless.”

“What a dotard! A granddaughter like that is a stain in his life!”

This girl’s opinion coincided with that of Lin Ru’s.

“Don’t talk like this. Rourou just came out from the mountains. She hadn’t seen the outside world before, which is why she did something like that.” Xiao Jinning was very satisfied with these people’s reaction, but this wasn’t enough! The best part was to let people know what a cultivated and sensible high-born girl she was!

A girl with a mean face said, “You’re too kind-hearted! She stole from you! Why do you still defend her? You’d better keep a distance from that kind of person. Maybe she’ll harm you someday!”

Xiao Jinning feigned surprise as she said, “Really? But I don’t think Rourou looks like that kind of person.”

“Cats hide their claws. You’d better beware of her.”

“By the way, will that country bumpkin be the focus of the dinner party tonight?” one of the girls suddenly asked.

Xiao Jinning nodded with a smile and replied, “It’s been said that this dinner party is being held for Grandpa, but it’s actually for Rourou. My family values Rourou a lot.”

Immediately, a voice of disdain sounded in response. “Values her? Humph, let’s witness how she’ll embarrass your family!”

On this side, Tang Xi put on the princess dress. She had thought this ‘children’s dress’ wouldn’t fit her, but she was stunned upon seeing herself in the mirror. This dress actually fitted her perfectly!

Xiao Rou’s skin was dark because she grew up in the mountains and her figure was flat because she was ill-fed, so she had looked rustic, ugly and much older for her age. After putting on the ‘Cornetto’ skin gifted by 008, however, she looked younger than she really was, just like a stunted junior high school student. Tang Xi looked at the ordinary-looking little princess in the mirror, and then she looked back to the stylist and smiled as she said, “Very good. I am very satisfied with this princess dress.”

Yang Jingxian was also satisfied with Tang Xi’s dress, so she said to the stylist with satisfaction, “OK, please design a hair style for her as soon as possible. We are in a hurry.”

“How about this one?” asked the stylist, coming straight forward to tie Tang Xi’s hair up and fix it with hairpins. He then gazed at the little princess in the mirror and smiled, saying, “OK, now look at our Princess Charming.”

Looking at the person in the mirror, Tang Xi suddenly found that Xiao Rou’s facial features were very delicate and somewhat similar to her previous looks.

Yang Jingxian smiled and said, “Now I don’t want you to appear like this at the party.”

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows as she asked, “Why?”

“Because I’m afraid your mother will regret it and take you back.”

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