Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 454 - Queen Xiao Rou

Chapter 454: Queen Xiao Rou

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Qiao Liang remained expressionless, but his clenched hands showed how excited he was. His girl was so beautiful!

Tang Xi walked around the runway with a confident smile. She was walking gracefully on the stage and smiled sweetly at the audience.

He Wanyi looked at her and exclaimed, “Oh my God, I have to videotape this scene and post it to the Microblog!”

Hearing her words, He Wanzhou and the others all took out their cell phones, recorded videos and posted them to the Microblog. They almost posted at the same time. At this moment, they didn’t know that thanks to these videos, The Queen formally entered the luxury industry and became the most popular brand among the upper class.

He Wanyi: It’s really a worthy trip for me to come to Paris to watch this show. I have witnessed the birth of a queen #The first fashion show of the Queen# #Xiao Rou The Queen#. [Video].

Ning Yan glanced at He Wanyi, turned up the corners of his mouth and published a post.

Ning Yan: This is exactly what I expected. I have confidence in The Queen’s future! It has great Potential! #The first fashion show of the Queen##Xiao Rou The Queen#.

Ning Yan: I just posted the videos. Now let me post some photos of the clothes of The Queen to feast your eyes! [Photos]

He posted nine photos. The first three was the posters of He Wanyi, the next three were the Haute Couture series of The Queen and the last three were the posters of Tang Xi.

He Wanzhou also released a post in the Microblog soon after them.

He Wanzhou: She is like a real queen! #The first fashion show of the Queen##Xiao Rou The Queen#. [Videos].

He Wanning: The little fairy yesterday has become the queen today. I always want to tell you about her real identity and now I finally have the chance. Great! #The first fashion show of the Queen##Xiao Rou The Queen##Tang Xiao and Xiao Rou##Xiao Rou Magic Butterfly Perfume# [Videos].

Different form them, He Wanning also posted the TV commercial of Magic Butterfly perfume besides the videos of this fashion show.

Seeing their posts, Xiao Jing hastened to release a post too.

Xiao Jing: My dear sister, I want to make you live like a little princess, but you become a queen with your own strength. I like your performance. It’s perfect! #The first fashion show of the Queen##Xiao Rou The Queen##Tang Xiao and Xiao Rou#Xiao Rou Magic Butterfly Perfume# [Videos].

Everyone had posted videos in the Microblog, but soon they found that someone among them hadn’t done anything to support Xiao Rou! And Tang Xi was going to leave the stage. They stared at him discontentedly. Qiao Liang looked at them and raised his eyebrows. He Wanzhou smiled. “Young Master Qiao, you don’t want to be Rourou’s boyfriend anymore?”

“How dare you not to support Rourou!” Xiao Jing narrowed his eyes.

He Wanyi also gave him a disdainful stare.

Qiao Liang shrugged and looked at Xiao Jing with a straight face. “Your sister doesn’t allow me to make our relationship public.”

Xiao Jing snorted and stared at Qiao Liang. “Don’t take my sister as an excuse!”

Ning Yan said, “Whatever. Come on, release a post on the Microblog. You have two or three million followers in the Microblog. Many of them know that you have come to watch the show. If you don’t post anything, people will think you’re trying to cover up something!”

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows. “Yes! Come on, release a post!”

Qiao Liang took a look at them, took out his cell phone and posted a photo that he had early prepared.

Qiao Liang: My queen. [Photo].

They immediately went to check Qiao Liang’s account and saw this photo.

“Sh*t, what’s the brand of your phone, Qiao Liang? This photo looks like being taken with a professional device!”

Xiao Jing said unhappily, “My video looks professional too.”

Ning Yan raised his eyebrows. “What are the brands of your cell phones?”

Xiao Jing shrugged. “No brand. I picked it up on the street.”

The others were speechless.

Gazing at the confident and beautiful queen in that photo, Qiao Liang turned up the corners of his mouth. Seeing Tang Xi walk backstage, Qiao Liang stood up and walked towards the backstage.

He Wanzhou who was browsing Qiao Liang’s Microblog account raised his head. “Sh*t, Qiao Liang, I can’t believe that you only released three posts and yet have millions of followers.. Huh? Where is Qiao Liang?”

Ning Yan whistled and raised his chin. “He went to see his girlfriend.”

Lawrence and Carl exchanged a glance and didn’t leave their seats but waited for Chu Ling.

He Wanyi and the others were sitting opposite to Lawrence and Carl. As most of the audience left and the lights turned on, He Wanyi saw the two of them. She, the endorser of Chanel, surely knew who they were. She widened her eyes. “Why are Lawrence and Carl here?”

He Wanzhou raised his eyebrows. “Do you know them?”

He Wanyi rolled her eyes at her brother who would only remember beautiful women. “Carl is the director of Chanel! Lawrence is the boss of Fashion Paris. They are very powerful people in France and even the French president has to respect them. Why did they come here?”

Most importantly, she didn’t even notice them just now!

Tang Xi felt exhausted when she walked to the backstage. She looked at Chu Ling and asked feebly, “I didn’t make any mistakes, did I?”

Chu Ling gave Tang Xi a thumbs up and she was relieved to see that. Just then, Qiao Liang walked over. Tang Xi looked back at him, smiled and was about to speak, when Qiao Liang suddenly rushed up, pulled her into his arms and kissed on her lips.

Tang Xi stared at him in shock. Is he crazy?! There are so many people here!

But she didn’t push him away.

Chu Ling raised his eyebrows, beckoned the models and designers who were looking at them with interest to leave and walked to the runway.

After a whole minute, Qiao Liang finally released Tang Xi and she almost fell over. Qiao Liang hurriedly supported her. Tang Xi stabilized her body and glared at Qiao Liang. “What are you doing~?”

Qiao Liang’s voice sounded a bit strange. “Punishing you!”

Tang Xi was surprised. “Punish?”

Qiao Liang nodded and gazed deeply at Tang Xi. “I regret letting you be the model of the dress.”

Tang Xi pouted crossly. “Did I look ugly?”

Qiao Liang gazed at her and hugged her with a smile. He whispered, “You turned me on. How can an ugly woman turn me on?”

Tang Xi blinked. It had been quite a while before she leaned against Qiao Liang’s chest. “Then did I succeed?”

Qiao Liang said, “Yes.”

“But you should work out and make yourself recover soon. Otherwise, I can’t bear it anymore. You know I am a normal fully functioning man.”

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