Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 452 - Endorsers

Chapter 452: Endorsers

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Then several snipers appeared in front of her. Chu Ling smiled and looked at Tang Xi, saying, “These people are very good at targeting people. Wanna see them try?”

“What’s their job?”

“They’re snipers.” Chu Ling said, “snipers of Long Xiao. They are Lu Li’s most trusted snipers. Are you satisfied?”

“Can snipers be lighting engineers?” Tang Xi blinked and looked at Chu Ling.

“Just let them have a try.”

Then the top snipers of Long Xiao became the lighting engineers of the fashion show…

Thinking of this, Tang Xi shook her head with a smile. If Li Manyan knew that the “awesome” lighting engineers were snipers that Chu Ling got from Lu Li, she would be stupefied… She remembered that she herself was stunned when she knew this fact.

There were three or four models on the stage. Tang Xi came back to herself and smiled at Li Manyan. “How about the male models?”

The Queen was not only engaged in women’s wear, but also in men’s wear. As for the latter, the target customers were successful men. A girl may save money for months just to buy a luxury product for herself, whereas men were different. Compared with clothes, they even preferred to smoking. Common men wouldn’t spend too much on clothes. Therefore, her target customers were successful men, or to be exact… rich men.

Especially successful businessmen who wore high quality suits as their armors in the business circle, so…

Li Manyan nodded with a smile. “The male models have put on the clothes too, but President Xiao, Why isn’t there any casual wear in the collection?”

There were mostly formal suits or windbreakers in this collection…

“And President Xiao, when did you prepare men’s wear?! We didn’t even know you have prepared those clothes!”

Tang Xi smiled, looked at Li Manyan and said, “I designed them a long time ago; to be honest I designed them for Ah Liang but then I thought maybe I could sell them and only keep the casual wear that I designed for Ah Liang. Not many people are willing to spend a lot of money on casual wear. This way, I can make the most profits.”

Li Manyan looked at her in doubt and Tang Xi smiled at her, patted her shoulder and said, “Help me put on the dress. It’s time to show the Haute Couture series.”

Tang Xi would be the last to go to the stage.

Li Manyan nodded but was still wondering what Tang Xi’s words meant…

Tang Xi looked back at Li Manyan who suddenly stared at Tang Xi with wide open eyes. “My god, President Tang, you’re so far-sighted!”

“But many people still will buy name-brand casual wear, for example celebrities.” Li Manyan walked behind Tang Xi and asked in confusion. “They can also bring profits.”

Tang Xi shrugged. “The successful casual wear brands are either cost-effective or well-known luxury brands. Our brand belongs to neither category, so we’d better focus on formal suits.”

Tang Xi said and blinked at Li Manyan. “And as for the formal suits they are products targeted at successful men, we have many endorsers available who will even endorse for us for free. Isn’t it great?”

Li Manyan still looked at her in confusion. Seeing her cute look, Tang Xi finally understood why Jin Han was so protective of her and always followed her. If he left her alone, she would be easily tricked by bad people.

She smiled, took Li Manyan’s hand and walked into the show field. Standing in the back, she pointed at the row where Xiao Jing and her friends were sitting, and said with a smile, “Do you see that row? They are willing to sit there, which means that they’re willing to put on our company’s clothes and endorse for free. You know who they are, right?”

Li Manyan smiled. “That man is the president of Qingcheng Entertainment and CEO of Hexing Group who often appears in TV and business news. Everyone knows that Mr. He is handsome, humorous and popular. He’s like a A-lister among rich men.”

Tang Xi nodded and the smile on her face spread. “Then who is the one sitting next to him?”

“Director Ning. He is even more famous. I think he is not only a director, but also a super star. I think he appears in entertainment news even more so than Miss Wanyi.” Li Manyan exclaimed.

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows. “Yeah? I just named a few. So what do you think of my endorsers?”

Li Manyan gaped at Tang Xi and then gave her a thumbs-up in admiration. “Great! And there is also President Xiao, President Qiao and many others. They are all elites who are successful and famous and many men try to imitate their dressing way. With them as your endorser, The Queen will…”

“Will they wear casual wear when they go out?” Tang Xi asked.

Li Manyan immediately shook her head. “No, they won’t.”

“So we should make the clothes they will wear when they get out.” Tang Xi smiled. Besides, she wouldn’t allow Qiao Liang to appear in public in casual wear. She knew how charming he could be when he was in casual wear. Unlike formal suits, casual wear made him look amiable and attractive and women would go crazy for him… How would she dare let him go out in casual wear?!

That would be impossible for her to do that!

Li Manyan finally understood Tang Xi’s strategy and gave her an admiring look. Tang Xi raised her eyebrows and walked towards the backstage. “Okay, now can you help me change and put on makeup? Let’s be quick, or we’ll be late.”

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