Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 44 - Xiao Jing Riled Up

Chapter 44: Xiao Jing Riled Up

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Tang Xi got goosebumps upon hearing his words. This guy was really hilarious!

Sure enough, she heard the sarcastic response of the girl who was walking with the boy. “Didn’t you just say Xiao Jinning was your perfect goddess? How could you have a new sweetheart so quickly?”

Of course, when she saw Xiao Rou’s smile, even she, a woman, had also blushed and felt her heart skip a beat. How charming she was!

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows and laughed. She then carried her school bag and happily walked out of the school with Ning Ke. Looking at the cheerful Tang Xi, Ning Ke couldn’t help being affected by her. With a smile on his face, he sped up a few steps to catch up with her and said, “Student Xiao Rou, you’re really pretty.”

Tang Xi said, “… And you’re really straightforward, Student Ning Ke.”

Ning Ke chuckled and scratched his head. “I’m just telling the truth.”

Tang Xi smiled at him when she suddenly heard a loud growl, “Xiao Rou, why didn’t you come right out after school? What are you doing there?!”

Tang Xi looked towards the source of the sound only to see Xiao Jing standing on the road opposite the school with a dark face.

One hand in a pocket, Xiao Jing checked both sides of the road to make sure there wasn’t a car, and quickly walked towards her. He found it was still early after finishing a meeting, so he came to the school to pick his sister up. He thought she must be very happy after he told her about the endorsement of OLS; however, he saw her walking out with a boy when he came here, talking and laughing, and that boy’s face was so red as if he was being flirted with!

He knew this girl would have a lot of love affairs in the school! But he didn’t want a brother-in-law!

He approached and glared at Ning Ke. This boy looked familiar to him, but he took Ning Ke as an enemy now, so he automatically ignored his identity. He grabbed Tang Xi’s schoolbag, hung it on his shoulder and said with a snort, “Xiao Rou, I’m warning you that puppy love is prohibited in school. Do you hear me?!”

Tang Xi looked at Xiao Jing helplessly. “Puppy love? I’m already…”

“Shut up!” Xiao Jing knew that she was going to say she was already twenty-three years old, but god knew she looked so young. Besides, she was only in her first year of high school.

Tang Xi shrugged and stopped speaking. At this time, Ning Ke, who was standing on the side, stepped forward and resumed his original indifferent princely air. He smiled and greeted Xiao Jing, “Brother Xiao, what a coincidence.”

Brother Xiao… Xiao Jing frowned and looked at Ning Ke carefully. A moment later, he asked hesitantly, “Ning Ke?”

“Yes, it’s me, Ning Ke.” Ning Ke smiled. “So Student Xiao Rou is Brother Xiao’s sister. No wonder she is so smart.”

He was sincerely praising Xiao Rou because he had thought he was smart enough, but Xiao Rou was even smarter than him and was also so beautiful.

The alarm bell sounded louder in Xiao Jing’s heart. All of a sudden, something occurred to him and he asked, “Shouldn’t you be in the third year of junior high school now?”

Wasn’t Ning Ke only thirteen years old? Although he was already 180cm tall and looked mature, Xiao Jing remembered he was only thirteen years old.

Oh, my gosh! Thinking of a possibility, Xiao Jing turned around and glared at Tang Xi. ‘How could you date a thirteen-year-old kid?!’

Ning Ke always remained super cool when facing men. He smiled and said shyly, “I tried taking the exam and happened to pass it.”

Listening to their conversation, Tang Xi stared at them with her eyes wide open. Xiao Jing was very unhappy to see Tang Xi gazing at Ning Ke, so he said goodbye to Ning Ke, grabbed Tang Xi’s hand and walked towards his car. Tang Xi looked back and said goodbye to Ning Ke. Xiao Jing dragged her over to his side, stuffed her into the car and growled, “Hey, what are you looking at?! Have you never seen little fresh meat? He is not even as handsome as me!”

Not bothering to quarrel with Xiao Jing, Tang Xi got in the car and asked, “Is Ning Ke only thirteen years old?” He was quite tall.

Xiao Jing snorted and mocked her, “Yes, he’s only thirteen years old, though he is already in the first year of high school. He is still a kid. How can you lay your hands on him?”

Tang Xi widened her eyes in astonishment. “He’s already in high school at the age of thirteen?” Then at this rate, he would graduate from high school at fifteen or even earlier, and then get his doctor’s degree before eighteen!

“You’re ten years older than him. How do you have the cheek to hook up with him?” Xiao Jing looked at Tang Xi in disgust and started the engine. “Didn’t you notice the stares of your classmates?”

Tang Xi rolled her eyes and refuted him, “That’s because I’m beautiful!”

Xiao Jing: “…” He really couldn’t refute such a powerful reason!

A touch of triumph flickered across Tang Xi’s eyes when she saw Xiao Jing speechless, and then she asked, “But Jing, how did you remember to pick me up?”

Xiao Jing took a look at Tang Xi. “Just now He Wanning called me, saying that he got down to cancelling the contract with Xiao Jinning and asking you to sign the contract with them tomorrow.”

Tang Xi frowned. “You can tell him that I’ll sign the contract with him on Saturday. Tomorrow, I’m not free because I have classes, and they haven’t fully terminated the agreement. I’m not going to show up before they solve this problem. You can just tell that advertising director this.”

Xiao Jing’s face suddenly brightened. He laughed and said proudly, “It seems that we have telepathy. That’s exactly what I told He Wanning.”

Tang Xi was speechless again. Jing, everyone would think this way, alright? In particular, her main goal was to teach a lesson to Xiao Jinning…

“By the way, were there any teachers who dared to be difficult to you this afternoon?” Xiao Jing thought to himself, ‘If there is still someone who dared to bully my sister, I will teach her myself, and then she needn’t go to school!’

Tang Xi shook her head. “With you behind me, who dares to bully me?” Besides, she was a good student. Even if a teacher wanted to give her a hard time, she wouldn’t give them a chance.

That was the upside of being a genius!

The more she thought of it, the more Tang Xi felt she was really a super big ‘plug-in’ of Xiao Rou. Although she was not physically strong, she was super smart!

Looking at her strange smile, Xiao Jing felt a chill. “Hey, can you smile normally?”

“I’ve always been normal!” Tang Xi pursed her lips. “What’s in your mind, what’s in your eyes!”

Xiao Jing was about to retort when his phone rang. He glared at Tang Xi and then picked up the phone.

Tang Xi looked at the scenery outside the car window and suddenly thought of something. After Xiao Jing hung up the phone, she suddenly put her head on Xiao Jing’s shoulder, saying, “Jing.”

Xiao Jing suddenly widened his eyes, stepped on the brake and shouted angrily, “Xiao Rourou, I’m driving! Don’t you know you’ll cause an accident by acting like this?”

Didn’t this darn girl know how attractive she was?

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