Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 42 - The Second Child of the He Family

Chapter 42: The Second Child of the He Family

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Tang Xi didn’t expect the teacher would call her to answer the question. She was still dazed when she stood up, but she quickly adjusted herself and asked the teacher, “Mr. Li, do you want me to write the answer to this question on the blackboard?”

Mr. Li thought she didn’t know the answer, so he said, “If you don’t know the answer, I’ll explain it to you…”

“Okay, I see.” Tang Xi left her seat, went to the platform, took a piece of chalk and began to write the answer on the blackboard. Pretty soon, a detailed answer appeared on the blackboard step by step. Tang Xi checked her answer carefully before asking Mr. Li, “Mr. Li, did I answer it correctly?”

Mr. Li nodded blankly and replied, “Your answer is right.” But this question involved contents that hadn’t been taught yet. How could she know the answer?

Tang Xi nodded, went back to her seat and continued to be in a daze, not realizing how the math teacher was shocked by her.

On the other side of things, Lin Ru received a call from He Wanning. Hearing that he wanted to cancel the contract with Xiao Jinning, she frowned; however, she was much calmer than Yao Na and Xiao Jinning. She tried to suppress her temper and asked mildly, “President He, did Jinning do anything wrong?”

“Miss Xiao is not suitable for our perfume,” He Wanning said calmly, then continued, “and we signed a confidentiality agreement, yet you clearly failed to abide by it. Our Magic Butterfly series perfume represents purity, dream and mystery, and Miss Xiao doesn’t meet our conditions.”

“But that’s not what you said when you signed with us,” said Lin Ru calmly. “When you talked with us, you said no one else was more suitable for this perfume than Jinning.”

He Wanning said directly, “I didn’t sign with you, nor did I choose Xiao Jinning. Obviously the person who signed with you doesn’t have good taste.”

Lin Ru was irritated by He Wanning’s words. Nobody in this world was allowed to say Xiao Jinning was not good enough because Xiao Jinning was cultivated by her. If Xiao Jinning was not good, why did she abandon her own daughter and choose Xiao Jinning? She wouldn’t allow anyone to say Xiao Jinning was bad, which was like reminding her that she was a person who had abandoned her own daughter!

“President He! What do you mean?”

He Wanning also realized that he said something wrong. In any case, he should not have said that Xiao Jinning was not good. While she really wasn’t good in his eyes, he should not have spoken it out loud. He didn’t want to quarrel with Lin Ru, so he said flatly, “President Lin, I’ll leave this matter to the legal department of our company. They will communicate with you. If you have any questions, please directly contact our legal counsel. I have something to do. I have to hang up. Sorry for bothering you. Goodbye.”

He Wanning was famous for being a one track character in the advertising industry. Once he decided on something, he would never change his mind. Lin Ru, holding her mobile phone, suppressed her anger after taking several deep breaths, after which she quickly dialed a number. When the other side picked up the phone, she ordered coldly, “Find out who will be the new endorser of OLS’s latest Magic Butterfly series perfume!”

Xiao Jinning would lose the endorsement anyway, but she wouldn’t sit still and watch it happen. Since her daughter couldn’t get this endorsement, no one could get it. If she found out who took her daughter’s endorsement, she would definitely give her a good lesson!

As soon as he hung up the phone with Lin Ru, He Wanning called Xiao Jing cheerfully. Xiao Jing was in a meeting. Seeing He Wanning’s phone number, he frowned and rejected the call.

Seeing his call was rejected, He Wanning frowned. Thinking of the words of those people yesterday, he thought Xiao Rou didn’t want to sign the contract, so he kept calling frantically. After rejecting his calls for the 101st time, Xiao Jing finally couldn’t bear it. He ran out, picked up the phone and growled on the phone, “I’m in a meeting. Why don’t you just call me later?! Will you die if you wait for two hours?”

He Wanning obviously forgot that today was Monday. When he heard Xiao Jing’s growling, he felt a bit wronged and said, “Sorry, Mr. Xiao, I just want to ask you whether you can bring your sister to sign the contract with us tomorrow. I have informed Lin Ru that I want to terminate the contract with her side, and I have given full authority to our legal department to deal with this matter.”

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows upon hearing this. He had thought that it would take this advertising director at least half a month to finish the matter, that he would spend a few days to convince his boss, and then spend a few more days to figure out how to terminate the agreement with Xiao Jinning. To his surprise, this young man who had appeared so mild and shy was actually a man of action.

“So soon?”

He Wanning, who was not being as decisive and cold as when he was talking to Lin Ru, said shyly, “I am not only the advertising director of OLS, but also its director. Therefore, I have the right to decide this matter. It’s not very difficult for me.”

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows and suddenly thought of a question. He pondered for a moment before asking, “May I ask what your relationship is with He Wanyi? And He Wanzhou… I mean, are you from the He Family…”

“Wanyi is my younger sister, and He Wanzhou is my elder brother,” He Wanning answered frankly.

Xiao Jing was dumbfounded. “So you are that famous ‘geek’ of the He Family!”

Even though He Wanning was on the other side of the line, he could feel Xiao Jing’s surprise. He chuckled and said, “That’s not important. What matters is that Mr. Xiao, now you can believe that I really want your sister to be my advertising model, right? Can you bring her over tomorrow to sign the contract?”

“No!” Xiao Jing immediately rejected him. “She has to go to school tomorrow, and she’ll only be available on the weekends, and I hope you will contact us after completely terminating the contract with Xiao Jinning. And one more thing I want to remind you is that I don’t want anyone to know that my sister will be the one replacing Xiao Jinning. It must be kept secret that my sister will become the model. Otherwise, we won’t agree.”

They didn’t lack money anyway; they agreed only because Xiao Rou wanted to do it. The endorsement was dispensable for them. Besides, they didn’t want their sister to become a star and be discussed by everyone.

He Wanning remembered that they had all looked well-educated, and although the girl had dressed casually, the shoes on her feet were not cheap. He thought about it and agreed, “Okay. I will contact Mr. Xiao after terminating the agreement with Xiao Jinning. Please bring your younger sister to sign the contract with us then.”

Xiao Jing hummed in response very reluctantly and hung up the phone.

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