Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 28 - Challenge the Teacher

Chapter 28: Challenge the Teacher

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“Your sister?” Qiao Liang did remember Xiao Jing having a sister. He remembered that Xiao Jing mentioned it to him once, but he hadn’t been paying attention. “When did you have a sister?”

Xiao Jing didn’t mind speaking of his family affairs to Qiao Liang, so he recounted the whole story to him. Qiao Liang frowned. “Xiao Rou? Baoyi Sanatorium?”

Xiao Jing nodded. “Yes. I’m really worried about my sister. Her face is changing too fast… You know what, if I hadn’t lived with her in the same house, I would have suspected she had plastic surgery and… well, in short, my sister turned into a beauty after she became a member of our family.”

“Give me your sister’s phone number,” said Qiao Liang expressionlessly.

Xiao Jing cast a wary glance at him, asking, “What are you intending?”

He wanted to hit on his sister as soon as he heard she was a beauty! But he just said he would love that woman forever! It had only been a few days, yet he was prepared to woo his sister!

Upon seeing Xiao Jing’s reaction, Qiao Liang knew he had been misunderstood. “My mother stayed in the same nursing home as your sister. She has been saying that she is bored at home since she left the hospital. She really misses Rourou whom she knew back at the nursing home, but doesn’t know how to contact her. You have her phone number, right?”

“No.” Xiao Jing shook his head with great seriousness. “Rourou doesn’t have a cell phone. She doesn’t want one.”

At this moment, Xiao Jing thought that that had truly been a wise choice. What was the use of a cell phone? It would only help lewd men pester his sister.

At the same time, sitting in the classroom and being pestered by countless boys and girls, Xiao Rou also thought it was an extremely wise decision not to get a cell phone. She didn’t want one because she barely knew anyone here, but now she felt that decision had literally saved her!

Tang Xi was so gorgeous that she almost attracted everyone’s attention sitting in the class. Some girls and boys even kept gazing at her without listening to the teachers.

As a result, Tang Xi was called to the teachers’ office by a teacher, who warned her not to overdress.

Tang Xi looked at herself speechlessly, and gave a sneer. “Teacher, are you sure I overdressed?”

“Well…” She was in a school uniform and her soft hair hung down her shoulders. She didn’t even wear the decorative bracelets that most schoolgirls liked. She was really dressed plainly, yet she still attracted everyone’s attention.

“Forget it. I just want you to concentrate on studying. I heard that you just transferred here from a countryside school. You gotta keep up with the class, understand?” The bespectacled female teacher couldn’t find herself a way out, so she began to pick on Xiao Rou’s past.

Tang Xi nodded and said she understood.

The teacher continued, “Our school pays great attention to students’ foreign language aptitude, so we opened two foreign language courses. You should listen carefully to the teachers in class. Don’t disgrace us, understand?”

Tang Xi had been a cosseted princess since childhood. No teacher had ever given her dirty looks, but fawned on her instead. While Tang Xi had lived like a princess, she always respected her teachers, provided that the teachers deserved her respect.

Thus, Tang Xi gave a sneer and looked deeply into the teacher’s eyes as she asked, “Ms. Cao, do you mean I didn’t listen carefully in class?”

Although classes were rather boring, she still listened to the teachers very carefully, and even pretended that she didn’t understand the class content well and asked teachers questions with great respect. Yet in order to give herself a way out, this teacher simply distorted the facts and called her a bad student!

If the real Xiao Rou were here, she would probably feel wronged and burst into tears!

The teacher didn’t expect that Tang Xi would dare to refute her, so she frowned and asked, “Did you listen carefully in Japanese class? And Russian, did you listen carefully too? Italian is also very important. If you listened carefully, can you speak them?”

It was the first day of school and she only had classes on Russian and Italian—the teacher was just picking on her by asking this question.

But the present Xiao Rou was not the former one. As she heard the teacher’s words, a touch of sarcasm flicked across her eyes. This teacher was just as snobbish as Xiao Hongyi and his family!

In the teacher’s mind, Xiao Rou had to be unable to keep up with the classes since she was transferred from a countryside school, so she didn’t even bother to read her files.

“Do you know that our class is an advanced class, an experimental class? Our goal is to be the number one of the whole grade! If you keep behaving like this, you will hold our class back, understand?” Seeing that she didn’t speak, the teacher thought she was frightened by her words, so she spoke even more sharply.

Tang Xi’s ears hurt from the noise she made. A male teacher sitting at the next table quickly stood up and tried to pacify her. “Ms. Cao, don’t be angry. As a new student, maybe she hasn’t gotten used to school life. Give her a chance.”

“Alas, Mr. He, you don’t know how nasty this girl is! Thinking herself attractive, she just fooled around seducing male students! Does she think she can get a good result in the exams by doing this? What a shameless girl!”

“Ms. Cao, how can you describe a student like that?” Mr. He scowled. “She’s only a high school student. You can’t insult her like this. Besides, it’s only the first day of school. Don’t judge her so hastily.”

“Mr. He, are you mesmerized by this girl too?” Ms. Cao looked at him contemptuously and snorted. “Mr. He, I know your class is no match for my experimental class, but you can’t…”

“That’s enough,” Tang Xi, who had been keeping silent, interrupted Ms. Cao and continued seriously, “I want to change my class. I want to study in Mr. He’s class, and I assure you that the best student of the grade won’t be from your experimental class!”

“Haha, what a braggart,” Ms. Cao said with disdain. “I can’t wait to see you leave my class. Like teacher, like student. Mr. He, as you wish.”

Tang Xi snorted and suddenly said a sentence in ten different languages, returning Ms. Cao’s remark to her.

Ms. Cao frowned. “What nonsense is this, damn it!”

At this time, a foreign language director came in and looked at Tang Xi with his eyes shining. He asked in surprise, “Did you just speak French, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic and Japanese?” He couldn’t understand all of the languages that were spoken, but he was familiar with ones mentioned above. He could tell that the girl didn’t use English, but he was sure her English was good too.

When did the school get such a genius?

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