Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 19 - Spill the Beans

Chapter 19: Spill the Beans

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Tang Xi was stunned for a moment, and then she figured out what he meant. Rolling her eyes at him, she said disdainfully, “Jing, even if you weren’t my brother, I wouldn’t fall in love with you.”

With that, she proudly walked into the classroom with her chin held up.

Since most of the people had noticed her, Tang Xi no longer played low profile. She sat on a table, shaking her slender legs and ordering her brothers to sign up for her, not including Xiao Yao, of course, who was leisurely leaning against a wall. The sight of the brother and sister seemed just like a beautiful painting.

Compared with Xiao Yao who was so leisurely, Xiao Sa and Xiao Jing were quite busy. Now they were feeling regret for the hundredth time, thinking they shouldn’t have come here today. They were acting as coolies in the end, while the heroine merely chewed gum leisurely on the side.

It was eleven o’clock after they finished the procedures. Tang Xi wasn’t going to board at school, so she didn’t have to stay and could come to school tomorrow. As it was still early, Xiao Sa suggested for them to have some western food together, since it was not easy for the four of them gather. “It’s been long since Rourou joined our family, but we haven’t invited her out for dinner. A French restaurant has opened in River Bank today. Let’s have a try of their food?”

Tang Xi raised no objection. It had been long since the last time she ate French food.

Xiao Jing looked at Tang Xi and said thoughtfully, “Rourou may not be used to it. How about hot pot? I remember there is a good Sichuan-style hot pot restaurant in Liuyang Road.”

“Let’s eat French food.” Xiao Yao looked away from Tang Xi and asked Xiao Jing to drive. “After all, she has to get used to it.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Xiao Jing nodded.

It was already twelve o’clock by the time they reached River Bank. Fortunately, the owner of the restaurant was Xiao Sa’s friend, so he had reserved seats on the way so that they would have a table upon arrival. Tang Xi took a hat from the car and put it on when getting off. Seeing that, Xiao Jing asked her, “You are not a star. Why are you wearing a hat to cover your face?”

Tang Xi shrugged and gave Xiao Jing a sly smile as she said, “This is a high-class restaurant. There must be a lot of powerful and wealthy people among the customers. Maybe some of them are your friends. To keep you from losing face, I think I’d better cover my face.”

Xiao Jing speechlessly took the hat off her head and smiled wickedly. “Your appearance almost changes from day to day. I’m sure no one can recognize you. I’m serious.”

What he said was absolutely true. On that day when they held the dinner party for her, she looked gorgeous and gave them a visual shock, and then she became ugly soon afterwards. Later on, he found that her appearance changed almost daily. If he hadn’t met her every day, he would have suspected that she had cosmetic surgeries, and he could bet that with her current appearance, even her biological mother Lin Ru wouldn’t be able to recognize her even if she stood in front of her!

Tang Xi shrugged. She didn’t deny that she found that this body of hers was becoming ‘Tang Xi’ in a strange way. If this really happened, she would be so scared… She could only hope that 008 wouldn’t be so mischievous!

She now felt that she looked like the way she did in high school, but she couldn’t tell which parts of her face had changed.

Xiao Sa also nodded in agreement with Xiao Jing. “Rourou, you were stunted because you were ill-fed, but now you are slowly recovering. You’re changing every day. I think I might not be able to recognize you if I didn’t see you for a week, so you really don’t need to cover your face.”

Tang Xi puckered in a smile. At this moment, Xiao Yao suddenly paused. He stopped Tang Xi, took a good look at her and said coolly, “You look nice. You won’t make us lose face.”

Tang Xi paused and giggled. She straightened up under the Xiao brothers’ stares and looked at them as she said, “My brothers, in fact, I’m doing this for you. Seriously, many of the customers here might be your friends. You are mature men, while I look like a high school student, so…” Tang Xi’s smile turned ambiguous as she continued, “Three mature men having lunch with a high school student… this…”

“Alright, just put your hat on.” Before Tang Xi finished, Xiao Sa had handed the hat to her, and then he rubbed the goosebumps on his arm and shivered as he exclaimed, “I’m definitely not a pedophile!”

It was hard to imagine that the other customers would take them as pedophiles.

At this time, the owner of the shop who was Xiao Sa’s friend came by. He was a very gentlemanly man in his thirties. After giving a greeting, he took them to a reserved seat for them. After some small talk, he called a waiter to show them the menu.

Tang Xi had often eaten French food, so when the waiter came up, she completely forgot that she was Xiao Rou now and directly said to the waiter, “I want a fresh seafood salad for starters. As for soup, I want fish soup with some green onion added. I don’t want any side dishes. I want steak as the main dish, and opera as dessert. Lastly, open a bottle of red wine for us.” After saying this, Tang Xi turned to look at the Xiao brothers, asking, “Brothers, what would you like to eat… er…”

Tang Xi blinked in a fluster. Oh no, she forgot she was a country bumpkin now! It was her ‘first time’ coming to eat French food. How could she not be ill at ease, but readily order so many dishes according to her previous habit… Damn, she spilled the beans!

Looking at the surprised faces of the Xiao brothers, Tang Xi wished she could reverse time or kill herself by ramming her head against the wall. However, it had already happened, so she could only pretend nothing had happened. “What? Is there some dirt on my face?”

Xiao Jing shook his head and looked dumbfounded as he said, “No.”

Xiao Sa also shook his head. “No.”

Tang Xi looked at Xiao Yao, who smiled at her and passed the menu to the waiter. His voice was as indifferent as ever as he said, “We want the same dishes as her.”

Tang Xi’s heart gave a thump again and sank down. Damn… Was Yao suspecting her? God, No!!!!

“Little Rourou, now tell me honestly. Did you eat French food often?” Xiao Jing gave a questioning look at Tang Xi. The more he looked at Tang Xi, the more suspicious he felt regarding his sister. She wasn’t at all like a country bumpkin who had just come over from the countryside, but like a well-educated urban girl!

“Haha…” Despite wanting to cry, Tang Xi had to force a smile. “I wanted to, but I didn’t have the money.”

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