Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: She Accompanied Him Through The Hard Times

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Shen Fanxing was once again surprised; her eyes blinked lightly before she broke out in laughter uncontrollably.

“Sorry, this is indeed my fault.”

Bo Jinchuan stared at her bright smile, the depths of his eyes glittering.

“What are you laughing at?”

“It seems that I truly do not know you enough. Never would I have thought that someone as modest as you, with an extraordinary temperament, could be capable of such words. This is a contrast to your appearance.”

“My words are accurately conveyed, you understood them, there is no problem with this sentence.”

“However, Ms Shen, everything has two sides to them—the superficial level and the true nature. The true nature normally remains static; only the superficial level would change with changing circumstances. Hence, if you only focus on the surface level of things, you’ll not be able to see their true nature.

“Bringing this to the human aspect, you can know one and one’s face, but you’ll never be able to know the inner thoughts. Are you sure one should be solely judged based on appearance? ”

Shen Fanxing’s laughter slowly faded, replaced by coldness.

She was sure that of course one could not!

The presence of Shen Qianrou could practically give her a lifetime’s worth of lessons about society and humanity.

She took a deep breath before saying slowly,

“Thus, I think that we are not compatible, Mr Bo… I don’t really know you and I can’t even see beyond the surface level of your appearance, let alone the deeper side of you.

“Also, I have just broken up with my boyfriend moments ago. I have yet to recover from it and if I were to enter into a new relationship now, I’m afraid that I might be too hard to deal with, which is also a form of disrespect to you.”

“I don’t expect you to agree to it now, I’m merely replying to your question of why I’m here. Pursuing you is my business, and I’ve always disliked being swayed by others’ opinions.”

Bo Jinchuan paused, as though he was waiting for Shen Fanxing to adapt to it before saying calmly,

“Of course, your consensus is your business. However, I would not agree to your rejection.”


“I welcome you, Ms Shen, to discover the deeper side of me anytime.”

Shen Fanxing was completely dazed and speechless as she watched Bo Jinchuan leave the room.

It took a long time for her to be snapped back to reality, even after she was left to the solitary presence of herself.

On her constantly emotionless face, a slight grimace appeared.

Her consensus was her business but rejecting her rejection was his business?

Where therein lay her choice?

So, despite all that he had said just now, they all translated into one sentence—

She was undoubtedly wanted by him?

This man was indeed…

Realising the hilarity of the situation, Shen Fanxing shook her head before diving herself into the comfort of her blanket.

She gave a deep sigh as her stomach growled. However, there was no one in the room.

She stood up to get a cup of water from the automatic dispenser, drank it and lied down again.

She did it so naturally that it did not occur to her that what she needed then was to have someone to take care of her.

When she came back from France three years ago, she never had the luxury of being taken care of by her boyfriend, it had always just been self-care.

At that point in time, the Su Company had encountered a lawsuit regarding the quality of their cosmetic products. After the humongous compensations, they were deep in debt.

Thus, she entered Su Heng’s company without taking up the official handover of her own company by her mother.

With that, it started from them going to various business functions together, but it subsequently dwindled to each going for functions separately.

Because of that, she had been sexually harassed by others multiple times!

Not to mention the numerous hangovers!

And the medicine she kept in her drawers to deal with the deteriorating condition of her stomach from excessive alcoholism.

Besides operating the company her mother had left her, she had to build up the public relations company for Su Heng’s company, and managed as the chief director of perfumer for the developmental department of the Su Company.

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