Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Priceless

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“Not a company per se. More strictly speaking, a self-employed entrepreneur. ”



A self-employed entrepreneur?!

Everyone was shocked. How was that possible?

How could the Bo Consortium, with an international reputation, work with a self-employed entrepreneur?

Even… even though that was not impossible, that would be the business of the employees to handle. Why was the boss handling this?

And seeing the boss’ reaction…

“This… What’s there to talk about between Mr Bo and a trivial self-employed entrepreneur?”

Yu Song’s smile deepened.


They can talk about love!

What else was there to talk about!

“It’s only a few millions’ business, right?”

A few million?

Haha, not so sure about that!

How could Ms Shen be put on a price tag in Master’s heart?

Even though the others did not know this, Yu Song did.

One must know, every meeting that Master attended was important.

Meetings in the Bo Consortium were valuable, even every second and every minute.

One should also know that a tiny mistake made in any of the reports was not just a simple matter of losing millions or billions.

Yet, Master ended the meeting early for Ms Shen. So, if Ms Shen could be measured in monetary terms…


Anyway, Ms Shen had bounced back strongly with her resignation. Master should not have to worry.

Why did he stop the meeting?

Yu Song did not bother himself with the masses’ questions anymore. He turned and walked out of the conference room.

In the CEO’s company, there was an element of stable nobility and elegance.

Bo Jinchuan stood in front of the large window panes; his slender figure and elegant vibe of nobility emitted a pressurizing feeling.

Somehow, one would feel like bowing down to him, unthinkingly and undoubtedly.

When Yu Song went in, he only got a glimpse of Bo Jinchuan’s back but he already felt the need to suppress whatever artificiality of words he wanted to say.

Because Bo Jinchuan was facing Yu Song, Yu Song did not realise that the former was holding on to a black phone.

Just when he felt guilty over his mocking of Master, Bo Jinchuan had already put the phone to his ears.

A thoroughly relaxed Shen Fanxing fell asleep after staring at her phone for long, unsure of when she dozed off.

Because of the high intensity of her job, sleep was a luxury to her.

She had finally been able to relax that day but what went through her mind was not shopping or having a good meal, but sleeping.

In the midst of her sleep, the phone rang.

Shen Fanxing seemed to wake up at the first instant. She sat up and saw an unknown caller ID on her cell phone.

But the ending numbers were obvious, 1111.

Her heart skipped a beat. She stared at the string of numbers for some time before she accepted the call.


Because she just woke up, her normally clear and sweet voice sounded lazy and low, making it especially sweet-sounding.

Bo Jinchuan’s eyes turned slit-like, his brows frowned a little.

That voice was indeed alluring.

“It’s me,” said Bo Jinchuan, while his voice sounded cool, it was said lightly intentionally.

As if he feared scaring the other party off.

Yu Song, who was reflecting silently at the side, could not help but smile.

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