Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: How Do I Fulfill You and Shen Qianrou If I’m Not Harsh

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News of Shen Fanxing’s departure spread like wildfire across the whole of the Su Company.

On her way back to the office, she was stopped by employees who tried to change her mind.

But her will was ironed and no one could convince her otherwise.

Of course, there were a few sarcastic ones, who she did not bother herself with.

When she reached her office, Shen Qianrou and Su Heng were already in there.

Shen Qianrou stood beside Su Heng as she ordered the tidying up of the room.

“I don’t want this table and cabinet. The documents about the scents should be new. Replace the old documents with new, photocopied ones. Buy new books…”

Thereafter, she looked at Su Heng and smiled. “Sorry, I’m not used to using others’ materials.”

Su Heng smiled and said lightly,

“It’s alright. Everything can be arranged according to your wishes. ”

Shen Fanxing looked coldly at them. She had the feeling that something was amiss about the duo.

There was a deliberate attempt to increase the distance…

“What’re you waiting for, hurry up and move the things!”

scolded a frowning Su Heng when he saw two idle employees.

The two of them looked at each other, hesitant.


“Ah Hui,” a cool voice sounded.

The few people in the room looked towards the entrance, where Shen Fanxing had already walked to Ah Hui’s side.

“Director Shen…”

“Do you have a lighter?” asked Shen Fanxing without any trace of emotions on her face.

“Yes,” said Ah Hui as he whipped out a lighter and passed it to Shen Fanxing.

Shen Fanxing took it, turned around and grabbed all the files she could find in the cabinet. Then, she walked towards Su Heng and showed him all the documents.

“These are the formulas of all the perfumes I have created over the years. Those that are scrapped and those that haven’t been used, they are all here. You see them?”

“What do you want to do?”

Su Heng’s eyes turned slit-like as a sense of alertness arose.

Shen Fanxing narrowed her eyes. Taking all the documents, she burnt all of them in front of Su Heng.

The brightness of the flame ignited the few serious faces in the room.

Looking at the ashes, Shen Fanxing threw the lighter back to Ah Hui and said,

“I have the right to deal with my own materials, in case someone has other ideas. ”

Her face projected an expected diabolical and cold stare at Shen Qianrou.

Then, she turned to Ah Hui and said,

“Throw everything in the office away, lest someone dirties it.”

“…Alright!” said Ah Hui who reacted seconds later.

Then, Shen Qianrou picked up her windbreaker and bag before walking out of the office coolly.

Looking at her cool back, Su Heng hesitated before he rushed out to chase after Shen Fanxing and grabbed her hand.

“Let go,” said a frowning Shen Fanxing, her expression cold.

Su Heng tightened his grip further.

“Fanxing, does it have to end this way for us?”

Shen Fanxing tried to retrieve her hand and took a few steps back. After that, she stared at him coldly and sarcastically remarked,

“If it doesn’t, how do I let you and Shen Qianrou be together?”

Shen Fanxing drove back to her condominium, thoughts filled her along the way.

She was thinking of the ‘six years ago’ that Annali mentioned. It was full of bad memories and reputation.

Her eyes flashed as she reminded herself not to think of the past. She took a deep breath and sped up, her black CC driving quickly on the city road.

The first thing she did when she reached home was to shower.

Grandma Bo was right, there was no need for her to be nostalgic about the dirty place.

Indeed, there was nothing for her to be nostalgic about.

Yet, she had to be able to live up to her past self and not let this ‘past self’ live too grievously.

But there were some things that she could not let go.

She would vindicate herself one day.

It was just that when she thought of Grandma Bo, a dashing face would appear.

She remembered him saying…

Shen Fanxing stepped out of the bathroom in her nightgown. She sat on the sofa and fumbled for her phone in the bag. Then, she unlocked her phone.

There were no messages.

“I’ll be very busy these few days. Rest well, I’ll call you.”

The strong seductive voice still echoed clearly in her mind.

Pursing her lips, her expression turned slightly gloomy. He might be really busy.

Then, she paused.

Why was she… expecting such?

Shaking her head resignedly, she placed her phone on the coffee table and stood up.

Halfway across the room, she turned to look at her phone again before deciding to bring it into the bedroom with her.

At the 88th floor of the Bo Consortium.

The spacious conference room was filled with an elegant air of affluence.

Yet, the atmosphere was tense and stressful.

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