Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 245 - Mine

Chapter 245: Mine

There were many onlookers at the entrance of the store. Everyone was anticipating the ending of the show!

Hidden amongst the crowd, Xu Qingzhi was recording everything that was happening in the store…

At about the same time that Lin Feifei had announced that, “This is what Qianrou wanted! She’s the future Young Madam of the Su Corporation. Are you sure you want to offend the Su family because of this woman?”, Xu Qingzhi had arrived at the store.

Analyzing the situation inside, she blinked quietly but didn’t rush in immediately.

After some contemplation, she felt that this was an excellent opportunity to please the big boss. She didn’t hesitate to add him as a friend after she had gotten his contact!

She succeeded in adding him as her friend almost immediately.

After successfully adding him as a friend, she was afraid of accidentally leaking information about the big boss. So she carefully renamed him as ‘Sugar Daddy’. But something wasn’t right. The term “sugar daddy” had to be used by Fanxing. It was too weird for her to use that!

Hence, after pondering for two seconds, she changed it to ‘Perverted Dad’.

Yes, she had no choice. Bo Jinchuan had become her “father” now. If she served him well, it would take no time for her to enter Bo Consortium’s mall!

After adding him as a friend, she called him without hesitation.

Yet, her call was rejected instantly!

Not long after, Bo Jinchuan replied, ‘What do you want?’

Xu Qingzhi typed ‘Something is happening! Accept the video call!’

Bo Jinchuan typed, ‘Give up, I won’t like you.’

Xu Qingzhi gripped her phone tightly and rolled her eyes.

Not only was he a pervert, he was also a narcissist!

‘You’re thinking too much. Fanxing is being bullied. It’s fine if you don’t want to know.’

Two seconds later, Xu Qingzhi’s phone rang and there was a video call from Bo Jinchuan.


Xu Qingzhi snorted and answered the call.

The moment the video call was accepted, Bo Jinchuan’s handsome face appeared. The effect was too overwhelming so she quickly swiftly minimized the video.

He seemed to be in the study and was sitting on a chair. Looking at her coldly, he said in a low voice,

“Don’t let me see your face, I want to see Fanxing.”

She was speechless…

Xu Qingzhi gritted her teeth and switched the direction of the phone. The first rule was not to offend her “father”.

Then, it was Shen Fanxing’s words—

“I didn’t want the man and I don’t care about the dress. Since you’ve put in the effort to seduce and put on a pretense, I shall give them to you! It’s been tough on you. But if I insist on not letting something go, you can forget about getting a single cent from me!”

“As for me trying to win Su Heng back? Ha…”

“Are you saying that I’m spending time, effort and money to please a man that I don’t want? How different is that from me hurling money onto a pile of feces? Only you all treat him as though he is in high demand!”

Bo Jinchuan raised an eyebrow as a faint smile widened on his face.

“You are merely watching as she gets bullied?” asked Bo Jinchuan.

“Bullied? You don’t even know how good and smart my Fanxing is! Who knows who is the one being bullied?”


Bo Jinchuan went silent for two seconds before he replied. His gaze had never left the woman in the video. She stood straight and was calm and composed. She was handling the situation well.

Excitement and interest filled his eyes as he stared at Shen Fanxing’s slender figure. He entered a trance.

She was so beautiful!

Xu Qingzhi felt like vomiting blood and so, she decided not to say anything.

She shall remain mum and be a videographer.

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