Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 242 - B*tch

Chapter 242: B*tch

Shen Fanxing smirked and lowered her gaze, her eyes glinting slyly.

“Bring out the most expensive jewelry in your shop!” Lin Feifei couldn’t wait anymore.

“Okay! I’ll get them right away!” answered the manager before turning to leave.

When she turned around, she caught a glimpse of Shen Fanxing’s eyes. Her heart skipped a beat, while a sense of coldness made her shiver.

The manager led a few shop assistants to the safe to retrieve the jewelry.

The manager frowned, her face darkening.

Seeing her distracted look, a few shop assistants comforted her,

“Manager, don’t worry, Shen Fanxing won’t be able to create a ruckus. It’s not like you haven’t heard of her reputation. She has affairs with so many men. Even if she has a man to support her now, that man will definitely not be someone influential. How much can he give her?”

“That’s right! It’s not worth it if we offend the three ladies!”

The manager nodded her head thoughtfully and said, “I understand everything. But for some reason, I’m panicking now.”

“That’s because you are about to make a huge contribution!”


“Think about it. Why are both of the ladies fighting outside now? To see who has more money! We don’t care who has the money, as long as they purchase the jewelry in our store!”

“You have to know that usually we sell one item every day. And we don’t feel any pressure about our sales results. Think about it. The two of them are fighting each other so badly. We will be able to hit our sales target for the next few months! When the time comes, our bonuses from the company will definitely be substantial. If the news spread to the headquarters overseas, wouldn’t there be promotions and salary increment? Manager, that’s the reason why you’re panicking. A rare opportunity like this is equivalent to meteoric success!”

After hearing the shop assistant’s explanation, the manager relaxed. Panic was indeed scary!

She took a deep breath and said, “Alright, take these jewelry and go out.”


They formed a line as they left the room, before they placed the jewelry on the counter carefully.

“Miss Shen and Miss Shen. These five sets of jewelry are the most expensive in our store. They were designed and crafted by a well-known overseas jewelry designer.”

The manager introduced as her gaze swept across Shen Fanxing. With a indifferent expression, she emphasized,

“The price is too expensive so you can’t touch them. If you can’t afford these, don’t waste your time!”

After being in this line for years, the kind of customers that they detested the most were those who walked away empty-handed. What was more detestable was that these customers took their time and contemplated for hours, and ended up wasting their precious time!

Moreover, she was certain that this lady couldn’t afford to buy any of it!

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