Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Are You Always This Presumptuous?

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What entered her vision was a beautiful-looking hand.

In close proximity.

She could even feel the lingering warmth of its touch on her face.

Immediately, she took in a deep breath and her head jerked backwards.

At the same time, her gaze collided with the dark orbs of a man.

Alert and defence were reflected in her beautiful eyes.

Bo Jinchuan took his hand back, his expression neutral.

“You’re awake?”

“You… Why’re you here?”

Bo Jinchuan did not speak, his eyes travelling to the area below her mandible…

While he could not be more gentlemanly, Shen Fanxing could not shake the feeling of another veiled emotion beneath.

She lowered her head, only to see the vast exposure of her shoulder and chest’s bare skin.

Her beautiful face turned red instantly as she frantically pulled the covers over herself.

She also sat up straight.

Her whole body did a subconscious retreat before feeling an emptiness behind. Without preparing herself, she landed on nothingness.

At the moment, she only felt anger and resignation.


Why did she always have to embarrass herself in front of this man!

Yet, the imagined fall did not happen!

A flash of actions took place as she saw a figure coming in her direction. Feeling a strong arm around her waist, she knocked into a wall of muscled chest.

After some toiling around, she finally got scooped back on the bed.

At the same time, a towering body sat on top of her.

She was enveloped in a cold fragrance.

Shen Fanxing only felt the hot ball of embarrassment on her face, as if her heart was going to leap out of her chest at any point in time.

She grabbed onto the man’s shirt frantically, not knowing what to do.

Bo Jinchuan lowered his gaze to the woman underneath him, his orbs darkening.

This was similar to their first encounter where she landed on him. Such was a distant feeling.

As if…

Her heart had collided with something.

That feeling of a fluttering heart was refreshing.

He became silent for a few seconds, a faint smile appearing on his face as he saw the frantic distress and embarrassment on the woman’s face.

“Are you always this presumptuous?” teased Bo Jinchuan.

“I’ve never been like that before,”

explained Shen Fanxing. Seeing the deepening smile on the man’s face, she became more distressed.

“You’re only like that in front of me?”

The words were blatant. Shen Fanxing turned her head, not saying anything.

Bo Jinchuan gave a low laugh and said, “Better be so.”

Shen Fanxing’s face reddened.

“You… Why’re you here?”

The faint radian of Bo Jinchuan’s lips was especially pretty.

“You used my bathroom, wore my robe and slept on my bed. Now you’re asking me why I’m here?”

Shocked, Shen Fanxing faced him. Her face reddened once again, her eyes reflecting nothing but awkwardness and shock.

“This is your room?!”

Seeing her reaction, Bo Jinchuan understood that this was someone’s intentional work.

That explained the strange expression on Lairong’s face.

“If not, you think I’m here to take advantage of you?”

Shen Fanxing paused, her gaze coming back and forth between the man and her.

He had already taken advantage of her unintentionally though he was not there to seek her. Wouldn’t it be worse if he was there to seek her?

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