Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 237 - Revealing His Birthday Cunningly

Chapter 237: Revealing His Birthday Cunningly

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“Miss Shen, the passcode is Master’s birthday and this card is his supplementary card. There is no limit stated, so please use it as you please.”

“Bo Jinchuan’s birthday? When is that?”

Yu Song grimaced. His master was way too obvious. He had chosen this method to inform her of his birthday.

In order to give Miss Shen this card, he even called the bank to change the password.

“Master’s birthday is on May 20th, Miss Shen.”

“May… 20th?” repeated a surprised Shen Fanxing.

“What’s the matter, Miss Shen?”

“Oh, nothing… So it’s his birthday soon?”

Yu Song nodded in response.

Yes, Master’s effort wasn’t in vain, as he thought to himself.

Seeing that Shen Fanxing had successfully found out about his master’s birthday, Yu Song took out another card and handed it to her.

“Miss Shen, Master has said that if you’re shopping, you must enjoy yourself to the fullest. Please accept this card as well.”

Confused, Shen Fanxing took it. After reading the details on the card, she pressed it in with her palm.

“The credit card is enough. Why are you giving me a bank card?”

The card in her hand was enough to satisfy the dream of millions of other women in the world.

“Master said that a bank card is essential and the credit card is only an accessory.”

She was speechless…

When Chu Yi noticed Shen Fanxing keeping the card after she had received it from the man, he furrowed his eyebrows.

Yu Song also looked towards the stage and saw the dangerous look on Chu Yi’s face. His heart shook but he kept his gaze.

When the interview was almost over, Shen Fanxing received a call from Xu Qingzhi.

Thinking that there wouldn’t be any issues later on, Shen Fanxing bid goodbye to Xiao Zhao and left.

At Global Shopping Mall.

Compared to New World Shopping Mall, which was located in a more remote area, this mall was like how its name had suggested. It carried international famous brands from all over the world.

Compared to the area where New World Shopping Mall would be built, this place wasn’t crowded on work days. However, on public holidays, this mall would be packed.

Shen Fanxing was obviously excited.

That puzzled Xu Qingzhi.

“Seems like the perverted CEO Bo didn’t tire you out yesterday. Why are you so energetic now?”

Shen Fanxing looked at Xu Qingzhi in surprise and asked, “How did he provoke you? Why do you sound so sarcastic?”

Xu Qingzhi gave a cold laugh and replied “Thanks to your husband, I think that people with good upbringing will suffer in this society.”

Shen Fanxing didn’t comment.

They strolled into the jewelry section.

The whole level was filled with various brands.

Xu Qingzhi and Shen Fanxing went shopping separately.

Shen Fanxing spotted a pair of diamond cufflinks. Next to the cufflinks was a brooch of the same design.

Such a combination was rare.

Especially when the design was so exquisite.

She liked the way Bo Jinchuan unbuttoned his sleeves. He looked so elegant, refined and alluring.

And that brooch with a matching design…

She thought that he would be delighted if she bought it and gave it to him as a birthday present.

“Miss, this couple accessory set is named Touch Your Heart. It’s designed by Emil, the famous jewelry designer in Milan. The combination of the cufflinks and brooch is completely innovative. The meaning behind the set is so beautiful and romantic. The cufflinks represent the pulse, and the brooch is the heartbeat. The heart beats for each other, and touches each other’s heart. Isn’t that wonderful?”

The shop assistant beamed as she introduced the brooch and cufflinks to Shen Fanxing. Shen Fanxing, who was already satisfied, scrutinized the brooch and cufflinks in her hands, feeling even more pleased.

Touch Your Heart…

Touch your heart…

“Yes, I want this…”

“Touch Your Heart, I want it!”

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