Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 2101

Chapter 2101: I Love You

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Ye Qingqiu felt a chill run down her spine.

She stood up from his embrace and her freshly dried hair fell on her shoulders. Her hair, which had not been dyed in any color, made her fair face even fairer.

“What do you mean?”

Li Tingshen looked at him calmly, his dark eyes unreadable.

“I want to be with you. In any form, we have to live under the same roof. We have to sleep in the same bed. Linlin has to call my father and your mother. The three of us have to be on the same household register, so…”


After saying that, he paused. “Can we get married? Can you marry me? Can I marry you?”

Ye Qingqiu’s eyes flickered and she didn’t know what to say.

Her mind was filled with the kitchen, knives, blood, and the emergency room…

“I don’t want to wait anymore.” Li Tingshen’s expression was calm. “So will you agree to marry me if Ye Ze’s life is returned?”

Ye Qingqiu stared at him for a long time. She wanted to sneer, but her lips twitched.

“You want me to marry a dead person?”

Li Tingshen pursed his lips. “…Let’s hold a wedding first.”

“Do you want me to be a widow after the wedding? Let me tell you, Li Tingshen, that’s impossible. If you die, I’ll remarry with Linlin!”

Li Tingshen paused and his eyes turned cold.

“Why don’t you try remarrying?”

“You’re already dead. Why do you care?”

Li Tingshen sneered. “If you dare to remarry, I’ll climb up to look for you even if I have to overturn the netherworld.”

Ye Qingqiu paused and gasped instinctively.

“… Lunatic.”

Her face was ashen and she couldn’t breathe properly.

Li Tingshen pulled her into his embrace and helped her sit on his lap.

“So did you agree to marry me just now?”

Ye Qingqiu frowned and asked, “Are you dreaming?”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to remarry?”

Ye Qingqiu asked, “Were you serious just now?”

Li Tingshen kissed her cheek, his voice hoarse.

“Yes, I want to marry you.”

Ye Qingqiu lowered her eyes and her beautiful face tensed up. “I’m talking about Brother Ye Ze!”

Li Tingshen didn’t say anything. He buried his head in her neck and hummed softly.

Ye Qingqiu grabbed his hand and pushed him away.


Li Tingshen looked at her cold face quietly and said in a low voice, “Enough?”

“I said, that’s enough!” Ye Qingqiu reiterated with a cold face, “You won, okay? I can’t bear to see you hurt, and I can’t bear to see you die. I’m scared to death outside when you’re sent to the emergency room. Isn’t it just a marriage? Get married, I’ll get married!”

“Bo Jinchuan said that the most important thing in life is to make yourself comfortable. Grandpa said that the dead are never as important as the living. Everyone thinks that I’m too pretentious. I’m only afraid when I almost kill someone. They’re all so open-minded and think that you love me. No one loves me more than you. They beat around the bush and tried to get me to let go…”

“Yes, they’re all right. I’m so unreasonable that I won’t let them off.”

Li Tingshen listened quietly. He placed his hand on her back and stroked it gently.

“Although I don’t like others interfering in our relationship, and I don’t like you being persuaded to be with me, I’m glad that as long as there’s a reason to persuade you to be with me, I’ll accept anyone who says anything.”

Ye Qingqiu clenched her fists.

Li Tingshen looked at her calmly. “I was very happy when you said that you still love me, but that’s all. You loved me three years ago, but you still didn’t want me. I only want you to be with me now. I don’t expect you to love me. It’s enough that I love you. But if loving me is the reason why you can continue to be with me, I can’t ask for more.”

Ye Qingqiu closed her eyes, her eyelashes fluttering.

He had expressed too much.

He had expressed his determination to be with her more than once.

In the past, he didn’t say anything. Now, he was afraid that she didn’t understand.

But some words were so honest that it made her love and hate him.

She said that she loved him. To him, she was just happy…

But she wouldn’t believe him if he said something nice.

Frankly speaking, most of them were unpleasant.

He took a deep breath to calm himself.

“It’s my first time being a human. I can’t compare to them in understanding, right and wrong, stubbornness and bigotry. It’s understandable for them to give me pointers, but it doesn’t mean that I have to think that they’re all right.”

It has nothing to do with whether I forgive you or not. I don’t pity you, and it’s not because you’re pestering me. I can only choose to compromise. I don’t have so many twists and turns. I can’t consider too much. I’m just willing. I want to lead a better life. I still love you. I won’t fall in love with another man, and I can’t even sleep with another man or do that kind of thing. I don’t want to be a widow at a young age. You have money, power, ability, and you love me to death. I won’t lose out by being with you.”

“Get married?” Ye Qingqiu asked and nodded. “If you serve me well and can support me, if I throw a tantrum and you can withstand it, I’ll marry you.”

Li Tingshen’s hand paused.

Ye Qingqiu turned to look at him. “Why? You can’t do it?”

Li Tingshen’s eyes darkened. “That’s all?”

“Which ones?”

“If I serve you well, I can support you. If I throw a tantrum, I can withstand your torment.”

Ye Qingqiu raised an eyebrow. “Less?”

Li Tingshen hugged her tightly and buried his head in her neck again.

“Yes, ask for more. If not, I won’t be at ease.”

“You don’t want to marry me if you don’t feel at ease? Then do whatever you want. Let go of me. I want to sleep.”

Ye Qingqiu reached out to push him away, but he hugged her even tighter. His low and hoarse voice sounded from her neck.


“Oh, are you still talking about Brother Ye Ze?”

“… Bring it up.”

“Very good, then I won’t marry.”

Li Tingshen hugged her tightly again. “…Let’s not talk about it.”

Ye Qingqiu narrowed her eyes. “Let go. I’m sleepy.”

Li Tingshen paused and didn’t let go of her. He stared into her eyes and said, “You slept this afternoon.”


“You’ve been grounded for two months. Do you need me to serve you?”

Ye Qingqiu’s body stiffened and her face turned red. She pushed him away and climbed onto the bed.

“No need!”

“It’s been two months…”

“I’ve been fine for three years! Get lost! You’re still injured. Are you crazy, Li Tingshen?”

Li Tingshen turned around and chased after her. “I can help you in other ways.”

Ye Qingqiu lifted the blanket and covered her head. Her deep and angry voice sounded from under the blanket.

“If you continue, get off the bed!”

This man opened a dye shop with just some paint.

It was pure yellow.


The next day, when Ye Qingqiu was still sound asleep, the news of him and Li Tingshen getting married swept across the internet.

Ever since Li Tingshen stayed here, she had rarely woken up personally.

It wasn’t that she was being lazy on purpose, but when she saw her aunt and Li Tingshen fighting to take care of Linlin every day, she decided not to participate.

She felt at ease.

When she woke up, Li Tingshen wasn’t beside her. She stretched and leaned against the head of the bed. She picked up the phone on the bedside table and browsed the news lazily.

Seeing the news of her marriage to Li Tingshen, she frowned.

After washing up, she went downstairs to look for food. Li Tingshen had probably calculated the time she would go downstairs. Just as she appeared at the staircase, Li Tingshen was standing downstairs and looking at her.

“Sit in the dining room for two minutes. Breakfast will be ready soon.”

After sitting down in the dining room, Ye Qingqiu rested her elbows on the table and watched lazily as Li Tingshen served her breakfast.

“There’s a lot of news online about us getting married. Did you do it?”

“Stop coveting you.” Li Tingshen sat beside her and picked up an egg. He cracked it and peeled it for her. “You don’t like it?”

Ye Qingqiu picked up her cutlery and shook her head. “No.”

Li Tingshen brought the peeled egg to her mouth and she took a bite.

She only spoke after Li Tingshen fed her the entire egg.

“Let’s just make up for the marriage certificate. There’s no need for the wedding.”

Li Tingshen narrowed his eyes and picked up a napkin to wipe his well-defined fingers.


It lingered in the dining room for a long time.

After Ye Qingqiu finished her breakfast and put down her bowl and chopsticks, Li Tingshen stood up to clear the dishes.

Ye Qingqiu suddenly said, “Isn’t it good that we’re together? It’s just a formality. It’s not that important.”

Li Tingshen held the plate in his hand and waited quietly for her to finish speaking.

“It’s still the wedding plan you found back then. They didn’t think that the wedding wasn’t important.”

Ye Qingqiu paused for a few seconds. She didn’t expect him to be so fast. He had actually found a wedding planner.

“After all, it was back then. She was young and full of vanity. Her wedding was unprecedentedly grand and exquisite… She wanted to announce to the world that she was married to you. Now that I think about it…”

“Ye Qingqiu.” Li Tingshen suddenly interrupted her. “Which woman doesn’t want a wedding?”

Ye Qingqiu smiled and said, “Shen Fanxing didn’t hold it either.”

“Do you think Bo Jinchuan will miss her?”

Ye Qingqiu remained silent.

‘I won’t.’

Bo Jinchuan doted on Shen Fanxing so much that he had rushed back for the engagement. How could he lack a wedding?

“I can’t be bothered. Now that everyone knows we’re getting married, there’s no need for a wedding.”

Ye Qingqiu insisted that everything had changed. Her wedding was destined to be imperfect, so why should she force a smile?

“I’m already preparing.”

“Then cancel it.”

Her attitude was firm and no one could refute her.

Li Tingshen was silent for a long time. “…Okay.”

After saying that, he turned around and entered the dining room. That lonely figure made Ye Qingqiu’s chest ache and she felt even more guilty.

She stood there for a while before turning to walk into the kitchen. She walked behind the man who was washing and hugged his waist from behind.

“Let’s register our marriage later.”

Li Tingshen’s body stiffened and he stared at the water silently.

“I’ll move into the wedding room after I register my marriage.”

She kept retreating, wanting to comfort him.

“Did you break the four-piece set I bought back then?”

Li Tingshen finally found a clean towel. He dried his hands and turned to look at her.

“Buy a new one.”

Ye Qingqiu smiled and said, “I’ll buy it.”

Li Tingshen rarely saw Ye Qingqiu smiling like this in front of him. Her eyes were gentle and filled with smiles.

He couldn’t help but lean over and kiss the tip of her nose.


In the afternoon, Li Tingshen brought Ye Qingqiu back.

The entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau was surrounded by reporters.

The reporters’ sharp questions came one after another. There were many questions from Liang Xuer.

Xiao Chu had already sent people to protect Li Tingshen and Ye Qingqiu.

But it was hard to contain the reporters’ excitement.

“CEO Li, congratulations on your wedding!”

“May I know when your wedding with Miss Ye will be held? Where?”

“I wonder if the media will be invited to the wedding?”

Not many media companies would choose to offend Li Tingshen. Since they couldn’t ask about Liang Xuer, they could always ask about some happy news.

However, Li Tingshen’s face darkened. He had clearly gotten his wish to remarry Miss Ye, but there was no joy on his face.

On the contrary, Ye Qingqiu had a faint smile on her beautiful face.

“Thank you for your blessings. It’s just a remarriage. There’s no need to hold a wedding.”

“Huh? But back then, you didn’t have time to hold a wedding.”

Ye Qingqiu continued to smile. “The wedding isn’t important. What’s important is that we’re together.”

The media looked at the silent Li Tingshen and finally realized that he was really unhappy.

The reporters dispersed tactfully.

The internet was flooded with news of the two of them registering their marriage and not holding a wedding.

Most people sighed with regret.

“Back then, I was looking forward to Princess Ye’s wedding. It would definitely be unprecedentedly luxurious. I wanted to broaden my horizons, but it ended up in vain.”

“Who doesn’t think so? The bride is beautiful and the groom is handsome. Just thinking about it makes me ripple. Sigh.”

“I thought that with the two of them together, there would be hope for the grand wedding, but the little princess doesn’t want it anymore…”

“I heard that Princess Ye’s bodyguard died because of saving the wedding gown. He was probably afraid of being sad…”

No one spoke again.

They did not know much about what happened back then. Anyway, it was a huge matter and someone had even died.


Ye Qingqiu didn’t want to see Bo Jinchuan anytime soon.

If Linlin wanted to see Shen Fanxing and Li Tingshen went to the company, she had to find Shen Fanxing.

She was unlucky to bump into Bo Jinchuan at home in broad daylight.

She had to admit that Bo Jinchuan’s aura was indeed strong. He had been in a high position for a long time and was used to strategizing. Whenever he spoke, he gave off a strong sense of oppression, especially towards her.

Shen Fanxing had mentioned this to Bo Jinchuan before, but he was straightforward.

“Ye Qingqiu has been arrogant since she was young. When others treat her nicely, she subconsciously feels that others have to obey her. She’s purely used to it.”

Shen Fanxing understood. Instead of persuading her nicely, it was better to give her the only way out. There was no way out. She could either stand there or walk forward.

Seeing Bo Jinchuan, Ye Qingqiu wanted to hide. Even after getting married, she didn’t think that this man would let her off easily.

“Not having a wedding, you mean?”


“Aren’t you embarrassed when you mention someone else’s wedding?” Ye Qingqiu found a rare opportunity to mock him.

“You want to meddle in my business?” asked Bo Jinchuan coldly.

Ye Qingqiu pursed her lips and glanced at him. “So can you not interfere in my matters? What does my wedding have to do with you?”

“How free do you think I am to meddle in your business?”

Ye Qingqiu asked, “So? What does my wedding have to do with you?”

“You’re in a hurry to throw away something that’s about to rot in my hands! You hold a wedding and I’ll give it to you.”

Ye Qingqiu sneered, “So you want to throw that thing that’s about to rot to me?”

“It’s useless to me and means a lot to you. Are you sure you don’t want it?”

Ye Qingqiu should have retorted Bo Jinchuan immediately, but she was stunned by his tone.

Few questioned Bo Jinchuan’s words.

Moreover, he even said that it meant something.

She couldn’t think of anything in this world that meant anything to her.

“Continue with the wedding preparations.”

Ye Qingqiu said, “I don’t want to.”

Bo Jinchuan replied, “I don’t care if you want it or not. I want to give it away. You have to think about it.”

Ye Qingqiu sneered again. “I don’t want to attend the wedding. Do you want to tie me up at the wedding?”

Bo Jinchuan glanced at her casually and said, “Why don’t you try?”

Ye Qingqiu felt suffocated.

Then, she watched as Bo Jinchuan called Li Tingshen.

“She agreed to hold the wedding. Continue with the arrangements.”

Ye Qingqiu was speechless.

After hanging up, Bo Jinchuan threw something at Ye Qingqiu.

Ye Qingqiu took a closer look and realized that it was a black pistol.

She was stunned.

“No matter what, I saved Li Tingshen’s life. Don’t you like to exchange lives? I’m really unhappy that he doesn’t want to hold a wedding. If he can’t do it, let him return his life to me. That way, I won’t be upset when I see such a useless brother like him in the future.”

Ye Qingqiu felt dizzy. “Do you have to do that?”

Bo Jinchuan said expressionlessly, “Of course.”

Shen Fanxing was playing the piano with Linlin, so she could see the commotion in the living room clearly. However, she only smiled and didn’t say anything.

Ye Qingqiu left in anger.

The gun was still on the coffee table.


At night, Li Tingshen asked her why she suddenly agreed to the wedding.

Ye Qingqiu’s expression remained unchanged as she scrolled through the internet.

“I’m curious about what surprise Bo Jinchuan has for me.”

Every word seemed to be bitten off.

“There’s no need for the wedding to be too grand and luxurious. Don’t go overseas either. Just stay in Ping Cheng. It’s not convenient for Grandpa to travel.”



A month later.

Li Tingshen had fully recovered.

The wedding had finally arrived.

Some of the plans were the style that Ye Qingqiu liked three years ago.

The largest hotel in Ping Cheng City was booked.

All the roads were cleared from eight to twelve.

It was just that no one talked about it.

Ye Qingqiu woke up early and was in a bad mood. She went to the bridal lounge prepared by the hotel early and went to bed.

She didn’t look like she was getting married at all.

The makeup artist didn’t dare to make a sound outside the room.

At ten o’clock, Ye Qingqiu woke up and took a shower. She wrapped herself in a bathrobe and sat in front of the mirror, yawning.

The makeup artists shuffled forward to apply makeup on her.

After the makeup was done, the makeup artists stood still again.

The few of them winked, not knowing what to say.

Ye Qingqiu frowned and stood up. She tightened her bathrobe and said, “That’s it?”

“The wedding gown… hasn’t arrived yet.”

Ye Qingqiu was speechless.

She didn’t interfere with the wedding at all. She didn’t expect that even though the wedding was held everywhere, her wedding gown wasn’t prepared.

Wedding dress…

Another wedding gown.

Perhaps she should not have a wedding.

Closing her eyes, she had been mentally prepared for a long time. Today, she had deliberately suppressed all her thoughts, including the regrets that she had already promised.

In the end, she couldn’t escape being seduced.

“Let’s wait a little longer. CEO Li has prepared such a grand wedding. There’s no reason for something to happen to the wedding gown. Mrs. Li, don’t worry.”

As noon approached, Ye Qingqiu became more and more frustrated.

The atmosphere was getting worse. It was suffocating.

Just as Ye Qingqiu’s patience was running out, someone knocked on the door.

The makeup artist’s nervous face lit up instantly. “The wedding gown must be here.”

After saying that, she hurried to the door and opened it.

“Sorry, I’m late. May I ask…”

“It’s Miss Ye’s wedding dress! There’s only Miss Ye and CEO Li’s wedding in this hotel today. You won’t be wrong!”

The makeup artist sounded anxious. Time was running out.

“Alright, sorry to trouble you.”

The makeup artist was a little puzzled by the man’s politeness, but she didn’t mind.

When Ye Qingqiu stood up and walked into the room, she could vaguely hear voices outside.

She felt that the man’s voice sounded familiar, like…

Her heart skipped a beat.

Back then, that man had risked his life to protect her. Even though he was seriously injured, he still wanted to find a wedding gown for her. Moreover, he was covered in blood and was afraid that he would scare her and apologize to her. The scene of him regretting not being able to attend her wedding surfaced in her mind again.

He had promised her.


She closed her eyes forcefully and suppressed all those memories.


They must be very similar.

He could never appear at her wedding.

He had broken his promise long ago.

The makeup artist carried the bag with the wedding gown and entered happily as though she was the bride today.

“Mrs Li, the wedding gown is here. Let’s go in and change.”

Ye Qingqiu opened her eyes and replied calmly before walking into the room.

A few makeup artists followed. After all, it was not easy to wear a wedding gown.

The few of them carefully carried the wedding gown out. Even though they knew that the wedding gown was definitely extraordinary, they couldn’t help but gasp when they saw it.

So beautiful!

She was covered in diamonds, silk sleeves, silver embroidery, and long silk…

“I can guarantee that Mrs Li will be the most beautiful bride in the world.”

“This wedding gown is simply too beautiful.”

“It will definitely stun everyone.”

Ye Qingqiu pursed her lips. She had heard of such words back then.

But now that she was listening, she didn’t feel as happy.

It wasn’t that she was unhappy. Every woman liked to be praised.

The regret he felt was like a tiny hole that would occasionally be filled with a bone-chilling cold wind that would blow away all the warmth.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror. She took a deep breath and smiled sweetly.

Everyone had regrets about Ye Qingqiu.

Compared to everyone, if you married the man you loved and had a man who loved you more than his life, you would be happy now and in the future.

The past is the past. Leave your regrets in the past.

Those who love you wish you well.

So you must be happy.

Taking a deep breath, she turned to look at the makeup artist.


The voice stopped abruptly.

Her gaze landed on the wedding gown held by two makeup artists.

Her eyes couldn’t help but tremble as she stared at the wedding dress. The emotions in her eyes changed from surprise to anger, to sadness, to vulnerability, and then to despair.

Every expression on his face was terrifying.

Why this wedding gown?

Did he think that everything was the best according to the standards back then, or did he think that she liked this wedding gown so much that he simply wanted her to be happy?

But he should have known that this wedding gown only made her sadder.

He would have considered that.


The makeup artist was shocked by her expression and didn’t dare to speak for a long time.

Ye Qingqiu snapped back to reality. She didn’t believe that Li Tingshen would make such an arrangement. He cared more about the past than her.

But this was clearly…

Her thoughts suddenly stopped somewhere. A string in her mind seemed to have been pulled taut.

After a long while, she suddenly rushed out of the room and opened the hotel room door in her bathrobe.

The corridor was empty. The bride’s room was arranged on an absolutely quiet floor.

The makeup artist chased after her. “Madam…”

Ye Qingqiu’s face was full of disappointment. After hearing the makeup artist’s voice, she turned to look at him with hope and excitement.

“Just now…”

She couldn’t help but choke as her eyes burned. “Do you know who sent the wedding gown?”

The makeup artist shook her head. “I… I don’t know that man…”

Ye Qingqiu’s eyes trembled as she walked towards her. She grabbed her shoulder and asked timidly and nervously,

“What does he look like?”

Her beautiful eyes were nervous, timid, and filled with boundless hope and excitement.

Seeing her like this, the makeup artist was afraid that her words would disappoint her. She hesitated and recalled.

“He’s handsome and expressionless. He doesn’t talk much usually. He’s tall and straight. He’s wearing a white suit…”

Ye Qingqiu’s heart skipped a beat and her head buzzed. Her legs lost some strength and she almost lost her balance.

White suit…

“A white suit…”

She muttered with a look of disbelief and agitation.

She raised her trembling hand and slowly covered her mouth.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

Was it him?

Could it be him?

Brother Ye Ze was still alive?


A puzzled voice sounded from behind. Ye Qingqiu turned around slowly and saw a beautiful woman in a light green dress.

Her makeup was light and exquisite, and her figure was slender and graceful. Her hair was slightly curled, and she exuded a calm and elegant aura.

Seeing Ye Qingqiu turn to look at her, the woman’s eyes reddened and tears fell from her eyes. She pouted and ran to her to hug her. She buried her head in her arms and cried.

“I hate you, sob… Are you a fool? What did you say you wanted? There are so many people who are worried about you, but you abandoned them just like that!”

Ye Qingqiu was stunned for a long time. Feeling the woman jumping around in her arms, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I’ll put on makeup if you continue.”


“Luoluo,” Ye Qingqiu called her name softly.

Luo Luo straightened her body and looked at her accusingly with reddened eyes. “You haven’t forgotten me.”

Ye Qingqiu smiled and said, “Congratulations, impressive Chinese international Best Actress.”

In three years, everyone had grown.

Just seven days ago, at the International Pinewood Film Festival, Luo Luo won the award for Best Female Lead while Lin Muqing won the award for Best Male Lead.

Luo Luo blushed and said, “If you don’t marry CEO Li, I won’t be able to face you.”

After all, Li Tingshen was the one who helped her today.

Back then, when the resources in the country were tilted towards Liang Xuer, Li Tingshen simply recommended her overseas. He helped her with her studies and film resources.

Although she was biased against Li Ting, this was a rare opportunity and she didn’t want to miss it.

Until now, she had achieved such achievements in the shortest time possible.

Even if Liang Xuer was still around, she couldn’t be compared to her.

Everyone said that Li Tingshen favored Liang Xuer, but in the past three years, Luo Luo knew that Li Tingshen had given her much more opportunities than Liang Xuer.

Ye Qingqiu roughly knew what she was talking about, but even if he wasn’t with Li Tingshen, she wouldn’t hold it against Luo Luo.

“Madam, it’s really time for us to change. We don’t have time!”

The makeup artist urged. Although they were happy to see this international Best Actress, time was too tight.

Ye Qingqiu blinked.

Luo Luo pulled her in. “I’ll touch up my makeup too.”

But when Luoluo entered the room and saw the wedding gown, she was stunned.


Ye Qingqiu looked uneasy and nervous. Her fingers trembled as she took off her bathrobe, her voice trembling.

“I wonder who sent this wedding dress… He’s very handsome, tall and straight, and he’s not good with words. He’s wearing a white suit…”

Ye Qingqiu allowed the makeup artist to put on the wedding gown for her. As she spoke, she suppressed the bitterness in her throat and smiled tearfully.

“Back then, I made an agreement with Brother Ye Ze. He wanted to wear the white suit I gave him to attend my wedding. I said that if he was absent, I would be very disappointed, second only to the disappointment of the groom running away… He promised me that he wouldn’t miss my wedding… Luoluo, do you think… he…”

Luo Luo covered her mouth in disbelief.

“You said he’s still alive?”

Ye Qingqiu bit her lips hard. “If it’s not him, who is it?”

Everything flashed across her mind.

Back then, when Ye Ze disappeared, no one told her that he must have died.

As the wedding approached, Li Tingshen did not mention the wedding gown. Was he prepared?

Bo Jinchuan had said a few times that he had successfully snatched back a life. Was he saying that besides Li Tingshen, he had also saved Brother Ye Ze?

He even said that there would be a surprise for her when she married Li Tingshen.

It meant nothing to him, but it meant a lot to her.

She originally thought that there wouldn’t be anyone or anything in this world that she found meaningful. But if it was Brother Ye Ze, that made sense.

So all of this wasn’t a coincidence…

If that was the case, she had to thank Bo Jinchuan for his ancestors.



She was undeniably beautiful.

Her beauty was beyond imagination.

The door of the wedding hall opened slowly. The bride beside Old Master Ye was so beautiful that everyone held their breaths.

Dressed in a dazzling wedding gown, she didn’t look flashy at all.

The little princess of the Ye family was born arrogant and noble. Her beautiful face and temperament could easily suppress everything.

She had a slender figure and a long veil. Her features were charming and dazzling.

Wanwan pulled Linlin in front.

Each of them had a small flower basket with petals scattered on the ground.

Li Tingshen stood on stage in a black suit. He was tall and slender, exuding a noble aura.

After opening the door, he stared intently at Ye Qingqiu.

Not a second later.

Even though he had already registered his marriage and was only a few steps away, his heart was still in his throat.

Especially after Ye Qingqiu entered the venue, her eyes had not been on him. She looked around anxiously as if she was looking for something.

She only shifted her gaze to Li Tingshen after Old Master reminded her in a low voice.

Even though she knew from the start that this man was handsome and everything about him was based on her taste.

Of course, others also thought that he was handsome.

But after seeing her today, she couldn’t help but feel tempted.

She felt that she was indeed quite useless. She already had a child, yet she was still bewitched by him.

This man was a monster.

After all, she had taken a fancy to it. How bad could the quality be?

The closer she got, the clearer she could see the man. The thick emotions in his eyes made her nervous.

Before she went up the stairs, the man strode down and grabbed her hand.

Li Tingshen only felt more at ease when he held her hand tightly.

Ye Qingqiu’s heart tightened. She glanced at him and was about to walk up the stairs when Li Tingshen bent down to carry her.

There was applause from the audience and a few cheers from Yin Ruijue.

Although it was normal for her to be hugged, she was still a little shy today.

Li Tingshen put her down, but his hand didn’t leave her waist.

He leaned close to her and said as if there was no one around, “You look beautiful today.”

Ye Qingqiu’s eyes darted around. “Am I not beautiful usually?”

Li Tingshen pursed his lips. “She’s beautiful every moment.”

Sensing his desire to live, Ye Qingqiu couldn’t help but purse her lips.

She looked at the two rows of people below the stage. The person she was looking forward to wasn’t there.

Was she wrong?

Was it really not?

She clenched her fists slightly as disappointment filled her heart.

She had been distracted throughout the process.

The emcee had already started reminding them to exchange rings.

Luo Luo walked up with the ring. There was a man’s ring on it.

Ye Qingqiu had never been married and didn’t understand the process. She picked up the ring and slowly put it on Li Tingshen’s ring finger.

She stared at the ring on his hand with a dazed expression, her eyes subconsciously looking at his neck.

“You can only wear it on your hand in the future,” said Li Tingshen softly after reading her thoughts.

Ye Qingqiu pursed her lips and lowered her eyes to kiss the side of her face.

There was applause below the stage. Ye Qingqiu held Li Tingshen’s hand as her gaze landed on the ring on his ring finger.

Everything she wanted in the past was being realized bit by bit.

The groom put on the ring for the bride.

At this moment, a person slowly walked out from backstage.

With a handsome face, tall figure, and a smile, he walked up elegantly in a white suit.

Not many people would recognize this man who had always kept a low profile. His appearance only resulted in a few low gasps.

“Qingqiu,” Li Tingshen called her softly. She slowly raised her head and looked at him.

Li Tingshen smiled at her and took out a ring from the tray. He lifted her left hand and slowly put the ring on.

Ye Qingqiu was in a daze. Seeing him kiss the ring on her finger, her fingertips trembled slightly.

But later, Li Tingshen picked up a watch and handed it to her.

It was familiar.

Ye Qingqiu was puzzled.

“I’ve mediated it.”

“It didn’t move when you weren’t around. It’s been motionless for three years. I hope you can restart it today. In the future, it will only record our days together. I won’t allow it to stop again.”

Ye Qingqiu blinked and the sudden warmth almost made her cry.

Luoluo reminded her softly, “Don’t cry on happy days. Your makeup will be smudged.”

Ye Qingqiu held it in. With trembling hands, she helped Li Tingshen put on his watch and bent slightly to adjust the time.

“What time is it now?”

A gentle voice sounded from the side. “13:14.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Ye Qingqiu adjusted the time and pressed the button.

An inaudible click sounded from the second hand.

Luo Luo laughed softly and sobbed.

“Silly, how nervous are you?”

Ye Qingqiu secretly pinched the cold sweat on her palms and turned to look at her, denying arrogantly.

“Who’s nervous? Isn’t it just a marriage?”

“Then you didn’t realize that such a living person was standing beside you?”

Ye Qingqiu turned to look at Li Tingshen with a faint smile.

“To be honest, I’m very happy.”

Ye Qingqiu frowned.

“Silly, look to the side!” Luo Luo couldn’t help but remind her.

Ye Qingqiu subconsciously turned her head and her gaze landed on the man in a white suit.

Stunned, she stared at the man’s face for a long time before blinking gently.

The man in front of her was still there. He had a familiar face and a gentle smile.

“Miss, happy marriage.”

Ye Qingqiu bit her lips tightly, her eyes turning misty.

Stunned, surprised, and finally aggrieved.

“I knew it. It must be you…”

“I’m sorry. Although it was close, now that I’m here, the groom won’t run away. Everything is good now, and it can only be better in the future. You will always be happy.”

Ye Qingqiu nodded. Luo Luo reminded her not to cry, so she endured it. She turned around and opened her arms, wanting to give him a hug.

However, the man beside her suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

Ye Qingqiu looked up at him with teary eyes. “What are you doing?”

Li Tingshen’s expression did not look too good. Seeing her expression, he could not bear to speak harshly. He could only suppress his temper and coax her softly.

“It’s time to kiss.”

Ye Qingqiu blinked. There should be such a process.

She raised her head and tiptoed to kiss him before turning to look at Ye Ze.

In the end, Li Tingshen pinched her chin and pulled her back to kiss her…

Countless fresh petals fell from the sky above the banquet hall. The rain of flowers filled the entire hall and did not stop for a long time.

Wanwan and Linlin happily played with the petals around them. Everyone stood up, and the applause and cheers floated into the blue sky…

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

[A few stories, every character you love. The longest book I’ve written, for the first time in my life. Thank you to all the babies who have accompanied me all the way here! With more than four million words, it’s indeed true love. Let bygones be bygones. I wish all of you a safe and happy life~]

[If there’s an additional episode, I’ll post it later and follow it in real time ~]

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