Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Leave After Dinner

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Realization dawned on Shen Fanxing as her eyes shone with a sense of unfelt surprise and clarity.

Indeed, she was a smart child. An analogy was all she needed to see the nature of things.

“It seems easy when said, but the process is extremely tedious. Yet, once you’ve settled your mind on it, it’s all a matter of time.”

Shen Fanxing nodded her head thoughtfully.

The duo chatted for a while longer before the old lady got sleepy.

Seeing her tired state, Shen Fanxing stood up with the intention of leaving, but the Old Lady did not want to release her.

“Child, don’t leave. Accompany me for dinner.”


“Fanxing, could you bear to reject me?”


Shen Fanxing looked resignedly at the Old Lady’s pitiful eyes and found that she did not have the heart to reject her.

“But you’re tired, Grandma…”

Lady Bo smiled and said, “I see that you’re tired. Why don’t you get some rest?”

“This doesn’t sound… good —”

Before Shen Fanxing finished her sentence, Lady Bo turned to the servant standing beside her and said,

“Lairong, bring Ms Shen to the second level’s innermost room on the right.”

Shen Fanxing,”…”


Innermost room on the right; wasn’t that Young Master’s room?

Did she have to be this desperate?

This was no different from sending her to the Young Master’s bed!

No, she was wrong!

Madam indeed wanted to send Ms Shen to the Young Master’s bed!

However, Young Master had always disallowed others from entering his private space, let alone his room.

Wouldn’t she be afraid that Young Master would throw Ms Shen out when he reached home later?

How awkward would that be?


Just as Lai Rong wanted to give Madam a reminder, Madam shot a warning look in her direction and she changed her words immediately.

“I want to ask if Ms Shen wants to have a bath first before resting. If you want to, I’ll order the servants to fill up the bathtub.”

Since she would be sent to Young Master’s bed, she might as well bathe first before doing that.

Upon hearing that, Lady Bo’s eyes lit up as she gave a Lairong complimenting look.

“Yes, yes, yes, bathing will make your sleep more comfortable. Ask the servants to fill up the bathtub now.”


Though resigned, Shen Fanxing found it hard to turn down the kind offer.

Moreover, she was not really too keen on turning down the idea of bathing.

Shen Fanxing was brought to the said room.

The servant had finished filling the bathtub with water by the time she reached the room. Together with Lairong, they left the room.

Shen Fanxing gave the room a complete scrutiny.

The room was dominated by white, with the inclusion of some occasional black.

The middle of the room sat a mega bed whose bed sheet was the design of grey and white squares, bringing out a sense of cold elegance.

Surrounding the bed, there was a black fur carpet on the floor.

The whole room was sparkly clean. Together with the bright streams of light, it felt simple yet elegant.

Breathing out, she walked to the bathroom and put her shoes in the doorway before walking inside barefooted.

Being rapidly used to the simple style of the house, there were no longer much emotions when she saw the gigantic white bathtub.

When she soaked herself in the bathtub, feelings of despondence and tiredness were instantly washed away.

Like the feeling of silk, the flow of water felt gentle on her skin as it wrapped her in an embrace, warming her body.

She gave a soft sigh and rested her head against the side of the bathtub before shutting her eyelids lightly.

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