Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 2099

Chapter 2099: One Purchased a Cemetery, The Other Had a Funeral

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Li Tingshen was sent to the emergency room.

Ye Qingqiu stood outside the emergency room and stared at it for a long time.

When Bo Jinchuan arrived, she was still in the same position.

Other than her pale face and pale lips, there was no other reaction.

She looked calm, but if one looked closely, her hair, eyelashes, and even her clothes were trembling slightly.


Bo Jinchuan asked calmly, “What did he say to you?”

Ye Qingqiu’s eyelashes trembled as she slowly turned to look at him. “He said…”

His hoarse voice made her throat itch. “He said he wanted to return my life. Bo Jinchuan, will he be alright?”

“I don’t know.”

Bo Jinchuan didn’t comfort her. “But you’re indeed impressive. You made him choose this method.”

Ye Qingqiu looked at him quietly and clenched her fists. “You knew long ago?”

“What are you angry about? I’ve kept him alive for three years. Do you believe that he might have paid with his life three years ago?”

Ye Qingqiu held her breath and fell silent for a few seconds before saying slowly, “Even if it’s for my grandfather, he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“You also know that he will stay for your grandfather? Your grandfather’s illness happened two months after you were imprisoned. Other than what Xiao Chu said, more decisions can be made in two months.”

“No one has a better life than the other. It’s foolish of the living to live for the dead.”

Ye Qingqiu closed her eyes and said, “It’s easy to say but full of logic. Who doesn’t want to live freely?”

Bo Jinchuan glanced at her coldly.

“Yes, he’s dead, so he’s free.”

Ye Qingqiu’s body swayed. “He won’t. Bo Jinchuan, don’t scare me. You and the ambulance arrived early. You knew that you wouldn’t let anything happen to him.”

“I’m not that resourceful. I can’t satisfy all of his requests. It’s always this kind of competition with the King of Hell. One is giving me face, and the other is me pushing my luck.”

Bo Jinchuan fell silent for a few seconds before saying, “Speaking of which, he has only begged me for two things so far. Do you want to know?”

Ye Qingqiu looked at him quietly, her slender hands clenched into fists and trembling slightly.

Since Bo Jinchuan asked, it must have something to do with her.

“The most recent one begged me to save him. It’s not because he’s afraid of death. He said that you love your father and him. The father you love the most is gone. You can’t let him disappear in front of you.”

“Although he’s not afraid of death, he’s greedy for life.”

Bo Jinchuan’s voice was deep and his teeth ached.

He had never shared so much love with Fanxing.

She was either not pretentious or extremely pretentious.

Ye Qingqiu suddenly felt that Li Tingshen had stabbed her heart.

“As for the other item…”

The door to the emergency room suddenly opened and a doctor rushed out.

Ye Qingqiu’s eyes darted around before she disappeared.

When the doctor ran over with a pile of blood, Ye Qingqiu’s face turned pale.

So much blood…

She had indeed seen him bleed a lot.

The surgery went on for more than six hours, but it was still not over.

Linlin held on and eventually fell asleep.

It took too long for Shen Fanxing to arrive.

Bo Jinghang, Yin Ruijue, and the others rushed over after hearing the news.

Instantly, the entire corridor was filled with people.

Yin Ruijue and Bo Jinhang were discussing the possibility of a fatal stab to the heart.

In the end, she grabbed a doctor and asked him to explain.

“If the knife is stabbed into the heart, it will cause the heart to rupture and the person will die instantly. If the knife is stabbed elsewhere and avoids the heart and large blood vessels, such a patient might be able to survive for a while. However, if the patient is not treated in time for more than ten to twenty minutes, he might die from hemorrhage.”

“Even if a knife stabs into the heart and the knife is pulled out, because the muscles in the heart are very strong, the wound will automatically close and there won’t be any bleeding. However, a small amount of blood will flow into the pericardium and the heart won’t be able to relax, causing the heart to stop beating. This is pericardial tamponade. All the prerequisites are not to let the blood stay in the pericardium because a few milliliters of blood in the pericardium is enough to kill. However, the pericardium is the outermost protective membrane of our heart. The reaction to where the knife stabs is completely different. But once it stabs, you will basically die.”

All of Ye Qingqiu’s hopes were crushed by the doctor’s professional words.

“F*ck, were you doctors swindlers who sold fake medicine in your previous life? Now that you mention it, why did you save him? You should have dug a hole and buried him!”

Yin Ruijue couldn’t help but complain.

His brother was being resuscitated inside. He wanted to find a doctor to understand the situation and have more hope, but the effect was completely counterproductive.

“Why don’t I buy the cemetery first?” Bo Jinghang sighed regretfully.

“I’ll get someone to carve the tombstone.” Yin Ruijue took a deep breath.

“I’ll get someone to arrange the funeral,” said Bo Jinghang.

“I’ll pay for the cremation.” Yin Ruijue wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

Ye Qingqiu sat there coldly with her hands clasped on her lap. Her fingers were pale and her joints were exposed.

Bo Jinchuan was indifferent to the heartless conversation between Bo Jinhang and Yin Ruijue. However, Shen Fanxing looked up expressionlessly.

Bo Jinghang and Yin Ruijue seemed to be especially sensitive to the coldness in Shen Fanxing’s eyes. For some reason, they met her gaze and pursed their lips.

Ye Lixun heaved a sigh of relief as she carried Linlin.

She wanted to sew up their mouths.

Turning to look at Ye Qingqiu’s dejected expression, her heart ached.

Before this, she was actually feeling conflicted.

However, after this commotion, she suddenly felt enlightened.

Looking at the child in her arms, she shook her head.

It was said that women shouldn’t make choices for their children.

But how many mothers in this world could really do that?

“Qingqiu, he’s only doing this to be with you and Linlin. He won’t let anything happen to him. Trust him…”

Ye Qingqiu stared blankly at the door of the emergency room. Her voice was hoarse from not speaking for a long time.

“Auntie, I saw him stab himself in the heart with my own eyes… What he wants is his life, his own life… He did say that he would be fine, but this isn’t something I should believe… He really stabbed himself in the heart, really…”

There was no expression on her face. She was pale and bloodless. Tears fell unconsciously from her eyes.

As she spoke, she seemed to imagine Li Tingshen stabbing a knife into her chest.

Her trembling voice made the hearts of others tremble.

Since he wanted to return it, why was he putting on an act in front of her?

Ye Lixun was speechless.

If she was really fine, there wouldn’t be so many people guarding here.

If human lives were trustworthy, there would be no life and death in this world.

However, if something really happened to Li Tingshen…

Ye Lixun’s heart tightened. She looked at Linlin again and said softly, “Qingqiu, you haven’t hugged Linlin today. You still have Linlin… You hug him…”

Ye Qingqiu turned her head and looked at the sleeping child. She bit her lips and shook her head.


Ye Lixun was stunned.

“Linlin will blame me… If Li Tingshen is really… he will definitely blame me for forcing his father to that stage…”

At this point, she suddenly broke down.

“What should I do, Aunt? Nothing can happen to him… Linlin will hate me… Why did it become like this…”

She had never expected things to turn out this way.

Nearly ten hours.

The door of the operating theater finally opened and two nurses helped the doctor out.

“The surgery was successful, but she’s not out of danger yet. She was sent to the ICU.”

The doctor who spoke was already weak. Sweat was already dripping from his surgical cap. His entire body seemed to be soaked in sweat, and his clothes were drenched.

The two nurses had just helped him take two steps when the doctor collapsed.

This surgery exhausted all the energy of a doctor.

Ye Qingqiu’s heart skipped a beat. He had really escaped death.

After confirming that the doctor was only mentally focused and had gone into temporary shock due to overwork, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Bo Jinghang said, “That’s great. It saves us the money to buy a cemetery.”

Yin Ruijue said, “That’s great. I don’t have to worry about whether it’s my brother or my husband.”

Bo Jinghang said, “That’s great. There’s no need to trouble you for the funeral.”

Yin Ruijue said, “Great, I’ll save the money for the cremation.”

Bo Jinchuan stood up with his arm around Shen Fanxing. He looked down at Ye Qingqiu coldly and arrogantly.

“Looks like I’ve succeeded again. As for whether anything will happen to him in the intensive care unit or if he won’t wake up, that’s none of my business. But Ye Qingqiu…”

Bo Jinchuan’s sudden turn of events silenced everyone in the corridor as they turned to look at him.

“If he wakes up, won’t it be unreasonable if you don’t marry him again?”

Shen Fanxing was speechless.

Ye Lixun was speechless.

Bo Jinghang: “Pfft…”

Yin Ruijue: “Pfft…”

Everyone was speechless.

His expression was so serious that they thought he would say something terrifying.

His words were truly shocking.

As expected of their Brother Bo.

Linlin asked, “Mommy, do you want to be Daddy’s bride? Shall Linlin give Daddy and Mommy a ring?”

Everyone nodded. “Okay, of course. That would be best.”

Bo Jinghang raised his hand. “Wanwan wants to be a flower girl too.”

Ye Qingqiu was stunned for a long time. “…Why did you say that?”

Bo Jinchuan’s expression was cold as he said, “Because of the two of you, my reputation and my harmonious married life with Fanxing have been severely affected. Three years ago, you implicated me. Three years later, you still want to implicate me in your feud. I’m more or less responsible for the two of you being where you are today. In order to make Li Tingshen stop being a good-for-nothing and beg me to cause trouble for me, in order to make myself feel more at ease, you… have to…”

Shen Fanxing stopped him in time. “Ah Chuan, stop talking…”

“I don’t care,” said Bo Jinchuan, sounding a little coquettish.

“The two of them made me the bad guy for no reason. I haven’t had many blemishes so far. The two of them have to bear the consequences.”

Shen Fanxing was speechless.

Was this considered logic?

Made sense?

Ye Lixun frowned and took a deep breath before saying helplessly, “Have you forgotten that he’s still in the emergency room?”

What kind of brothers were these?

At first, the two of them were discussing about buying a cemetery for the funeral. But now, the only person who looked reliable was “forced into marriage”.

It was also rare.

Everyone was speechless.

Bo Jinchuan: “Most importantly, my image was so likable in the past. Because of the two of them, the readers have a prejudice against me. My reputation has been ruined. They have to be responsible for me!”

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