Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 205 - Zhi Qin Cosmetics’ Exclusive Spokesperson

Chapter 205: Zhi Qin Cosmetics’ Exclusive Spokesperson

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Before any of them could respond, a live broadcast appeared on the television.

The few of them turned their heads to look. Jiang Rongrong frowned and said, “He… is the newly crowned Best Actor Chu Yi? I remember he’s in your new production, right?”

Shen Qianrou smiled and nodded. “Yes, he’s very popular now. I heard that he has a bad temper and nobody dares to speak to him. However, when I went overseas last year, I did interact with him and we even chatted…”

Jiang Rongrong nodded in approval. “Yes, he’s very popular. You should get along with him…”

Shen Qianrou nodded obediently and replied, “I know…”

Before she finished talking, the smile on her face froze when she saw the headline on the screen.

‘Best Actor Chu Yi returns to the country— He has become Zhi Qin Cosmetics’ exclusive spokesperson!’


“Qianrou, what’s wrong?” Yang Liwei noticed Shen Qianrou’s strange reaction.

Shen Qianrou grimaced, her face darkening.

“Let’s go. You didn’t eat much last night, you must be hungry.”

Yang Liwei was right, she was starving!

But how would she be in the mood to eat now?

Damn it! Why did the press conference have to be at noon?!

Couldn’t they have waited until after she had lunch?

“You guys go ahead and eat. I’ll make a call upstairs.”

After that, she ran upstairs, ignoring Yang Liwei.

At the Su Corporation, everyone had decided to stop work to go for lunch.

Yet, the news happened.

Everyone in the company had invested a lot of energy into entering the new mall and they were determined to clinch the contract!

In the country, their only notable competitor was Zhi Qin Cosmetics. Moreover, their scale wasn’t big, so they did not take them seriously.

But unbelievably, the newly crowned Best Actor was endorsing their competitor’s product?!

At this juncture?

The company had yet to recover from the scandal!

They had suffered a serious impact, but their competitor had suddenly released a trump card. With the difference in strength, they had suddenly lost the upper hand.

Su Heng returned to the office after meeting Shen Fanxing. He was in the conference room busy dealing with the shareholders, whom he had just pacified.

In the end, the screen in the corner of the conference room was broadcasting the news.

There wasn’t any sound coming from the TV in the conference room, but the shareholders slammed the table angrily.

“What happened?!”

Su Heng frowned and his eyes trailed after theirs. When he saw the headlines, his face changed!

Someone glared at his secretary beside him and yelled angrily, “Turn on the volume!”

‘The Best Actor has signed an exclusive endorsement with Zhiqin Cosmetics!’

Shen Fanxing’s words rang in his ears—

“I, Shen Fanxing, have the ability to save a dying company, bit by bit. And I am capable of destroying it as well!”

His dashing face changed.

Was what Fanxing said true?

No way…

Su Heng shook his head and squashed that thought immediately.

Chu Yi must have discussed this with them beforehand, but he had just met Fanxing.

So, Fanxing wasn’t targeting him.

She was just working at Zhi Qin Cosmetics. She joined them to work…

At that moment, the sound of the TV was turned on and a reporter asked,

“Chu Yi, you’ve only been back for a few days. Have you tried Zhi Qin Cosmetics’ products before?”


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