Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 203 - Conflict

Chapter 203: Conflict

The vicious and malicious comments attacking Shen Fanxing online increased, as well as her past being brought up. Shen Fanxing was chastised more harshly than ever.

She could understand the situation online without even surfing the internet. Naturally, she wouldn’t read those comments. Instead, she decided to ignore the comments. As the saying goes, what somebody doesn’t know or see can’t hurt them.

As the situation got worse, Shen Qianrou became more gleeful.

To her surprise, Shen Fanxing had continued to be chastised by everyone. That showed that the man behind her must have abandoned her!

That would be great! Things couldn’t be better!

Given Shen Fanxing’s reputation, how many men would fall for her?

But this situation was actually beneficial to her. It made it easier for her to discuss business now.

After resolving the biggest problem that had plagued her, Shen Qianrou finally smiled. After applying ice on her face the whole morning, the swelling had mostly disappeared.

Feeling better, she finally left the room.

Jiang Rongrong and the rest seemed more relaxed.

When they saw Shen Qianrou coming down, Jiang Rongrong heaved a sigh of relief.

Shen Qianrou walked into the living room and apologized.

“Sorry Grandma, Dad and Mommy for making all of you worry.”

Shen Defan looked at his youngest daughter with satisfaction. Although she had a temper sometimes, she was after all more understanding.

Jiang Rongrong gave a tired sigh and said, “I would be telling you a lie if I tell you that I’m not worried after something like this happened. Your thoughtfulness has helped. But the good thing is that the matter has been suppressed and everything should be fine. Leave the rest to the public relations. You can continue filming in peace and… and be with Su Heng openly!”

Jiang Rongrong’s mood and tone had improved.

Regardless of the process, the outcome was quite good.

Shen Qianrou blushed shyly.

All these years, Brother Heng had been feeling guilty because of Shen Fanxing. If she hadn’t forced him to stay with her, he would have gotten back together with that sl*t long ago.

In the end, they could finally be together.

Jiang Rongrong looked at Shen Qianrou, her intelligent eyes full of adoration.

“Qianrou is indeed the lucky star of our family. Even after such a huge incident, she can still live in peace. Compared to your sister…”

Jiang Rongrong’s face darkened and she said in a low voice,

“One is a lucky star and the other is a jinx!”

Shen Qianrou’s lips curled upwards, her face full of resignation and sadness.

“No matter how Sister treated me in the past, I can ignore it. But this time, Sister has gone overboard…”

Jiang Rongrong’s face darkened.

“She went overboard?”

At that moment, a deep and heavy voice sounded from the back.

Shen Qianrou froze and looked up. When she saw Shen Shanghua, she immediately called out happily, “Grandpa!”

Jiang Rongrong’s face darkened.

“Her biological sister interfered in her relationship. But she has agreed to be the scapegoat for the two of you. How did she let you down? What do you mean by saying that she has gone overboard?”

Shen Qianrou’s face darkened.

Shen Shanghua ambled slowly with his crutch to sit opposite Jiang Rongrong, with his gaze fixated on her.

“If it wasn’t for your insatiable greed, why would Fanxing be forced to that extent?”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Rongrong looked up at him with icy anger. “What do you mean by insatiable greed and forcing her? Didn’t I do this for Lan Yun Entertainment and the Shen family?!”

“Don’t use the same words to brush me off every time! If Lan Yun Entertainment can’t survive, so be it! I’d rather Lan Yun Entertainment be gone than let my granddaughter be framed like that!”

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